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Recommendations For Reliable Sources For Diy Scar Treatment

03 July 2014 - 12:39 PM

Hey guys...  


Anyone with good sources online for DIY scar treatment supplies?  I need reliable sources for:


-TCA (preferably higher concentrations for CROSS treatments)

-Automated dermapen-like devices


I haven't found a reliable online source for TCA solutions that I can trust.  I suspect  a lot of them are industrial grade materials.   I found some medical supply companies, but it's considered a hazardous material so they only ship to doctors.  


As for the dermapen devices, there are tons of knockoffs online and I'm okay with buying a knockoff.  There are just so many devices and sellers, I don't know what a reasonable price is to pay for one of those or which seller to trust.  They range anywhere from $60 to $300 bucks for the Asian knockoff ones.  


Anyone with some advice, please share.   PM me if you don't want to publicly share info thanks.

Dermapen - What's The Consensus?

25 March 2014 - 10:50 PM

What's the consensus on dermapen?  I've read some discouraging reviews on realself, but I've also heard glowing reviews from others.  In particular, I know a nurse who works in the aesthetic industry and says that it is effective on scars.  She's personally not making any money by recommending it to me, so I think her opinion is sincere.  


I'm thinking about buying one of those knock-off devices made in Asia, since the technology seems pretty straight forward.  I mean, it's just a handpiece with a piston that punctures the skin.  Am I missing something?  


Anyone want to weigh in on their experience specifically with automatic microneedling devices (not rollers) such as dermapen or competing devices?  Any opinions on the knock off versions?  I have yet to find any real photographic evidence of dermapen results on acne scars, and the ones I do see do not provide any context (when the "after" pictures were taken after several treatments). 



Plastic Surgeon Recommendations In La

03 June 2013 - 04:09 PM

Any body have recommendations for a Plastic Surgeon / Facial Plastic Surgeon in LA who is skilled at scar revision?  I'm looking seriously into having a previously botched scar excision revised.  Additionally, are there any plastic surgeons who don't charge a ridiculous consultation fee?  Any that I should steer clear of?


Some doctors that I have researched.


1. Raffy Karamanoukian - actively promotes himself as being a scar revision expert, however there are mixed reviews for this guy on yelp.  Seems like if something goes wrong you are on your own.


2. David Stoker 


3. John DiSaia 


4. John Hilinski  (San Diego)