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#3404754 Silicone Microdroplet Fillers

Posted by acnescar123 on 31 December 2013 - 12:49 PM

Also, I wouldn't rush out and say Dr. Lam is the foremost expert either.  He definitely has the gift of gab and can sell ice to an eskimo, but the actual results are not that great.  Take a look at his pictures.  They are modest at best, and some are just crappy.  


Dr Lam is probably the biggest expert on silicone for acne scars. I agree though - the pictures on his site aren't that impressive, but IMO that's what the results are actually like vs the pics Dr Channing has on her site and why I said the OP should go look at them.

#3404451 Silicone Microdroplet Fillers

Posted by acnescar123 on 30 December 2013 - 02:07 PM

Dr Lam is the best "known" doctor in the US that performs silicone microdroplet injections. He has a bunch of actual pics on his site.

#3397143 Does Moisturization Helps Scars To Fade?

Posted by acnescar123 on 25 November 2013 - 11:25 PM

My scars look better after appling moisturizer as well - but next day they're back to normal. Think it just looks better while its applied.

#3366308 Had Fractional Co2 Done

Posted by acnescar123 on 14 July 2013 - 11:26 AM

Since this forum has turned more into putting urine and other crap onto your face rather than actual medical devices, thought I would detail my experience.


Some other good threads on lasers:









Had pretty bad acne in teens that left scarring as I didn't really do anything to treat the active acne. Mainly boxcar and icepick scarring. Scarring was localized on only the cheeks and that was a major factor in finding a doctor - one who would agree to only treat the cheeks. Also wanted a doctor that would go as aggressive as possible.


<space reserved for before pics>




Was given pain pills, valium type injection, valtrex and an anti biotic. Was also given a blood thinner as the plastic surgeon believes more blood = better results and it prevents blood clots. Was pretty loopy for the procedure.




Was given ~10 local injections on the cheeks. No numbing cream was used. He did light settings on the outside of the cheeks and a strong setting with multiple passes on the inside where the scarring was.


      Pain - 3/10

      Swelling - 9/10 (eyes were almost swollen closed). I assume this is mainly because of the injections rather than the laser. I was frozen up pretty good

       General Discomfort - 3/10


Immediately post procedure had a tiny bit of pain, intense swelling and cold compresses were applied. Was sent home around an hour later with some polysporin applied to the face.


Post procedure/day 1:





Have just been applying aquaphor. There is just some mild residual pain and bad swelling but otherwise nothing else to note.


Day 2:




#3361875 Truth Revealed On Laser For Acne Scars**must Read***

Posted by acnescar123 on 27 June 2013 - 01:12 AM

Most of us who've researched lasers have seen that post. Thing is - he doesn't suggest anything else.....so there isn't really any reasonable options other than lasers. I'd also be happy with 50% improvement from lasers. He also hasn't the fractional co2 lasers, everything he says is about the old school co2 lasers.


Lasers don't work for everyone - but you can either believe one doctor who most people don't seem to like (http://www.ratemds.c...r-OMAHA-NE.html) or other doctors & medical studies (http://www.acne.org/...-study-results/). Also technically speaking needling and lasers work on the same principle - except that laser adds heat. It kinda doesn't make sense to me when people say needling works and lasers dont (they both cause the same pinpoint damage to the skin and approx. the same depth).

#3359997 Oh, Wouldn't It Be Nice!

Posted by acnescar123 on 21 June 2013 - 10:33 AM

Austa just as an unrelated fyi - you should be able to do just the scarred skin with laser if you wanted too. Or at least just the cheeks.



#3358287 Subcision?

Posted by acnescar123 on 15 June 2013 - 06:24 PM

You don't have rolling scars. You have a mix of boxcar + ice pick scars. Subcision usually works well for real rolling scars - unfortunately it doesn't do much for pock marks.


These are more the types of scars subcision helps with:



or like these ones from Mr Matt:


#3356014 Microdermabrasion Does It Worth ?

Posted by acnescar123 on 07 June 2013 - 09:30 PM

Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion are two different things.


Microdermabrasion will do very little for scars. Actual Dermabrasion will do a lot, but it has risks.

#3355455 Fractora Rf Needling Device

Posted by acnescar123 on 06 June 2013 - 08:51 AM



#3354411 Mixto Sx Co2 Fractional Laser Surgery Diary: Asian With Ice Pick Acne Scars O...

Posted by acnescar123 on 02 June 2013 - 11:09 PM

Collegeboy - that's most likely because traditional co2 doesn't go deep at all




I think what most likely happens is that the top of the columns gets healed quickly (within the 1-2 weeks) and then the columns underneath the top layer take a few weeks to properly build up collagen and thus why you notice a plumping effect a few weeks later. I don't think they need to go deeper than the scar itself, but they need to go deep enough to hit the bottom of the scars. Technically speaking - I don't think blood matters a lot with lasers as in principle lasers are supposed to coagulate the blood vessels at the same time as they burn it off.


Also from what I understand, almost all fractional co2 lasers can reach similiar power settings - it's just based on the doctor to properly set them up (except the ultrapulse which can reach 100% ablation).


According to slee's post - his doctor used, "7/20/9 or 7/20/10" which is an index setting of 7, density of 20% and a power setting of 10 watts which on the mixto website are the base settings for acne scars:

"21. What is the best setting for acne scars?  Use the 300µm spot - start with a setting of 12 Watts and Index of 7 with a density of 20%. For sever acne scars a double pass or an increased density of 40% could be chosen if clinically indicated."


However, if the doctor wants -


"The MiXto does have the ability to go as deep as our competition when using the 180µm handpiece with the proper Wattage and Pulse Duration, however clinical evidence is showing that while using the 300µm handpiece, at 10-12 watts, 20- 40% density, and an index of 6-5 (3.5-4ms) in enough to produce significant skin tone, color, and skin tightening results while maintaining patient comfort and satisfying their expectations."


Now in terms of depth - the mixto can go up to 500 microns, whereas the deepfx can go up to 1600 microns BUT the epidermis of the skin is only 100 microns (1600 microns is something you use for scars on the back for example). Since he's using a power setting of 10 and the mixto can go up to 20 (for 500 microns) - he's probably at around 250 microns of depth.


Personally speaking with a lot of the stuff you read online about lasers, you have to take into account skin tone, treatment parameters, type of laser etc. I haven't read too many reviews of people who actually knew they were treated at the maximum settings with a fractional co2 laser and with 2-3 treatments (and there are a lot of people who can't use the maximum settings ie asians).


I think the key to treating acne scars with fractional co2 is power + depth. If you do too much power - you won't reach deep enough to treat the scars and if you do too much depth but not enough power - you get activefx/fraxel restore. Ideally you should be at 500+ microns with a 40%+ coverage


The energy setting doesn't matter too much as that is just the power it needs to reach a certain depth i.e.




Most doctors only go until they hit the reticular dermis - which is ~300-700 microns in depth (as there is no more tissue to ablate). The issue with icepicks though is that they're usually around 2000 microns in depth (boxcars are ~500) - this is why the top of the scar will improve and look softer, but the scar itself is too deep to actually improve. Dermabrasion is usually around 300 microns and Phenol peels are 500-1000 microns. The new scarfx is 4000 microns.


The reticular dermis beings around where the pink ends in the pictures:



#3333176 Fractional Co2 Laser Results

Posted by acnescar123 on 13 March 2013 - 06:01 PM

I think most of them do 2-3 treatments in a span of 2-3 months and then wait 3 months to see what happens. That seems to be the ideal thing to do - if you can combine it with subcisision, even better.


For ice picks I would look into tca cross first, laser after.

#3333113 Fractional Co2 Laser Results

Posted by acnescar123 on 13 March 2013 - 12:05 PM

Too see reasonable improvement - you would need at least 2-3 sessions over at least a 3 month period (ideally longer though) + a few more months to see the actual final results (3-6 months).



i havent had it done but might do it in the future. i saw a plastic surgeon who said i would need 5-6 treatments spaced one month apart. i think he mentioned something about how it takes months for collagen production and that i would start to see results after a few sessions so i am guessing at least 3-6 months or so. 


That sounds more like fraxel restore, not a co2 laser.

#3332521 Photos Of My Scars - What Would You Do To Fix These?

Posted by acnescar123 on 11 March 2013 - 09:01 AM

Just wanted to say that your scarring looks much better compared to the original photos (even with the redness).

#3332047 Silicone Microdroplets Doctor In Southeast

Posted by acnescar123 on 09 March 2013 - 12:52 PM

Maybe it might be worth contacting Dr Lam and asking if there's a doctor in your area he knows/recommends?


Here's some I found on google:


http://www.onlyfaces...ble-fillers.cfm (scroll down to the silicone part)

#3326349 Photos Of My Scars - What Would You Do To Fix These?

Posted by acnescar123 on 12 February 2013 - 03:31 PM



As you can see after 1 month 45% of people weren't happy with their treatment, but after 6 months it was only 15%.


I think you're talking about laser trackmarks? They kind of look like "pores" whereever the laser hit. That usually goes away after a few months. I would give it some time, hopefully it will go away - you should consult your doctor as well and see what they think.


"In the very rare instances that I have seen imprinting with Fraxel repair, it has always resolved with time. "