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No, perfection is not yet possible.   Anyone who goes into this scar revision business has to understand that there are limitations to what can be achieved.  There has been cases of significant improvement posted on this forum though.  


One laser sessions is usually never going to give you much improvement.  All the people who've had significant improvement have done many sessions over a long period of time.   I can't see the rest of your skin, but if your scarring is only localized to that area on your left temple, I would not characterize it as being "severe."  I'd say it's probably moderate, though pictures don't always fully capture reality.  I think subcision and suction, and possibly several laser sessions will help.  With your dark skin, lasers will almost certainly cause hyperpigmentation, but that almost always resolves over time.  Some people have also had success with dermstamping / needling, although that is a very slow process before you see improvement.   

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14 September 2014 - 08:06 PM

From this one picture your skin looks perfect, though there's no before pic to compare to.  

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11 September 2014 - 08:10 PM

I think scar treatments nowadays have become totally dominated by doctors who push lasers for any and all scars.  A lot of doctors have forgotten the fundamentals of scar revision because they have to push the lasers to recoup their investment.  Lasers are an important part of acne scar revision, but you cannot fix significant scarring without a combination of surgical procedures (subcisions, excision, punch grafting), resurfacing (dermabrasion, lasers), and volumizing (fillers).   

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11 September 2014 - 04:28 PM

Glad this is working out for you but if exfoliation worked on scars, then everyone who uses Retin-A would be scarless.  



Hi, the scars you got had no other way to get rid off except extreme exfoliation. I know harsh exfoliation is no good but what I suggest is exfoliate three times a week and this will take time to heal. If your skin is good and could regenerate healthy skin fast I think this could work. There is this Japan product called Natural Aqua Gel - Cure it works by exfoliating gently and leave your skin smooth after that. You could get this on ebay or amazon. This works amazing although it tells you to use it only twice a week. You could do it more provided your skin can tolerate it.

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11 September 2014 - 07:16 AM

The pics are kind of small, but I do agree that you have mostly rolling scars that typically respond more to subcision.  Personally, I think nonablative lasers like Fraxel Restore are a complete waste of time.  I'm assuming you had the Fraxel Restore because I doubt you did 5 sessions of the much more aggressive Fraxel Repair, which is the C02 fractional version.  


If you research this forum, you will find that the people who have had the most success combined multiple types of procedures like subcisions & suction, ablative lasers, and possibly fillers to fine tune results.  Fillers usually should be done after a few subcisions, because you need to release the tethered scars.  


Usually it takes many sessions to see noticeable improvement if one has moderate to severe acne scars.  


Is there hope?  I think so as long as you have realistic expectations and money.


Check out this guy's review on Realself.  He had extremely severe scars and got tremendous improvement.  It will never be perfect, but I think this case is one of the best outcomes I've ever seen on the internet given the severity of his scars.  Most likely he will need more procedures to get to more improvement.  Recently another member on here also got treated by this doctor, but she is only several weeks out from her surgery.