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In Topic: Dark Raised Scars, Need Help Figuring Out What To Do!

Yesterday, 09:12 PM

What was the concentration of the cortisone injections?  For keloid scars like this, they would need a pretty high concentration.  Some doctors also inject a combo of 5-fu and Kenalog.  

In Topic: Massage For Indented Scarring

Yesterday, 02:23 AM

Panos is that you?  


Scar tissue does not shed away.   It has been shown that massage may help soften hard, hypertrophic scars but will do jack for indented scarring.  

In Topic: Please Help Identify The Type Of Scars And Suggest Remedy.

Yesterday, 02:17 AM

The majority of your scars are the classic ice pick type of scarring.  You also have some rolling scars and boxcar scars.  For ice pick type scars some people have had success with TCA Cross, but other people also experienced worsening of their scars.  For rolling scars, multiple subcisions may help to cut the scar bands that tether the skin downwards and also create a layer of scar tissue underneath to lift the scars up closer to normal skin.  I would advise to get as much permanent improvement as possible from subcisions and then fine tune with fillers for the rolling scars.  


For general texture issues, after you have gotten the most improvement possible from the procedures above lasers may help to soften the scars even further.  Some claim that derma rolling or dermastamping in combination with topicals is effective.   It will take many many procedures and time to get to a decent level of improvement.

In Topic: Feeling Really Bad And Ugly...

23 April 2014 - 08:53 PM

LOL.... yeah I guess he could have... But someone would have to have a lot of time on their hands to post about a hoax.  The first post was in Aug '12, then an update again in Nov '12.   If you notice inside the original scarred area, you'll notice pin pricks from where he did the subcision / needling.  Looks like he created scar tissue that helped elevate the scars.  While there are those pin pricks, which are pretty minor, the tradeoff was that he got the area to rise up flush with the surrounding skin.  



it looks almost that he slept on something in the first pic, it has an hourglass shape, probably took a pic while the skin was indented and didnt puff back out yet.

In Topic: Subscision Treatment

23 April 2014 - 06:14 AM

I think for your case, they can do a light subcision using the same needle  on the syringe for the filler to create a pocket.  Then they can fill the pocket with the filler to give you temporary improvement and also prevent the scar bands from reattaching.  I think this should be a slam dunk if they inject correctly.