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#3333437 Paleo Diet Update

Posted by Acnegoaway54 on 14 March 2013 - 04:15 PM

i have been on a low glycemic diet for 2 and half months. 3 weeks ago i cut out sugar. 1 week ago i cut out all grains making my diet a true paleo diet. after the first 2 months i had great improvement. about 55%. after cutting out the sugar i had 75% improvement. After cutting out the grains i am now 95% clear. the only mistake i made was adding some flax seeds to my oatmeal. Everytime i add omega 3's to my diet i break out in cysts that i never get otherwise. they last about 2 weeks. this happened with fish oil and now with flax seed. anyway, after going full paleo and cutting out the pop corn i was using as a snack, my back acne continues to be 100% clear. other than the cysts which are shrinking which were caused by flax seed, i have 2 pimples on my upper right forehead. it is very strange because i have gotten them there for about 2 weeks and 1 on my right forehead. and no where else. both cheeks are clear except for the cysts!!! w000t!  i can finally shave. none of that chin acne! it feels awesome! i am just waiting for these last few pimples on the forehead to clear up. and i have a new one but its from the flax seed. so i recomend it to everyone but u must be strict. i had lunch today with some students who offered me pizza and was about to cheat but realized it is not worth it! while this diet will not make you feel great, not having the acne is really nice!



oh and i have a question. can i eat oatmeal?? it is not instant. if i am having problems when i eat whole grain bread is it ok for me to eat oatmeal? because the oatmeal i eat could definately have been eaten by a caveman. 



#3315487 Do Girls Care About Acne? Tips For Guys With Acne

Posted by Acnegoaway54 on 03 January 2013 - 08:34 PM

sorry but that is a very silly question. everyone is different. some girls do. some girls don't. just like how some guys make fun of fat girls and others don't. ask yourself this. do you care about how fat a girl is? or do you see her for who she truly is. is the first thing you look at a girls figure or do you try to get to know her first? most men are guilty of the first. find a girl who doesn't care about acne. that means she will love you forever. most the girls i know don't care about acne. but its a two way street. if you expect people to not care about your acne then the world needs to be less mean to fat people, ugly people, and so forth. unfortunately it is not. if you pass judgement to others based on how they look, sound, or appear then you are ignorant. almost everyone in their entire life has done those things. this means that some girls will care about your acne and a few good ones won't. You need to find the good ones.

but at the end of the day you can not really hold people acountable for the ignorance. i was an extremely ignorant person for a very long time. i don't think i was born ignorant. i see the same ignorance in my 79 year old father and he passed it down to me. some people like him are ignorant their entire lives. they never wake up and see the world for what it really is. i think this is what seperates the good from the bad. people who can wake up and see out the ignorance are the small light at the end of the tunnel for our society. ignorance is passed down generation after generation. until someone breaks the cycle. its like and eye for an eye. someone has to forgive to stop this viscious circle! an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. at the end of the day though, i feel all the blame rests on the shoulders of "god". If he created mankind then he gave them their will to be bad and be ignorant. essentially he started all the ignorance and the cycle. he is the alpha. now this makes him a terrible being. it is the only way to look at it. why else is life unfair. is religion more than a tool to control society. i think not. at the end of the night, how can my sins and ignorance be my burden to carry. for if i was created by the lord he had it preprogrammed that i would have these qualities. this makes god a very terrible person. fortunately there is an answer to all these problems that i just thought of. what if this life is nothing more than a landscape and a game. the things that happen don't truly matter. god creates us and makes us bad on purpose. he wants to see if we have the courage to perservere and be "good". of course without good their is not evil. this is a serious paradox. then agian so is the idea of god creating humanity. if god created us then how can we truly make any decision or have free will? its impossible because god had to know all the paths. he gives us the right to pick a path? how? if he gave us the original impulse then that would pick the path for us. basically we have no control over anything at all. maybe not even suicide is a choice. we have no understanding of the afterlife or proof that it exists. at the end of the night their is no proof of anything. i can't prove you exist and quite frankly this post has been rambling on and on and on. the answer is maybe. maybe girls care about you acne. if they do then they are not good for you anyway.

#3314859 Insulin And Teenage Acne

Posted by Acnegoaway54 on 01 January 2013 - 11:26 AM

I woke up at 2:00 in the morning to research insulin one last time. I beleived that I had found something. What I found was shocking. Here it is: https://www.novapubl...roducts_id=4933

"A transient insulin resistant state occurs during puberty and is part of normal human development. Insulin resistance increases immediately at the beginning of puberty, peaks at mid-puberty, and then declines to nearly prepubertal levels by early adulthood. Girls are more insulin resistant than boys during puberty which is related in part to differences in adiposity between the sexes. Glucose homeostasis is maintained during puberty through compensatory hyperinsulinemia. While resistance to insulin’s effect on glucose metabolism is present, insulin-stimulated protein metabolism is normal. Therefore, a physiologic consequence of insulin resistance during puberty may be augmentation of rapid growth by promotion of protein anabolism.
The causes of physiological insulin resistance during puberty have not been definitively established. Gonadal sex steroids do not appear to play a central role. There is strong evidence, however, that GH/IGF-I activity contributes to pubertal insulin resistance. GH and IGF-I levels increase and then decrease during puberty, following a pattern similar to that of insulin resistance. A significant association between IGF-I levels and pubertal insulin resistance has been demonstrated in many studies. Some studies find that African Americans are more insulin resistant during puberty than their white counterparts, although this was not found to be the case in a study where the black youth were lean and physically active. "

In puberty insulin resistance develops and then it goes away at the end of puberty. Sound familiar? in puberty, if one has acne, acne is beleived to start and then you "grow out" of it.

okay so that sounds strange right? a coincidence? i think not

then i said what does insulin have to do with sebum and acne?
i found this: http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/10428145

Good correlations, although lower, between insulin and T, and BMI, insulin, and T with triglycerides were also found in patients with PCOS. These patients fell into clearly distinct categories: with or without insulin resistance and with or without obesity, but slim women with PCOS had insulin and metabolic variables similar to those without PCOS, and most obese women with PCOS were insulin-resistant and more hyperandrogenic and hypertriglyceridemic.


Insulin, androgens, and BMI are related in women both with PCOS and without PCOS, especially in obese ones. Insulin and metabolic indices are similar in lean women with PCOS and those without PCOS, but obese women with PCOS are more insulin-resistant, hyperandrogenic, and hypertriglyceridemic. Three types of disorders can be distinguished: simple nonhyperandrogenic obesity, typical nonhyperinsulinemic PCOS, and insulin-resistant PCOS.

So inslun is related positively to androgens?

Then i found this: http://www.ncbi.nlm....les/PMC3051853/

"Typical western diet, comprised of milk and hyperglycaemic foods, may have potentiating effects on serum insulin and insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) levels, thereby promoting the development of acne.17"

then i found this: http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/19709092

"It is the purpose of this viewpoint article to delineate the regulatory network of growth hormone (GH), insulin, and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) signalling during puberty, associated hormonal changes in adrenal and gonadal androgen metabolism, and the impact of dietary factors and smoking involved in the pathogenesis of acne. The key regulator IGF-1 rises during puberty by the action of increased GH secretion and correlates well with the clinical course of acne. In acne patients, associations between serum levels of IGF-1, dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate, dihydrotestosterone, acne lesion counts and facial sebum secretion rate have been reported. IGF-1 stimulates 5alpha-reductase, adrenal and gonadal androgen synthesis, androgen receptor signal transduction, sebocyte proliferation and lipogenesis. Milk consumption results in a significant increase in insulin and IGF-1 serum levels comparable with high glycaemic food. Insulin induces hepatic IGF-1 secretion, and both hormones amplify the stimulatory effect of GH on sebocytes and augment mitogenic downstream signalling pathways of insulin receptors, IGF-1 receptor and fibroblast growth factor receptor-2b. Acne is proposed to be an IGF-1-mediated disease, modified by diets and smoking increasing insulin/IGF1-signalling. Metformin treatment, and diets low in milk protein content and glycaemic index reduce increased IGF-1 signalling. Persistent acne in adulthood with high IGF-1 levels may be considered as an indicator for increased risk of cancer, which may require appropriate dietary intervention as well as treatment with insulin-sensitizing agents."

very strange. i'm not sure whether or not its igf-1 or insulin. i beleive it is inslun resistance which is brought on my puberty! but!!!!!!!!

theres a missing link here. something that doesn't make sense! if insulin resistance is a marker of puberty then why doesn't everyone have acne and have it to the same extent. Well the asnwer to this is complicated. One of the factors is diet. People who eat a better less simple sugar diet will not have as much acne. But this isn't true for all. How many people have heard the man say "my friend eats junk all the time and has no acne. WHy me!!" Well i beleive their is a missing link here. Only certain people have some sort of genetical DNA structure that makes insulin resistance trigger acne for them. This is why diabetic people do not neccesarily have acne.

Now Acne is supposed to pass during adulthood but a lot of people here on the board have acne and are passed their mid 25's. This is a serious health risk. It will probably lead to diabetes. Now, why???

Hypothesis: So i beleive that insulin resistance which is a normal part of puberty leads to increased androgens which leads to acne for those who have that genetic disposal. Which, if you are reading this, you have that genetic disposal.

Now, what backs this  hypothesis up? the best way is to look at some of successful acne treatments:

i will start with vitamin A

i found this: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10966898

"Statistically significant direct relations were observed between SSPG and mean arterial blood pressure (r = 0.44, P: = 0.008) and plasma lipid hydroperoxide concentrations (r = 0.42, P: = 0.01), whereas significant inverse correlations were found between SSPG and alpha-carotene (r = -0.58, P: = 0.0002), beta-carotene (r = -0.49, P: = 0.004), lutein (r = -0.35, P: = 0.04), alpha-tocopherol (r = -0. 36, P: = 0.04), and delta-tocopherol (r = -0.45, P: = 0.007).


Variations in insulin-mediated glucose disposal in healthy individuals are significantly related to plasma concentrations of lipid hydroperoxides and liposoluble antioxidant vitamins. These findings suggest that total plasma lipid peroxidation is increased in insulin-resistant individuals at an early, preclinical stage, ie, well before the development of glucose intolerance and type 2 diabetes."

sound familiar? vitamin A is lipid soluble and is beta carotene. now maybe we know why accutane works so well????

okay that's only one example. lets go for zinc:

"Regarding obesity and insulin resistance, alterations in zinc concentration and distribution in tissues, as well as improvement in sensitivity to insulin after supplementation with this element, have been detected. Thus, the metabolic role of zinc in the insulin resistance syndrome should be further investigated having in mind that this element may contribute to the control of the usual metabolic alterations present in obese patients."

The studies are there that zinc improves acne by 85%!  no one knows why. turns out it improves insulin sensitivity.

how about antibiotics?

here you go: http://www.trialregi...iew.asp?TC=2566

"Accumulating data from both patients and animal models indicates that imbalances in the composition of the gut microbiota are related to obesity and its associated diseases However, the exact role of the microbiota and the mechanism mediating its impact on metabolic functions are poorly understood.

Interestingly, antibiotics have been shown to produce drastic short- and long-term alterations of the human indwelling microbiota. After a 2 wk intervention with norfloxacin in combination with ampicillin the numbers of aerobic and anaerobic gut bacteria in ob/ob mice were maximally suppressed. The ob/ob mice showed a significant improvement in fasting glycemia and oral glucose tolerance by 30%. Concomitant reduction of liver triglycerides, reduction of lipopolysaccharides supported the antidiabetic effects of antibiotic treatment. This study showed that modulation of gut microbiota with antibiotics improved glucose tolerance in mice by altering the expression of hepatic and intestinal genes involved in inflammation and metabolism.

wow! so turns out antibiotics improve insulin resistance. who would have thought? the list goes on with popular suplements for acne such as vitamin c, chromium, magnesium.

how about omega 3's???
here you go: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18348080
"Aging diminishes hormone secretion and target cell responsiveness, possibly due to loss of cell membrane fluidity or alteration of membrane phospholipids affecting signal transduction. We investigated whether a high omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid diet would improve endocrine function in 6 men and 6 women aged over 60 years. Subjects first ate an isocaloric control diet for 6 weeks, followed by an 8-week experimental diet, which included 720 g of fatty fish weekly plus 15 ml of sardine oil daily. In the last week, we measured RBC membrane fatty acids on each diet, performed pituitary, adrenal, hepatic, and Leydig cell endocrine provocative testing, and assayed selected cytokines. We also assessed insulin sensitivity utilizing octreotide insulin suppression testing and assessed free fatty acid (FFA) responses to isoproteronol. Insulin sensitivity increased significantly after 8 weeks on the omega-3 diet and FFA responses trended lower. Serum C-reactive protein was significantly reduced and a trend towards lower IL-6 was noted. No differences were found in other metabolic parameters, adiponectin levels, or hormone responses. We conclude that, in older people, high omega-3 consumption increases insulin sensitivity, may reduce FFA mobilization by catecholamines, and reduces inflammatory markers, but did not alter endocrine responsiveness after 8 weeks

omega 3's are missing in the american diet according to many. acne is prevalent in america in many populations that it was not! coincidence? you tell me.

how about those omega 6's that are part of the SAD:
"Relationships between polyunsaturated FA type and IR vary according to the presence or absence of MS. N-3 FAs including EPA and DHA are associated with lower HOMA-IR, while the opposite is true for n-6 FAs. Prospective studies are required to address the potential effects of intermediate dose EPA and DHA on glucose handling in MS patients.

the opposite!!! so omega 6's fuel insulin resistance. btw, insulin is a hormone.

in science there are theories and there are hypothesis's. When you can back something you can challenge other previous wrong things.

The hypothesis: acne is caused by insulin resistance that is normal during puberty. The missing link is that genetic code that makes us all here predisposed to acne. This provides hope for the future as humankind can find that genetic peice and take it out. So for most teens they would normally grow out of their acne and you shouldn't be worried. You should be worried on the other hand, if you get poor exercise, are overweight, and you eat a simple sugar diet. sounds like most americans, doesn't it??? well acne is extremely prevalent in well developed societies. coincidence? you tell me.

so what does this all mean for me. it means i'm not sure i can ever forgive god for giving that genetic disposal to acne. It's unfair and it's not right. but boo hoo everyone knows, life is unfair. that's just the way it is.

so this now makes treating acne a lot easier for people who know about this info. turns out a lot of people on the board already do and doctors do as well. its an internal fight. its a fight against genetics. however, it may be a loosing battle for many of us with teenage acne. After all, insulin resistance is a normal part of puberty.

this is all a theory but it the most shocking, rare, and formidable back up that i have ever seen in a theory. It has the biology to back it up, the research, the chemistry, and the evidence of current treatment. This was all written by someone who went to bed at 3 in the morning last night so i do apologize for my typo's.


#3313776 Acne Prone Skin/sebum Deficient In Linoleic Acid, Possible Topical Solution

Posted by Acnegoaway54 on 27 December 2012 - 06:50 PM

i put evening primrose oil topically and it didn't really help my acne after 1 month but i know there are studies showing it to help such as the following one: http://www.ncbi.nlm..../pubmed/9692305

"A major pathogenic factor of acne is the disturbed keratinization of the follicular infundibulum. It has been hypothesized that a relative decrease in linoleic acid in the sebum could be responsible, in part, for this. The aim of the present study was objectively to evaluate the effects of topically applied linoleic acid on the size of microcomedones in patients with mild acne. The design was a double-blind placebo-controlled randomized cross-over study. Evaluations were performed by digital image analysis of cyanoacrylate follicular biopsies. There was a significant effect of topically applied linoleic acid on the size of follicular casts and microcomedones, an almost 25% reduction in their overall size being achieved over a 1-month treatment period. In contrast, no change was found at placebo-treated sites. It is concluded that topical linoleic acid might play a role as a comedolytic agent in acne-prone patients."
i would love to use linoleic acid in the future but evening primrose is so oily.

i have been taking vitamin d for 2 months and in the study were it cured acne for 50% of people and significantly helped it for 76% it took 3 months. I am unhappy to report that the only thing that seems to be working for me is drinking acv and applying zinc oxide topically but I for sure be applying some vitamin d to my skin in the future. heres my theory why people get acne in the winter. we are out in the sun during the summer and the vitamin d is directly manufactured on our skin! hence on our skin on our face!

i think that that taking it in pill form takes so long to work because it never is made in the skin!!! it takes month to make it to the skin layer! by getting that vitamin d directly on the face I beleive it will directly available to my skin cells and will simulate the idea of putting my face in the sun during the summer!.
now all that is left is for me to get some vitamin d and put it on topically i will do that right now.

btw i have noticed everyone at school who never has acne in the summer is getting some during the winter!! there has to... there has to be a connection!

wow! after reading that study you posted about the zuelo whatever it is called i looked at the wiki page for it! turns out it inhibits something that GLA inhibits as well! i will continue drinking the evening primrose oil! thanks!

#3311152 Masturbation / Acne Experiement 2010 // 2011 // 2012 !

Posted by Acnegoaway54 on 16 December 2012 - 10:25 AM

just take the @#$% zinc.

Whenever u get the urge try ice bathing ur junk. Athletic sports/exercises, yoga also helps. Masturbation weakens the penile nerves and can lead to PE, prostatitis, urinary incontinence etc. Give ur body a break and allow ur organs to develop. Google side effects of masturbation.



apparently we loose zinc when we masturbate so this could be why zinc methionine works for people who have acne that is exacerbated by masturbation.

#3310156 I Am Freaking Out!

Posted by Acnegoaway54 on 11 December 2012 - 09:04 PM

thanks guys for your replies. ill try Posted Image

i hope it works

#3309234 I Am Freaking Out!

Posted by Acnegoaway54 on 08 December 2012 - 12:54 PM

I am using zinc!  and it has cleared me

also linoleic acid decreases sebum after 1 month by 50% and decreases microcomedones by 25% (their size) after 1 month. it is in evening primrose oil

#3279742 Masturbation / Acne Experiement 2010 // 2011 // 2012 !

Posted by Acnegoaway54 on 24 August 2012 - 12:02 AM

i know that masturbation has caused my acne. i have done multiple experiments and everytime i abstain for 3 days or more my skin begins to clear. when i did only 2 masturbations per week my skin was perfect other than 1 or 2 whiteheads the day after i ejaculated. so basically this whole "theory" is true for some people like me. i dont know the exact reason. if it has to do with dht or what. anyway i was doing well had good skin and then the last 2 days i frickin jacked off 3 times and boom two huge white heads under my frickin mouth! im pissed with myself. but this whole not masturbating anymore has helped me quit porn. im two weeks free and quitting porn for eternity. so thats good. but still its hard to do the no masturbation part but what im going to do is only twice on weekends 1 a week.

and for everyone else wondering about the theory. if it applies to you you would probably tell within a week of not masturbating. you skin should start to clear. pimples will dry up and no new ones will form. thats basically what happened to me. its crazy because the day after i wacked my skin would feel oily, looked more inflamed, and some stupid white heads would pop up! (usually 3 or 4). anyway its weird too because i could see the pimples forming 2 hours within masturbating. for these reasons i beleive some of it might have to do with shame. i feel a little ounce of shame when i masturbate because i just had sex with my self and thats revolting even though everyone does it. usually when we are stressed or anxiety we sweat more and maybe release oil. anyway i am proof that the masturbation acne theory is true.

1st post

Ok, but I'd like a deeper explanation. I'm curious about this. It's effect would spread further than skin concerns, right. Is someone able to break down for me the process that takes place with this? As in, abstinence>>autoimmune response>>resultant skin changes. I want the links there explained. Cheers.

bro. just do the experiment for yourself. if it works it does and woo pee you cured ur acne. if it doesnt then boo hoo. i personally beleive that peoples acne are caused by many different things so urs may or may not apply to this theory(which is true for me). the only way to know is to try it. no offense.

Day 2. This might be a little harder than I thought...

One way to control the addiction is to drink lot of water like every hour. Decaf green tea, athletic exercise also helps.

green tea causes acne. it increases ur dht by 200% just thought you all should know in case u get pimples while abstaining. look it up "green tea raise dht 194%" i was drinking green tea during the abstain period for a while and had recurring pimples and oily skin. stopped the green tea and wala! no more acne while abstaining.

day 1,just started reading this blog and am really interested.ive had acne for over 5 years.really sick of it,started roaccutaine again about a month ago and my skins still jsut been going up and down.my skins affecting me that much now that im to scared to go and hang out with friends.i have pimples all over my face and under my chin.as well theres redness around all of them.going to try this out and see if it helps.as well i was wondering if laying of the dairy products would help me?

take apple cider vinegar and zinc pills. they have extremely helped me with my acne 90% clear and also dont masturbate if you do(try it). good luck and may god speed your recovery from acne.

ok ill join in

end of day 1: after 5 days of clear skin i have two white heads