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#3464081 Red Acne Scarring On Cheeks

Posted by blahblah82 on 15 December 2014 - 08:29 PM

Dude seriously, are you promoting a website or something?  Every single one of your posts add nothing to the conversation and are all about promoting manuka honey.

#3458066 Where To Buy A Retinol Cream?

Posted by blahblah82 on 29 October 2014 - 07:50 PM

What's your point in asking why I knew that?  You are the one who initially brought up the point about it being clumped together, and I simply was explaining why they might have done that.  I'm not sure what you are insinuating.


But to answer your question, I know that because I have an uncle who is a physician and I am interested in medical stuff.  Regardless, this doesn't help move the conversation forward and address the original question.    To your original question, the main indication for Retinoids are for acne, however, it was inadvertently discovered that they had anti-aging benefits.  That is why you see all the cosmetic companies jumping on the bandwagon and offering "Retinol."  Of course, they cannot offer the prescription level tretinoin, so they are using a cosmetics grade version of Vitamin A for their over the counter products.  The truth is that Retinol is converted to Retinoic Acid (which is Retinoic Acid / Tretinoin), when it is absorbed into the skin, but is many many times less potent than true Retinoic acid.  

#3457973 Where To Buy A Retinol Cream?

Posted by blahblah82 on 29 October 2014 - 07:07 AM

I feel like you are fixated on arguing semantics than knowing how the FDA actually classifies drugs based on specfic criteria. 




That might help you understand the difference.  I see where you are coming from in the sense that all prescription drugs are controlled because they cannot be bought freely without a prescription, but that is not the legal term of art used for controlled substances.  Controlled substances are defined by the FDA are classes of drugs that may face even stricter scrutiny then your regular prescription medications for things like constipation for example.  These drugs are hardcore narcotics and hypnotics that must be used under the strict guidance of the attending physician.  

#3457799 Please Share Your Filler Experiences With Me :)

Posted by blahblah82 on 27 October 2014 - 10:47 PM

Yeah, that's what I meant.   I don't think they should mix different fillers in one vial though.  I think they would layer them.


What I meant was that Voluma is used deeply to rebuild the contours, of a cheek that has fat loss from cystic acne for example, and a thinner filler to fill in the superficial indentations.  


As for off label uses of filler, most fillers are technically used off label anyway.  For example Restylane is approved specifically for laugh lines, but it is used off label all over the face by doctors.  As for risks with Voluma, the only real risk is lumpiness if injected too superficially because of it's thickness.  The depth of injection is different precisely because of the thickness of the fillers.  The thicker they are, the deeper they must be injected.  Hence that's why I made the point to show the order of decreasing thickness of commercially available dermal fillers.






It's not just thickness that differs - the depth of injection differs a lot as well. From what I've read voluma is a good filler, but needs to be injected too deep and doesn't have a huge effect on acne scarring at that depth. There are doctors who do it at more superficial depths, but that's considered "off label" use and there are some risks involved.


You need to do a variety of fillers or a mix of them in one vial IMO depending on the type of scarring one has.

#3457657 Please Share Your Filler Experiences With Me :)

Posted by blahblah82 on 26 October 2014 - 10:50 PM

Actually, Voluma should last as long or even longer than Radiesse with out all the downsides.  Allergan, the maker of Voluma, states that it can last "up to 18 months."   I think the reality is that it is probably not quite as long as 18 months, but even if it only lasts 12 months, that's a significant amount of time.  


Voluma is hyaluronic acid just like Restylane, regular Juvederm, and Belotero.  They are all hyaluronic acids.  The only thing that makes them different is how hard / thick they are and that they are made by different companies.  In descending order from thickest to thinnest consistency its Voluma > Restylane > Juvederm > Belotero.  


I would think that subcisions and filler would work in your case because it's mostly rolling scars with volume loss. If you injected the hollow part of your cheek, it would reestablish that curve to your cheek so that it doesn't cause as much shadowing.   It would take an in person consultation to know if they tethered or not.  If they're bound down, you'd probably need a few subcisions and maybe suction to prevent the scars from reattaching.  Or you may be lucky and they are not tethered and you can fill it directly.  


The one key thing, is that it really comes down to the skill of the injector.  Most I've encountered just plain suck at injecting scars.  They're used to injecting cheeks and lines / wrinkles, not acne scars.  It is really critical to use severe angled lighting to really highlight those scars.  Also, show them pictures in bad lighting and do not be shy about pointing out exactly which scars bother you the most.  Almost every time I've read about someone being disappointed with fillers, it's because they assumed the doctor could see the scars and know where to inject.  


To be fair, it takes tremendous skill to really fill scars correctly so that they are not undercorrected, overcorrected and cause lumps, or inject next to instead of in the scar.  


THEY DON'T SEE YOUR SCARS THE WAY YOU DO.  SPEAK UP.  Also, one must always have realistic expectations.   It may take a couple of sessions because there is quite a bit of swelling which would make it hard to see every scar.  Once you start injecting the skin starts to swell immediately so it becomes increasingly harder to see your true baseline.  Do one session, let the swelling go down, reassess, and then decide if you need to fine tune. 


And yes packages are almost always a money making ploy.

#3457451 Please Share Your Filler Experiences With Me :)

Posted by blahblah82 on 25 October 2014 - 09:03 AM

LUngha, great post.  


When acne scarring involves fat loss, the actual indentations can actually overlap with sunken areas of the cheeks due to repeated inflammation and destruction of the fat layer.  This was my problem.   Not only did I have indentations, I also had fat loss because my cystic acne keep returning in the same spots.  As you can imagine, after being damaged repeatedly the whole area looks like it lost volume. 


Personally I feel Radiesse is a bit outdated, since Voluma can be injected deeply to add fullness and volume back to the cheek area.  A thinner filler like regular Juvederm or Belotero can be used to fill the actual indentations themselves.  Radiesse sets very hard, and very prone to lumps and bumps if injected superficially in the skin.  It is always nearly injected below the skin, in the subcutaneous fat, to prop up a sagging face.  Think of it more like an injectable implant, than an actual filler.  

#3456736 Please Share Your Filler Experiences With Me :)

Posted by blahblah82 on 19 October 2014 - 07:47 PM

Don't get Radiesse for acne scars.  It's not the right type of filler for this indication.  It's way too viscous / hard to be used in the skin.  Usually it is injected very deep just above the bone for augmenting areas of the face.  It can get lumpy if injected in the skin itself.  Juvederm Voluma is good to do the heavy lifting to fill deeper volume loss.  You can use Belotero for more superficial scars because it is thinner.  Stick to hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane, or Belotero.  The difference between most of those is like Coke and Pepsi, meaning that your results are mostly dependent on the skill of the surgeon.  

#3455721 Ever Feel Suicidal?

Posted by blahblah82 on 13 October 2014 - 02:39 AM

This is actually a pretty good result with the filler.   Your doctor did a good job.  In your after, I would rate you as having only mild residual scars.  Seriously, if this was my result I'd be more than satisfied.

#3455489 Ever Feel Suicidal?

Posted by blahblah82 on 11 October 2014 - 06:35 AM

Man, a lot of intense emotions here.  I've wrestled with these same feelings for a long time.  Over the past year or so, my significant other has made a new group of friends, and I have pretty much come up with every excuse not to meet them.  Of course, the real reason is I feel embarrassed and afraid that these new friends will judge and think I'm not even in the same league.  It's hard when you are dating someone that other people think is attractive, and you feel you just don't measure up.  


It's incredible how this whole struggle with acne scars can fundamentally change you.  I was doing one of those Myers Briggs Personality tests online, just out of curiousity.  I found myself struggling to answer the questions, because I didn't know how I would truly answer the questions if I didn't suffer from pretty bad acne scars.  Would I have been more extroverted / assertive instead of introverted and reserved?  What parts of my personality would have been different if I was given a chance at "decent" skin?  


Ultimately, I know all of this waxing philosophically is pointless and we have to make the best of our current situation.  I've chosen to fight and improve the scarring, but God have I given up a lot along the way.   PineappleXexpress, I know what you mean, I haven't been doing much living, just existing.  That said, to the previous posters, I've seen your pics and most are not even bad.  You have to keep it in perspective. 

#3454733 Depression

Posted by blahblah82 on 05 October 2014 - 10:57 PM

I have grown increasingly annoyed with the direction this forum has gone.  Gone are all the good, thought provoking and positive posts.  Now it's just a bunch of drama queens who moan about a tiny little scar or can't seem to make use of the search button.  


How many questions do we have to read about the same damn red spots and hyperpigmentation?  The worst thing that has happened to the scar forum has been lumping the red marks stuff into this category.  It's brought on a whole crop of people who contribute nothing and inundate it with the same questions.  

#3454728 Ever Feel Suicidal?

Posted by blahblah82 on 05 October 2014 - 10:24 PM

100% agree with this point. There's a particular kind of stigma associated with acne scarring, because you are viewed as being dirty and lazy.  People who have never experienced severe cystic acne and the resulting scars blame the victim.  I also experienced severe cystic acne very young as a 14 yo and that pretty much destroyed my sense of self worth at the time.  I literally was the kid with the worst acne in the entire high school.  It sucks to have to experience it that age because you are completely powerless to do something about it.  You have zero financial resources to help yourself.  


As much as I love my parents, I have always resented them for not doing what they could to help me through such a dark period.  Having parents who are immigrants, they didn't understand the devastating consequences of severe acne and scarring and how it affects every facet of a person's life.  It didn't make it any easier that both of my siblings never ever got acne and have flawless skin.  It just frustrates me when they tell me how obsessed and vain I am for caring so much about it.   On the contrary, I think if they were in my shoes they would have been similarly devastated by it (maybe even more so).  I just don't understand how my parents watched their child go from a bright, outspoken kid to someone who became severely depressed and not try to do something about it.  They could have spared me so much pain, depression, and isolation.   To make it worse, being told that your acne is your fault for being dirty and lazy only compounded the mental anguish.  


It's taken so much emotional and financial resources to fight this thing.  




Acne scarring isn't just debilitating appearance wise. Since it's usually the result of chronic severe acne that lasts for years, it ends up serving as a reminder of all that time you were stuck with it. I had cystic acne starting at the age of 11. Yeah, ELEVEN. Also the fact that acne scarring has a strong stigma behind it whereas other facial deformities/scars don't makes it difficult to cope with. Most people still think that pitted scarring is only caused by picking. If my scars were caused by a horrible accident people would probably just feel really bad, but instead people blatantly say things like, "Yeah, that's why you don't pick." If people at least were educated on cystic acne and scarring I think sufferers would be less insecure about it. I'm really glad there are people on here who can still be confident with scarring, but there are others who aren't. And poor confidence isn't something you can magically snap out of it. The only time I was ever happy with my awful skin was when I was on medication for depression/adhd (Ritalin), that extra dopamine made me extremely confident with myself, not something I could have achieved without it.

#3453458 In Need Of Wisdom And Advice For My Scarring (With Pics)

Posted by blahblah82 on 26 September 2014 - 07:33 AM

Great post Theng.  Forty-seven grafts is a tremendous amount of grafts to do in one sitting.  I've been following this doctor's work for a while and I'm very impressed with his technique and approach to revising acne scars.  


It would be great to see some photos if you are comfortable with that.  







Sorry, it should be cotton gauze swab.


Here is the link direct to the page of acne scars treatment:  http://www.laser123....ce.php?serv=206

How did your procedure go, Theng?

The procedure went well. I had 47 grafts transplanted to my both cheek, some of them healed really well, they just flat like normal skin. But some grafts are raised looks like a little blister with circle mark. Donor site were pain in first 2weeks, maybe too much skin taken from there. I will have Erbium laser in Oct in order to even the graft with the normal skin.


Cherry, from your experience. How long does it take for the redness to fade after the procedure?

Sometimes it can take several months for the redness to fade.

Where was your donor site?

from behind my ear.

#3452213 Need Help

Posted by blahblah82 on 15 September 2014 - 06:37 PM

No, perfection is not yet possible.   Anyone who goes into this scar revision business has to understand that there are limitations to what can be achieved.  There has been cases of significant improvement posted on this forum though.  


One laser sessions is usually never going to give you much improvement.  All the people who've had significant improvement have done many sessions over a long period of time.   I can't see the rest of your skin, but if your scarring is only localized to that area on your left temple, I would not characterize it as being "severe."  I'd say it's probably moderate, though pictures don't always fully capture reality.  I think subcision and suction, and possibly several laser sessions will help.  With your dark skin, lasers will almost certainly cause hyperpigmentation, but that almost always resolves over time.  Some people have also had success with dermstamping / needling, although that is a very slow process before you see improvement.   

#3451179 Scar Treatment

Posted by blahblah82 on 08 September 2014 - 05:14 PM

This place has been mentioned in the past.  They are known for their aggressive marketing tactics and usually push you to buy packages.  Also, notice all the before and afters are doctored.  The before images usually have overhead lighting, which creates shadows, and the after pictures are nearly always with a flash with light from the front.  I don't know about other people but when I take pics with a direct flash, I look scarless.  


That said, they do use advanced lasers here like Lumenis Total FX, which is a plus.


check this out 






those improvements though

#3451031 Scars Fading Cream? (Rly Good Before Afters!)

Posted by blahblah82 on 07 September 2014 - 09:46 PM

I really want to punch people in the face who outright lie and exploit scar sufferers like this.  I know exactly where these pictures were lifted from.  They took them from the site of this dermatologist based in Brisbane, Australia.  The results you see are after this patient got dermal fillers from Dr. Davin Lim in Brisbane.  


This is his practice website.  If I can find the original pics, I will post them.  Just know that these pictures are 100% stolen.