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In Topic: My Skin Is Finally Clear. You Only Need A Low Dose Of Accutane!

21 April 2014 - 04:58 PM


I think you can't use Accutane and RETINOID at the same time, and you can't take Accutane and Doxy at the same time, right?

Yes you can if you take a low dose accutane. The reason why is becuase Accutane in a high dose makes your skin very weak. So you have to treat it like a piece of fine silk to prevent it from cracking and bleeding. BUT if you only 20mg of Accutane you are able to be aggressive topically becuase your skin won't be so compromised. So hit it hard from the outside & soft on the inside! This approach will save your insides and clear your skin.


I would never ever recommend taking Doxy for acne. It doesn't work. Period. It will work for a short time but your acne will always come back because it only kills bacteria. Doxy doesn't solve the oil or inflammation problem. And that't what acne is... it's an inflammarory disease caused by too much oil. :) You must practice oil control to control acne. :)

In Topic: My Skin Is Finally Clear. You Only Need A Low Dose Of Accutane!

19 April 2014 - 09:00 PM

This thread is so interesting! I have a question do you think a low dose of Accutane is appropriate hormonal acne? I came off of birth control but was breaking out even when I was on it. I never had acne prior to this..but anywho my face is just insanely oily all the time! I wash my face and within and hour my face is producing oil which is VERY frustrating! Im getting more and more closed comedones all over my face and I am concerned that they will all become inflamed. I know the problem right now is the oil. Do you think requesting Accutane would make sense even though the acne is mild/moderate as of right now? I don't want to go on Spiro and much less birth control to resolve this issue and I am concerned that this will just get worse as it has been for the past few months. Thank you.

Yes I 100% think accutane will help you. I have hormonal acne also and took BCP & Sprio for many many years. Those treatments are a bandaid. If your having adult acne then most likely it is something you will struggle with long term. A low dose of accutane will work wonders for you. But pls note that in 8-10 yrs down the road if your acne creeps back then you may need another course. It's not 100%. But it's much more of a "cure or almost cure" than any other Hormonal medication. It's very difficult if not impossible to control your hormones. But you can control your oil! And Oil is what's causing you to break out. Also oil destroys your texture, stretches pores and ages you. Oil is the enemy!


Just make sure your labs check out with your Dr. And don't let them push you into a high dose. Be confident and demand the low dose and tell them you don't want to risk the bad side effects. As long as your healthy to start with.... U will love the accutane. Ur skin will be amazing! :)

In Topic: My Skin Is Finally Clear. You Only Need A Low Dose Of Accutane!

18 April 2014 - 09:28 PM

That does sound bad. But what if my dermatologist prescribed me moisturizer to use along with the retin-a gel? Then it's ok?

I think your Dr probably prescribed a moisturizer to use becuase he or she knows that your going to get red, dry, peely & irritated from the Retin A. So the Dr wants you to use a moisturizer to help ease your discomfort and also wants to make sure your using one that won't clog your pores and make your acne worse.


I say use it if you need it! Absolutely! But try to use it only when absolutely necessary. Then your skin in time will get strong and tolerant to the Retin A and won't be irritated anymore. Then you won't need the extra moisture. Your skin will hydrtate itself once it's strong! :)

In Topic: My Skin Is Finally Clear. You Only Need A Low Dose Of Accutane!

18 April 2014 - 08:10 AM

Why is the moisturizer bad? I mean I know you said why but is it still ok to use it? Like once a night

Moiturizer doesn't do anything for your skin other than "comfort" you. So if you feel soooo dry and irritated from your topicals... and your skin is cracking... then YES use a moisturizer to make yourself feel better. But make sure it's oil free of course.


Moisturizer is bad for two reasons...


1. For people with the Disease of Acne it's espicially bad because it's just trapping dead cells on your face clogging more pores... causeing more acne. You must think EXFOLIATE when you have acne. I exfoliate with a scrub & use glycolic acid & also use a fruit enzyme treatment to eat off the dead cells. Rather than a moisturizer which just traps the dead flakey skin on my face making my skin look dull. I want those dead cells OFF! Yuck!! Don't you?!?! LOL :)



2. For antiaging purposes... Moisturzer doesn't do anything to help with aging other than "temporarily" make people feel better. But it's not serving any function. Actually it's doing the opposite... it's makes skin weak and makes skin go to sleep. Your skin natually hydrtates itself. So when you put moisture your "Natural Barrier Funtion" thinks "oh I have all this moisture I need so I can just sit back and not doing anything". SO ovetime your skin becomes weak and lazy. This is when all the nasty signs of aging pop up and people complain of "senstivie skin & dry skin". When in reality they just have "Senstitiized Skin". There is a huge difference in some with "true sensitive skin" vs "sensitized skin". Senstive skin is rare and people are born this way. Sensitized skin is a condition... not a skin type. Most likely they did this to themselves.


It is 100% possible to reverse "sensitized" skin. But it's not easy and you have to suffer a little to get there. Using Retinoids will make you skin strong. Think of a Baby.... babys don't need moisture. Right? Their skin is plump & juicy & HYDRATED! Why?? Becuase baby's skin has "Rapid Cell Turnover". And their Natural "Barrier Funtion" is operating properly.


Retinoids cause Rapid Cell Turnover.... this is why when you first start using it your skin goes crazy and can't keep up. Red, Dry, Peely, Irrtiated. But eventually your skin will become used to it. I don't think it's necessary to use a Trentinoin (Retin A) long term. It's great for Acne of course. But if you do a 5 month course of Accutane & Topical Trentinoin... get your skin Clear & Strong... then you can drop down to a Retinol which is much gentler for your skin. This is Maintenance phase. And if your acne ever creeps back 10 years down the road... then you can repeat this plan.


NOW.... There are stable ingrediants in some expensive moisturizers that DO make a difference in the skin. But it's better to use those ingrediants on their own, in a serum. Antioxidants are extremely important in fighting off free radicals which attach skin cells.


So yea... Use an oil free moisturizer if you need to calm your skin down. I do from time to time if my skin is dry & peely.


Oh one more thing... This applys for your face, back & chest... You can put moisture on your body because your body doesn't have oil glands. So your body doesn't hydrate the same as your face, back & chest. But still you gotta exfoliate your body too & you can use a glycolic lotion on your body if you want extra smooth skin. (Glytone is an amazing brand) I get it on amazon. Smoothest skin ever!

Can this low dosa Accutane be taken for long term use? with no serious side effects ?

I don't think it's necessary to take it long term. I say do a course, and be aggressive with the topicals, then get off accutane & drop to an easier topical regimine for maintenance. Then if ur acne comes back u may need to repeat a course. But I'd say this happens 1 out of 10 people. Most ppl stay clear.


Now.... with that said... we do have lots of celebrity clients. Models, acctresses, newscasters ect..... these people can not risk getting a pimple or having oily skin. So some of our patients will take ONE 20mg accutane once a week, or even once ever two weeks... Long Term. This keeps the Oil away. And is basically like taking a mega dose of Vitamin A once in a while. I think they just pop a pill from time to time if they feel oily. Maybe women do it a week before & during their "time of the month" cuz they don't wanna risk a breakout.


I'm not sure type of treatment this is needed for the average person.


I can't say for fact there is no long term effect of accutane. Of course you MUST be healthy with perfect Labs and no stomach, liver, cholesterol issues before ever taking accutane. But in our practice the Dr I work for has been prescribing it this way forever and no one has had any issues. I know he is very confident that it's safe when prescribed to the right candidate in a super low dose. There is No need to Overdose people on accutane! :)

Just out of curiosity, what city is the MD you work for located?  I am in Los Angeles and am really struggling with my dermatologiest.  After about 8 month on Accutane my skin was perfectly clear and now my acne is coming back 11 months post-Accutane.  My doctor seems to want to try Spironolactane but I'm very skeptical.  Thank you!!

I'm sorry... I'd rather not say. I'm not on here to promote the Dr I work for. I just wanted to help with what I did to get clear as a normal person. Becuase I spent soooo many years suffering. I spent alot of time on this board looking for answers. So if I can help other people like me it's worth it.

In Topic: Retin A...does It Work On Milia?

17 April 2014 - 08:55 PM

Probably not alone. What will work is Glycolic acid & exfoliating every single day with a gentle scrub. And you need some type of oil control salicylic pads.


Retin A brings new healthy strong cells.... BUT you have to exfoliate the bad dead cells that are hanging on for dear life to your skin. They Gotta come off!! You must help them. So exfoliate once a day & use an oil control pad. Your skin will glow, look fresh. If you just use retin A alone your skin will look dull, dry & peely because those cells are turning over so fast and are getting stuck. Which can cause milia.


You can go for facials and the esthetician can remove the milia or go to your derm and have them do it. smile.png