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Best Type Of Zinc To Battle Acne?

20 October 2013 - 04:36 PM

Ok, so there is multiple variations of Zinc out there, and I don't know which one would be the best to choose from:


-Chelated Zinc

-Zinc Glucose

-Zinc Picolinate


Those are the three types of Zinc I've read about that best work for combating hormonal acne. Accutane, Doxycycline, BP, Retin-A, Tretinoin cream, and Tazorac have not worked for me, so don't suggest them please. I've read the symptoms for lack of Zinc and I match every single one of them. I'm definitely taking Zinc no matter what starting tomorrow, but I need people who know about it to help me choose the best one.


Also, what would be the best dosage? And how many times a day should I take it? I've read that anywhere from 25mg - 40mg is a great dosage, but I'm not sure.


Lastly, if you have taken Zinc for acne, how was it for you? Any results?


Thanks in advance :D

Does Climate Change Cause Acne?

19 October 2013 - 10:40 PM

Hey all,


Well I've noticed a pattern with my skin. During the summer and fall, my skin tends to breakout every year ever since I moved to Miami, FL (3 years ago). If you've never been in Miami, the climate here is hot as balls and extremely humid due to the oh so wonderful Everglades being our neighbor (The Everglades is a swamp, if you didn't know).


I, naturally, have oily skin and, to top it off, have sensitive skin as well. I've noticed that during the winter/early spring periods, I don't break out or get acne at all. The overall climate here drops during the winter due to the cold fronts, something I love. So from the usual 88-93 degrees Fahrenheit, it drops to 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.


Today, I went to volunteer for a local festival to get community service hours. I've been taking doxycycline for a month now to get this acne under control, and before I left, all the pimples I had were drying up, basically dieing out. After being there for 12 hours helping out (by helping out I mean moving heavy boxes, going outside where it's hot, entertaining the little kids with sports and selling products; in other words A LOT of sweat) I come home, only to see myself in the mirror EXTREMELY OILY and all the pimples I had that were dried out were whiteheads.


So my main question is, can this climate I live in (and climate/seasonal changes) be causing most of the acne I'm getting? It's been since the last 3 years ever since I moved over, and it hasn't stopped since until I reach winter/early spring.


Thank you all for your help and time! :D

How Long Do I Have To Be Off Doxycycline To Use Zinc?

18 October 2013 - 08:02 PM

Hey all,


I've been taking Doxycycline 200mg a day (two 100mg tablets; one every 12 hours) for the past month and a half, and honestly, I have seen almost no results with my acne. In fact, I believe it has gotten worse periodically. My acne is 100% hormonal and my skin is of oily nature, and I've taken doxycycline before but with huge results (left me clear 2 years ago for around 3 months).


My acne has been consistently on my jaw and chin and lower cheeks. I was reading online that breakouts only in this area is linked to your hormones, therefore it's hormonal acne. I took Accutane last year and ended my course December 2012, and it got rid of all pimples I had for like 6 months, but it gradually came back. Now I'm back to the cysts every here and there and whiteheads. I began the Doxycycline hoping that it would clear me up temporarily in the meantime, but it hasn't done jack. Cyst appears, stays for 2 weeks, and goes away; only for a new one to flourish 2-3 days later.


I've been reading about Zinc for acne online for a while, and it has incredible results for people with my condition. It also keeps oil production to a minimum, something I really need. I also live in a humid, hot environment, therefore my sensitive skin can't handle the excessive oil + sweat combination, causing acne. However, I'm not sure how soon I can begin to take the Zinc once I'm off Doxycycline.


So my question is, when can I begin to take Zinc once I'm off Doxycycline? I have 3 more days worth of Doxycycline tablets left, and I really want to get rid of this persistent acne.


Thank you all for your help and time to read my thread. I really appreciate it.

A Week And A Half On Doxycycline And Acne Is Worse (Pictures)

23 September 2013 - 01:44 PM

Hey all,


It's been a while since I fully return to acne.org. Reason for being so is because I've had too many things to do school related and my skin has been clear and maintainable during the summer.


Well it isn't all happy news for me anymore.


Around a week into school, my face was at its best. My red marks were hardly noticeable, no acne whatsoever, and the redness had gone down completely and my skin color was going back to normal. My confidence was really high and girls were starting to show more interest in me again.


Until motherf*cking hormones decided to kick in (excuse my French).


To put it in simple terms, it started with 2 pimples on the chin and a cyst on my lower jaw on one side of the cheeks. I thought it would go away so I just followed my usual routine: Wash my face at day and before bedtime and apply 100% Aloe Vera gel right after cleansing (the gel is straight from the plant). I thought it would go away. 2 or 3 more days later, the acne had started to spread slowly again, still on my jaw/chin. I cut all school food and decided to research about my acne, only to find out it was hormonal. I thought to myself "Yeah, I'm 17 and I ALWAYS breakout during the end of summer/beginning of fall. No biggie." A week later my acne got worse and I had a dermatologist check-up coming up, so I went there.


I got multiple cortisone shots for the cysts (which did settle them down). I told my derm about my recent breakout and that if I could get something to keep it under control until my hormones decide to settle (which is usually mid-October. I sound like a girl on her period lol, but w.e) and he wanted to put me on Accutane again. I said no since even though it did clear me up, I was left with red marks and the journey was extremely rough for me, both physically and psychologically. Then he told me "Take Morgidox (which is Doxycycline) 2 times a day, 100mg per capsule". I got the medication and I was happy to know I was going to be able to keep all of this under control.


It's been a week and a half and my acne seems to have gotten worse. Pimples (not going to lie) appear like nothing and just sit there. Most of them barely grow into a head and then just go away, but it just keeps on happening. I know it's early to be expecting results since the medication usually takes 1-2 months to see results, but when will this acne stop? It's annoying having to wake up each day with a new pimple(s) on my face. It's killing me psychologically.


NOTE: I was also put on Tazorac cream .01% with the Doxycyline, but Tazorac irritates my face too much to be used in my opinion, so I've decided not to use it. I'm having second thoughts now on using it but I'm not sure. I don't want to be the typical impatient guy that tries to accelerate a healing process only to make things worse at the end. My derm told me to use it, but I'm just not sure.


Here's pictures of my face at the moment:









Thank you all for your support and answers. Have a good one smile.png

Is It Possible For Men To Have Hormonal Acne?

17 September 2013 - 07:59 PM

I'm on Doxycycline now to reduce the current acne, but my breakout began on my chin, and moved around my jaw. My forehead and cheeks are pretty much intact.


I've been reading online that chin and jaw acne is hormonal, but I'm not sure if men can get hormonal acne. I'm 17 by the way.


So, can men get hormonal acne? How can you reduce it? Any natural alternatives? Thanks!