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melissa1234567's Blog > Holistic/estroblock Approach

Posted 15 March 2015

Continuing my first blog (My Severe Acne Journey)...  
I am currently 25 and about a month ago, I started to break out AGAIN on my chin, jawline and mouth area.  What the heck?!?! I have been on ACCUTANE TWICE and am still suffering from acne??!!? What is this all about?
I finally realized that it HAS to be something that is going on inte...

melissa1234567's Blog > My Severe Acne Journey

Posted 15 March 2015

Hi Y'all.  I am someone who has suffered with severe cystic acne for years. I know how frustrating, depressing and embarrassing it can be to deal with acne and scarring, so I just wanted to start a blog that talks about the medication and treatments that I have tried and how they have worked for me.
This blog is for anyone out there who has str...