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My Case History Showing The Relationship Between Acne And High Blood Sugar Foods

17 September 2013 - 12:31 PM

Age 17 to 18

Race: Caucausian

Acne: Moderate to Severe, around 20 white heads a day on all parts of face but especially on left cheek. also lots of black heads on nose, and small cysts that happen about every 3 weeks.


August 2012: Started Zinc and sees 50% imporvement within 2 weeks. Substantially less acne but still a lot more

October 2012: started taking vitamin D

January 2013: Starts to limit sugary foods slightly: not much of an improvement

February 2013: Completely cuts sugar to less than 20g of sugar a day not counting fruits, not much improvement

March 2013: starts to see drastic imprvement that is consistent with how much sugar is eaten but still has about 8 pimples a week

April 2013: Cuts almost all carbs except fruit, 99% improvement in acne, about 1 small pimple a week

May 2013-June 2013: keeps up the no carb diet and still has almost no acne, complains of depression, low ability to do exercise, and extreme fatigue

July 2013: Starts taking chromium 500 mcg a day and ends no carb diet, goes back to high sugar high carb diet as before. no new acne

August 2013-Mid-september 2013: continues taking 500mcg of chromium a day and still only has about 1 pimple a day while changing nothing in his diet and mood improves as well as physical ability



Results and Possible explanations:

The acne was reduced because it was somehow being caused by his high carb, high sugar diet. Upon reducing intake of such carbs and sugar, the acne disappeared. However, when taking chromium, a know blood-sugar stabilizing element, his acne stayed at bay while he was able to return to his previous diet and no longer have problems in mood or physical ability possibly caused by the low carb diet. 


Conclusion: 500 mcg of chromium a day can substantially help clear acne specifically because of its blood sugar lowering effects and seems to continue working after an extended amount of time. 

Chromium Picolinate 500Mcg Daily 100% Clear

27 July 2013 - 12:03 AM

Hello. I have not been on the forums in a long time. In the past i had a lot of success with a paleo diet and zinc suplements. These are the only things that have worked for me with acne. 4 weeks ago i went to whole foods and bought chromium picolinate, chelated magnesium, and coq10. I bought these because they are good suplements for people with high blood sugar. I think that acne is caused by high glycemic foods and sugar. I started chromium first and i noticed within 4 days that i was getting no acne while following the paleo diet and taking zinc/ chromium. Before i had about 1 pimple a day. I started getting confident in the chromium picolinate suplement so i started upping my sugar intake. I started having starbucks, gatorade, frozen yogurt full of crap like sugar worms, cookies, white bread, cheese its, pita chips, pop corn, white rice, and lots of other foods i could not eat while on my paleo diet with lots of sugar or high glycemic. I also started eating dairy foods again like cheese and sour cream.  I am extremely happy to report that i have not had one pimple on my back in the last 4 weeks and only some small unnoticeable pimples on my my forehead. I eat 1 starbucks a day and a gatorade. That is like at least 70g of sugar. So, I finally posted this and now i have not had acne in the last month since i started taking the chromium suplements. I didn't even open the magnesium or co q 10. so here is what i take everyday:


30 mg zinc

750mcg chromium



Results: 100% clear happily. 


I think it works because it stops my blood sugar from spiking after i eat all that sugar and as a result my insulin does not spike. That's just what i think. All that matters is that it works though and it has worked for the last month. I thought it would stop but it didn't. I hope this helps some of you. 



edit: My acne was whiteheads and small underground pimples before. no cysts or nodules. That might be important for some of you who want to try this. 

Still 99% Clear After No Carb Diet

17 May 2013 - 05:09 PM

i have been on this no carb diet for i think about two weeks. i only have had 2 pimples on my face the last week. my redness also is a lot less and the black heads on my nose have cleared up. fyi the blackheads on my nose have been there since i turned eleven, even when i was on differin, minocycline, and antibiotics which got rid of the acne i still had black heads. i have not had any back acne the last 8 days. none. it feels great to have clear smooth skin. just updating this so you know it is still working. maybe one of the mods could just combine it with my first post about low carb? i could not find it. 

Cut Out All Carbs And Now I Am Clear?

10 May 2013 - 12:16 AM

after becoming 80% clear with a paleo diet and 30mg of zinc a day i decided to keep trying to be 100% clear. i researched more into carbs and found out that all carbs are turned into sugar in the body which will raise insulin. seeing as how i have responded positively to cutting out sugar from my diet, i decided to cut the carbs. i cut them all out. i have lived off eggs, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, meat, and veggies for the past week. it feels pretty crappy and everything is unpalatable. if someone tried this diet overnight they would die lol. anyway, not so surprisingly i am now 100% clear. i have never been 100% clear so it feels pretty good. i cut the carbs and sugar and now im 100% clear. about 70% of my calories come from fat and 30% from protein. i know that this is how the inuit diet is. this diet puts stress on the liver because it causes your body to start breaking down fat instead of carbs for energy. i noticed my six pack is showing without flexing now so i have actually lost body fat while gaining a little bit of weight. i guess i put on some muscle. anyway the body goes into ketogenesis on this diet. bodybuilders use the diet for weeks at a time to get rid of body fat. well it also clears some of them and that is exactly what it has done for me. i do not know how long i can maintain the diet but the best motivation of it is being 100% clear. to have full control over my acne is amazing. i just wanted to share this with some of you. i dont really expect many people to do it. it is so hard. but it is an option and for me it has cleared me 100%.

Loss Of Appetite, Lost 6 Pounds In One Week

30 April 2013 - 10:55 PM

i am a male and 18 years old. i have acne that i am trying to get rid of naturally because my mom will not let me use antibiotics, retinoids, SA, or benzoyl peroxide. 

i have just started using tea tree oil for about 3 weeks. i have been taking zinc for 8 months and it helped a lot. i took only 30mg a day for the last 8 months. but then i realized that when i take more it gets rid of almost all of the acne instead of just 50% of it. i can not take 60mg because i get really sick. so i took 45 mg for 1 week. after about 1 day i started feeling extremely depressed, my tongue had sores on it, my acne went away, and i loss my appetite. i stopped after 1 week after i could not bear the depression anymore. the depression has decreased but is still there. the problem is i have no appetite. i used to eat 3,000 calories a day easily. for the past 5 days i have probably been eating 1200 calories a day. i went from 142 (already skinny for my height) to 136 pounds. i am very worried that is the zinc or the tea tree oil. i could not find anything saying that tea tree oil causes loss of appetite though. and since i am only taking 15mg of zinc now i do not understand how the appetite problem is being caused by zinc if i stopped it. does anyone know what is going on and will it stop? i have also noticed i only want to eat sweet stuff and i get no pleasure out of eating things like chicken anymore. please help.