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Acne +Hairloss Phase 2 Trials

31 May 2013 - 01:41 PM

Phase 2 European Pilot study for acne: http://intrepidthera...ifu-et-al-.pdf

Phase 2 US Pilot study for acne: http://www.clinicalt...b-03-01&rank=1

Proof of concept trial for hairloss: http://www.cosmophar...0-10-06_en.pdf

Intended release date in the US is 2015.




Make Your Own Vitamin (Zinc, B5, D3) Combo

28 February 2013 - 10:32 AM

After reading these threads for a while I noticed 3 vitamins come up, namely b5, zinc and D3. I then went to the vitamins reviews and noticed the most popular ones with at least 50 ratings were b5, zinc, and D3 (excluding vitamin e and c because they are topical). I researched diseases like AIDs and realized that they are treated with a combination therapy approach, those with acne should try the same.

So I went online and found a place where you can make your own vitamin. After playing with the formulator, if the order is over $75, you can get the cost/day to under $1/day. Here is what I made per pill:


zinc 10mg

copper 1mg (ideal zinc: copper=8:1)

D3 1000IU

B5 (pantothenic acid) 1300mg

N-Acetyl L-cysteine 500mg (protect against hairloss from b5, NAC was much cheaper than their HCL cysteine)

Milk Thistle Extract 50mg (to protect our digestive system)


cost $77.22 (excluding shipping)

270 capsules

Serving 3/day

Daily cost $0.86/day

Serving 90 days



Here is the website





click formulator-start with ingredients if going to the main link


I like to hear from other veteran members what they think of this dosage level, is it ideal? What do you think of the price?


Thanks all

I'm already clear, but trying to give back


21 January 2013 - 10:38 AM

I was wondering if anyone has tried mesocopper. I see in the review that copper petides have gotten decent review. Thanks

Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

16 December 2012 - 02:44 PM

New Theory: Lipid Metabolism


What has transpired


Over the past 2 year multiple people have reported hair loss from megadosing b5 for short amounts of time. Many users have been tested with little conclusive evidence, most lab values coming back within normal range.  Those values out of range do not match other users results. Furthermore, It is hard to theorize why b5 can cause complete endocrine disaster involving cortisol, dht, adrenals, or the thyroid in a matter of a few weeks.


Back to basics


Coenzyme A is active in both fatty acid metabolism and sex hormone synthesis. Dr. Lit-Hung Leung theorized correctly that when the pool of coenzyme A becomes reduced, the body prioritizes sex hormone synthesis. This leads to excess fat, which is secreted as sebum and eventually leads to acne. By megadosing Vitamin B5, (a component of Coenyzme A not made by the body,) the body would no longer be deficient, thus now being able to metabolize the excess fat banishing acne. Most users did experience a dramatic improvement in our skin, unfortunately accompanied by hair loss.  Discontinuing B5 did not remedy the hair loss, for many users hair loss has gone on for years.


What’s going on?


One of the primary purposes of the skin is water retention. As expected, many lipids are contained in the skin to facilitate this purpose. When lipid metabolism goes wrong, both the skin and hair follicle can become faulty. In one paper it was found that the loss of the acyl-CoA binding protein (Acbp) results in fatty acid metabolism abnormalities in mouse hair and skin. Another paper asks the question “What is the link between altered lipid metabolism, inflammation, and disrupted hair follicles? The three studies clearly show an apparent toxic effect on hair follicle cycling—the pathology is clear. The role of these lipid metabolic pathways in normal hair follicle biology and the mechanism by which changes in these pathways cause the pathological phenotype remain unclear, and such questions need attention.” There are other papers (links at end) all pointing in the same direction-à lipid metabolism.

I propose the following theory: megadosing b5 altered lipid metabolism, triggering hair loss.  I will go even further and say, I believe altered lipid metabolism is actually the cause of male pattern baldness, but that it is triggered by genetics rather then B5 megadosing. This explains why the hair loss happens immediately, because the massive amount of COA alters lipid metabolism immediately. This was the original purpose of taking B5, was it not? There is no need to involve the thyroid, cortisols, etc. Occam’s razor applies.



What about DHT?


DHT is the soldier, not general is this war. You had DHT all your life; it is only when your hair follicles became sensitive to it that the hair loss began. Now many users have had success with nirozal, minox, propecia and Avodart. This will slow down the hair loss, but the root cause still needs to be addressed.


Potential NON-DHT Cure


If lipid metabolism is the cause, let us go straight to the lipids. Here is a presentation on adipose-derived stem cells. Listed below is also a link to a clinic in Boston for this treatment, cost $2500. There also might be a clinic in Japan or South Korea.



















Below theory incorrect, leaving it has a place holder to show it's been investigated. B5 does increase  T lvls, but this is not what causes hair loss.

Theory: B5->Coenzyme A->Pregnenolone->Testosterone->DHT->Hairloss
"Since the demand for coenzyme A increases in adolescence, the need for Cysteine must increase. Cysteine is a sulfur amino acid that is heavily used in building keratin, which is an important constituent of the skin (which increases largely in size during adolescence), growing wanted and unwanted hair, and also used in forming nails."


You can read the whole hub including all the comments. You will see no one comes back reporting hairloss. You will also see in the comments that the Hub author mentions to little cysteine causes the hairloss.

Now cysteine is needed to help build keratin, the key component in hair. Cysteine is also used to build coenzyme A when combined with b5. When the body is flooded with b5 and binds with all the cysteine , there is hardly any left ot make keratin, little keratin=little hair.

Step 1- Supplement with l-cysteine. I am taking 1.5grams l-cysteine a day for a week, no b5 though I plan to start b5 again. For those who haven't tried b5, the site recommends a 2:1 ratio. So if you took 2g of b5, you would take 1g of cysteine. If you are taking b5 and experiencing hairloss I would reverse the ratio to 1:2, but I suggest you stop the b5, wait for your hair to stop shedding, then go back on low dose b5.

Now you might have enough cysteine, but the hair isn't growing in the right place, maybe hair grows on your arms instead of your scalp. This is a link to a study on edgar cayce hair methods.

71% experienced some hair regrowth. Cayce recommends rubbing crude oil into yout hair for 45minutes every few days. I didn't have an electric vibrator so I used my hands. Then you rinse it out with grain alchol and add vaseline after.

Step 2- Rub crude oil into your hair every other day for one hour. Rinse out (I myself used shampoo), then add vaseline. This will stimulate the scalp hairs rather than having hair grown elsewhere.

Cayce mentions atomidine to correct the thyroid. I do not know if b5 causes a thyroid imbalance, but I took it anyway.

Step 3- Atomidine one drop every day for 7 days, then 7 days off. Repeat.

In 1 week my hair has stopped shedding. There is no hair regrowth, but hair runs in 3-6 motnhs cycles so I don't expect to see any hair regrowth for at least another month. Please try this if B5 has caused you to shed. Once again for those who haven't tried b5 take b5 with cysteine in a 2:1 ratio and ignore the rest of what I wrote. Thank you all and I hope it helps. I will continue to update this thread when I can.

*step 1 was edited to replace methionine with l-cysteine. Originally I took methionine, but found l-cysteine way more effective.

B5, Hairloss, Histadelia

11 December 2012 - 08:37 AM

Below are some signs you have histadelia. I am trying to figure out if those who had the hairloss from b5 were primary Histadelia's and if the rapid metabolism somehow has to do with the hairloss.  It was mentioned on the healthboards that someone stopped their b5 hairloss with l-methionine. L-methionine can be turned into L-cysteine, but not the other way around. Perhaps the l-methionine/l-cysteine were all burned up too.

- not being able to put on weight no matter how much you eat
- low pain threshold
- seasonal allergies
- hearing your pulse in your pillow at night
- having mind blanks
- inner tension
- being itchy including referred itch (as soon a i typed that i started scratching my arm... then my other arm)
- feel nauseous easily
- higher tolerence of drugs/ alcohol
- abnormal fears compulsions
- have depression/ suicidal thoughts