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In Topic: Advice On Rhinoplasty Surgery !

Today, 03:15 AM

Uh yeah..... how many more fake accounts are the moderators going to allow?  All these fake new members with one post, posting pictures of non-existent acne scars or completely unrelated topics.

In Topic: Scars On Mixed/biracial Skin

01 August 2015 - 04:58 AM

Girl, be happy and live your life.  You have good skin.

In Topic: Is Fraxel Laser The Same As Fraxel Repair?

23 July 2015 - 07:48 PM

Yes, Fraxel is simply the name of the company, and their C02 laser is the FRAXEL REPAIR.  A lot of offices deliberately try to confuse people by calling their laser Fraxel because people are familiar with that brand.  They are COUNTING on the consumer not knowing the difference, which is not surprisingly what happens all the time.  What they are saying is that their laser is "fractionated," meaning it doesn't burn away 100% of the surface skin, only a "fraction."  You have to ask , because it could be some no name laser. 

In Topic: Skin Damage On Face

23 July 2015 - 07:41 PM

You HAVE received a lot of helpful suggestions, it's just that there isn't a problem to advise on.  I'm being real with you.  With your non-existent "acne scars" and "very damaged face" you'd put yourself in a worse position trying any of the methods that are actively discussed here.  What do you what people to tell you?  To go and do lasers?  TCA Cross? Subcision?  None of those things apply to someone who doesn't have visible scarring.  End of story.

Light chemical peels, retin-a, AHA.  Those have ALREADY been mentioned multiple times for your case. 

In Topic: Is A Patch Test Necessary For Co2 Laser?

23 July 2015 - 03:37 AM

Fraxel Restore is NON-ablative (does not leave an open wound, no crusting, no oozing)

Fraxel Repair is ABLATIVE  (yes it will remove the top layer of skin, will cause oozing, and crusting)

Most people have very negative reviews of Restore.  At this point, it's been pretty much settled that Restore is useless for true acne scar revision.

I highly encourage you to do a test spot in an inconspicuous area (hairline, sideburns).  Laser is an aggressive option, and you need the peace of mind that you will heal okay and need to get a true idea of the downtime involved.  I am still baffled that some people get laser done and cannot even tell you the name of the laser, the type of laser, or understand what is involved in the aftercare.