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dino23's Blog > Week 23/24 Advice?!

Posted 26 February 2013

Not much to report zit/pimple wise, I have about a week left on this drug! :)But I am super scared to get off of it. Did anyone taper their drugs out? Or just stop when you run out? I feel like I want to be on a low dosage for another month or something? any suggestions? eekk! I attached a week 13 pic and this weeks pic. It is such a relief to s...

dino23's Blog > Week 22 Need Advice!

Posted 11 February 2013

Went to the derm last week and was informed that this is my last month! He did say that he wants to put me on Retin-A once I am finished with Accutane. Has anyone else done this? I am just tired of using powerful topicals, I think that is where I went wrong in the first place because my skin got so use to them, once I stopped using it I got horrible...

dino23's Blog > Week 21

Posted 04 February 2013

week 21 was pretty uneventful. I am noticing my hands are getting that rash again and it seems to be really dry but putting lotion on it does not seem to help and sometimes burns :( Nothing much other than that. I go to the derm on wednesday, I was told I was staying on 80mg but I am not sure for how long. I think I have one month left! but I will have to...

dino23's Blog > Week 19&20

Posted 28 January 2013

Again, nothing but scars and dry skin right now. My scars look the same as they did 4 weeks ago so I am kinda bummed they aren't fading as fast.  I will say I since my dosage was upped to 80mg I noticed my tolerance for alcohol has gone down a lot! I dont really drink much on this drug, just occasionally. But I was out celebrating an engagement...

dino23's Blog > Week 18

Posted 14 January 2013

Pretty much same as last week, drier skin and no new acne to report Posted Image just scars. I think it is weird how some scars take FOREVER to fade and some go away quicker. Like I had a cyst on my chin and cheek at the same time and the one on my cheek still has a dark scar and I...