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In Topic: Can You Recommend A Doctor?

26 April 2015 - 11:39 PM

Of the ones you listed, I think Dr Mark Taylor has the most specialization in acne scarring.  Also, some of his patients have posted online and showed tremendous results.  The one caveat is that there is no long term updates from those people who posted on Realself.  It seems like he takes a very aggressive approach.  Rapaport is very expensive, and I have spoken to people who were not impressed with his skills.  Plus, I have not seen any impressive before and afters online for him.  Dr. Jason Emer seems to promote himself quite aggressively online, and I find some of his reviews suspect.  That's not to say that he isn't a good doctor, but he is young and doesn't have as much of a track record.   He does seem to promote his specialization in treating acne scars though.  

In Topic: Considering Flying To Europe For Recell

25 April 2015 - 12:56 AM

As far as lasers go, I think C02 lasers are the most powerful lasers on the market.  Of course, there are many brands of co2 laser, but I think the top ones are Total FX, Fraxel Repair, Smartskin DOT, and Mixto.  Among those, the most powerful is probably Total FX.  

As for dermabrasion, there's nothing really that complex about it.  Think of your skin as hills and valleys.  Dermabrasion basically takes down all the high points (the hills or shoulders of scars) so that it's shallower and closer to the depth of the valleys.  Unfortunately you just cannot sand down that much skin because anything deeper than the reticular dermis and you will scar.  There is a limit to how deep resurfacing can go.  A better approach would be to fill the valleys, and get them as close as possible to the level of the hills.  Then, when you do a resurfacing procedure it doesn't have to go as deep.  Subcision and suction is well suited for this "elevating" of scars.   There's also a pretty high "unpredictability" factor with dermabrasion which is a function of how you heal and the doctor's technique.  

In general rolling scars do pretty well with subcision.

In Topic: Considering Flying To Europe For Recell

24 April 2015 - 05:47 AM

Hi....  I"m glad you've had some success with co2 lasers.  Fifty percent improvement is actually quite significant if you've only had co2 lasers alone, and not in conjunction with other modalities.  Depending on your type of scarring, less expensive and time-tested methods like subcision and suction are quite effective.  

As for dermabrasion, I've had spot dermabrasion (not full face) and while it did give me quite a bit of improvement to some of my worst scars, the recovery is intense.   I think it's about the most aggressive thing you can do for acne scarring.  Sometimes, if your body does not heal well it could very well leave worse scarring.  If done too deeply, the results could be devastating.  There was some girl here a while back that had dermabrasion and her doctor clearly went way, way too deep and the resultant scarring was significant.  It's extremely technique sensitive, and I would absolutely only go to the best to have it done.  That said, when it works, it works quite well depending on the type of scarring. It works well for scars that have a sharp edge, or raised shoulders as it helps to plane them down.  

A handful of people here have done a combo of resurfacing plus Recell, and unfortunately I don't think very many people gave us any long term updates.  It is a lot of money though from what I've read.  I think of it along the same lines as PRP here in the US, where there's not a whole lot of research for acne scarring.  

In Topic: My Tca Cross Experience! Results & Pictures :)

17 April 2015 - 11:37 PM

You can ask your dermatologist to write you a prescription for 8% hydroquinone, which you have to get made for you at a compounding pharmacy.  That strength may be irritating though.



hey guys, so i have hadTCA cross done by a board certified specialist about 7 weeks ago, interestingly there is about 30-4-% improvement in my scars but it has left me with dark red/brown spots. i am using hydroquinone 2% and vitamin c serum, can someone please tell me the approx downtime involved in TCA cross..how long before these marks go away??????

In Topic: Dermapen - Where Are The Results?

17 April 2015 - 11:33 PM

Subcision is probaby far more effective than Dermapen if the "holes" you described are rolling or even boxcar scars.  Dermapen would not be my first line of attack, as I think it's more of a adjunctive procedure.