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Burning Face

27 February 2013 - 09:03 PM

Im on my second week of the regimen and everytime i moisturize my face is one fire!! (  increased the amount and am using bp twice a day)  Should i keep with the twice a day or go back to once a day.


Night Shifts

12 February 2013 - 02:06 PM

Well my schedule is pretty messed since i work night shifts and i saw that you had to wait 10-12 hours before washing your face on the regimen so im wondering is it ok to to fall asleep without washing your face? will this cause breakouts?  i work 10 pm-3 am roughly, but i dont go to bed until like 4-5 am.


Not Healing

07 September 2012 - 07:44 PM

I have been on doryx 150 mg for a couple of months and that managed to get rid of all my acne, but now my derm took me off the medication because ive been on it for too long.  I had a huge pimple  on my nose a couple weeks ago and its not healing.  At first a whitehead popped out, so i figured it'd be the end of that, but it just formed a scab and the redness was still there and it has been there since.  I dont think there is any more puss inside and i dont know what to do.  My acne has cleared up, but it still makes me uncomfortable because i see people looking at my nose.  I use duac in the morning and ziana gel at night.  Ive been drinking a lot of water and moisturizing my face, hoping that it helps.

Also, does anyone have any good recommendations on what moisturiser/ suscreen i should use because cetaphil makes my skin very oily and shiny.
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Big Pimple On My Nose

03 September 2012 - 10:43 PM

About a week ago, i had a pimple growing on my nose. At that time it didnt look too big, but after a couple of days i think it might of gotten infected and the pimple tripled in size (My nose looked like a baboon's butt Posted Image).  The whole right side of my nose was red and the pain was horrendous.  I wash my face twice a day with a sumaxin wash ( sodium sulfacetamide 9% & sulfur 4%) , i use a duac cream in the morning and a ziana gel at night.  That didnt seem to work as quickly so i put toothpaste on it at night and it was starting to heal because a whitehead was forming.  It deosnt hurt anymore and the redness has gone down, but the skin on the pimple feels really smooth almost leatherly like .  I dont want to pop it, but if i have to i will.   Any ideas on how i can make it heal quicker? I put toothpaste on it tonight hoping i get the same effect.