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#3390460 Insight On Lifting Weights (Gym) And General Acne

Posted by ph12ivos on 24 October 2013 - 05:08 PM

So here goes.. many  people believe lifting weights can actually cause acne or make it worse.. well that is actually true.. in some cases if you are a male teenager because your testosterone is already high and so you have high DHT aswell so that causes more oily skin or sebum which leads to more acne.. well if you are indeed a teenager you can do what i do which really helped.. Cardio reduces the effects of DHT and Testosterone that lifting weights causes.. So i suggest you do what i do which works.. atleast for me.. do 20-30 min of cardio before you start lifting weights and 20-30 min after.. also dont take any supplements or eat dairy.. that will only make acne worst for most... also you need to always wash your face after you been sweating hard and being at the gym.. IMPORTANT.. never touch your face or let the dirty towel that was sitting on the machines that people sweat on touch your face that may cause more clogged pores /acne.. 


Basically key goals in order to lift weights without causing more acne or generally cause breakout is to Get on a good regimen that works for you.. that is washing your face atleast every 10-15 hours use a night time cream.. Try to eat whole foods such as brown rice , sweet potato , oatmeal e.t.c and avoid sweets , sugar starchy foods , or in general high glycemic index foods.. and do atleast 20 minutes of cardio before and/or after your done lifting weights...Also stay away from Supplements such as fat burners whey protein or well generally everything.. .. get a good multivatamin and some omega 3 fish oil casules and you're good to go.. also eat your vegedables and all of the healthy food you are suppose to eat.. 

When it comes to dairy i personally noticed for myself that fat free greek yoghurt never causes a break out.. for me personally atleast that is.. or most cheeses if in moderation.. although cottage cheese and Milk Cause an instant pimple next day with just 1-2 glasses of milk..  

I Am 17 male been working out either cardio and lifting weights throughout the past year with no problems.. i Am using a face wash for sensitive skin with vitamin c and differin as my night cream and sunscreen in the morning.. i have been using differin for a year and been using sunscreen for a year aswell as i had bad inflammed breakouts last year from lifting weights and supplementing and then being exposed to heavy sunlight which made my marks dark as ... now a year later no breakouts.. maybe a tiny pimple if i eat a lot of sugary food which vanishes the next day.. so I feel there people out there with some of these questions that i just answered so i hope you found it helpfull.. if you have Any questions whatsoever feel free to ask!!rolleyes.gif