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Yesterday, 09:03 AM

LUngha, great post.  


When acne scarring involves fat loss, the actual indentations can actually overlap with sunken areas of the cheeks due to repeated inflammation and destruction of the fat layer.  This was my problem.   Not only did I have indentations, I also had fat loss because my cystic acne keep returning in the same spots.  As you can imagine, after being damaged repeatedly the whole area looks like it lost volume. 


Personally I feel Radiesse is a bit outdated, since Voluma can be injected deeply to add fullness and volume back to the cheek area.  A thinner filler like regular Juvederm or Belotero can be used to fill the actual indentations themselves.  Radiesse sets very hard, and very prone to lumps and bumps if injected superficially in the skin.  It is always nearly injected below the skin, in the subcutaneous fat, to prop up a sagging face.  Think of it more like an injectable implant, than an actual filler.  

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Yesterday, 01:11 AM

Rob, out of curiosity, why haven't you sought out professional treatments?  I really think subcision would help in your case.



i'd do her again

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24 October 2014 - 10:16 AM

sorry but this sounds like serious hypertrophic scarring from the way you described it.  This needs real medical intervention, and waiting longer will mean permanent scarring.  Things like strong steroid creams and injections of cortisone + 5-FU may help flatten them, which can only be done at a dermatologist office.  

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24 October 2014 - 01:14 AM

Sorry you're dealing with this.  


The raised scars are hypertrophic scars, and these can be flattened with repeated injections of cortisone and 5FU.  The pitted scars are more complicated to treat especially on the body.   Typically for deep indentations on the face, you can do subcision, fillers, and laser resurfacing.  You can't really use lasers here because the skin on the trunk is more prone to scarring with lasers.  For the redness, you can try Vbeam.  

In Topic: Co2 Laser + Prp + Needling For Deep Acne Scars - Worth $6K?

21 October 2014 - 04:52 PM

Sorry but that is outrageous.  They clearly trying to do the hard sell on you with the "oh we'll give you the special price" thing.  Never prepay for packages, and certainly not that much for PRP and needling.   What's the name of this place?  I'm in the LA area as well and this place sounds familiar.  


Maybe these pics don't fully capture your scars, but they are quite minimal from what I see.