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Many Pus-Filled Bumps Under Skin = Bad Initial Breakout?

10 February 2014 - 04:14 PM

Hello all,


I planned to start Accutane tonight and am highly anxious/fearful.


I've been suffering from painful cystic acne for 2 years now.  In recent months, my cysts improved drastically when I changed my life style and took time off from school.  My cysts became under control as I received 1-2 every week as opposed to 3-4 every day.


I've been very, very stressed in the past few weeks and noticed approx. 20 small bumps pop up on both sides of my face.  One became inflamed and quickly turned into a cyst; the rest that were unbothered still sit beneath my skin and are so miniscule, they are barely noticeable at all.  For the past week and a half, Ive had 0 cysts and only these tiny bumps so my skin generally looks pretty clear.


What alarmed me was when I squeezed one of these bumps, an immense amount of pus came out.  Knowing how accutane works and what it does to the skin, I presume this will mean I will suffer a massive massive breakout when my skin "purges" out all of these bumps.


My face looks quite OKAY with these small bumps as they're barely visible.  It would be a nightmare if each bump turned into a pimple and I ended up with 20+ pimples on my face.  Cystic acnes given me psychological issues in the past and I can't imagine what a devastating breakout would do to my anxiety and depression.


My main concern is: I am terribly reluctant to start accutane as I have a very pivotal few weeks ahead of me and I am greatly fearful of what might be the pre-cursor of a severe Initial Breakout.


 Any advice/support?  I am truly reconsidering accutane at this point.  I'm just afraid of regretting taking it if my bumps end up breaking out and destroying my currently stabilized skin.





Starting Accutane But Dead Afraid Of Initial Breakout - How Bad Is It?

07 February 2014 - 04:19 PM

So today is my first day on 60mg of tane.  20mg in the morning, 40mg at night because my insurance won't cover 30mg pills.



I would say I have moderate to severe acne as of now since I get on average 1-2 cysts a week.  It looks a whole lot worse than it should because I have a bad tendency to pop them which has left a lot of hyper pigmentation on my face.


Cystic acne seemed to take me by storm 2 years ago.  It didn't gradually occur, it hit me almost overnight.  I didn't get the normal kind of acne, the kind that sits on top of your skin.  Mine took days to develop and made my skin look swollen.  It was so severe my friends couldn't even tell it was acne and would ask "what happened to your head bro".  If I had normal acne I wouldn't care, but these intense cysts literally made me look like I got into a serious car accident or bar fight.


I was traumatized badly from this and developed acute anxiety to a point where I had 4-5 uncontrollable panic attacks a day.  My life seemed to turn around, i quit my job, soccer team, and left many groups of friends I had developed while I was still confident, charismatic, and happy.  


My anxiety and depression became so bad I had to take a semester off from college when I saw my life was falling apart at too fast a rate.  My increasingly severe cystic acne seemed to tear away at my life piece by piece.  


To get my main point across, I read extensively on acne.org before starting accutane.  The more I read, the more reluctant and fearful I got of popping this pill.  Not only did a majority of people seemed to get IB but it seemed to more severe and longer lasting than a normal breakout.


I am returning to school since my acne died down a little in recent months and my anxiety/depression became under control.  I CANNOT afford to regress and fall back into the anxious, cystic, bloody, scarred/scabbed, sweaty mess I was a year ago. 


So I ask - Is it worth it?  How bad was your IB?  How long did it last?  How did you cope with it? Will I break out in places I don't normally break out?  


On top of that, I'd really like some support as I've been depressed these past few days just imagining a breakout as bad as the ones I've had in the past, the ones that kept me sitting in the bathroom in shock at what my face was becoming.