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Any Current Differin Users?

11 August 2015 - 06:24 AM

So I started differin literally 4 days ago, I have used it twice in this time. However is it possible to have a breakout straight away? My acne seems much worse today..it's like small bumps have turned into bigger red lumps.

It might just be a coincidence due to my period being due like in 2 days however.

Also does differ in do anything to already existing acne? Like is it at all anti-microbial?

Petrified To Start Differin

06 August 2015 - 10:19 AM

Hey there guys,

I've been a member here for a while. I took a short Hiatus I guess when my exams came around during my course at university. I've always been lurking on the forums though...that sounds creepy.

Anyway, around April time my skin was starting to get pretty bad especially round my periods. Every month it would get worse and I just don't leave the house anymore when it's bad. Sad I know.

I basically have very congested pores with ALOT OF whiteheads...especially on my forhead and cheeks. I get inflamed pimples sometimes roughly 3 or so at a given time once a month.

So I went to the doctors 3 weeks ago and got Lymecycline. Nothing has changed (yes I'm inpatient!) Went back today to discuss seeing an actual derm and considering Accutane A
since I know Accutane can help COMEDONAL acne too.

Instead she's told me to look into mindfulness exercises to help my stress...I'm always on edge :/ which I know does not help my skin. I have anxiety too. But I feel that's not helped with ny skin situation you know?

She prescribed me Differin 0.1% gel. I am shitting a brick right now. Like I'm so scared of an IB it's unreal, do you think being on antibiotics might calm it down a little?


11 September 2014 - 02:49 PM

Visited my skin specialist today. I visited her when my acne was worse and she recommended the regimen that got me clear orginally. This included 5% BP.

Over time skin has become used to this and loads of bumps have appeared and stuff..its really bad. I am so hating on it right now. Bumps everywhere.

Anyway, seeing her today about my situation she feels that this new regimen she's put me on will help this.

It is Dermaquest glyco creamy cleanser which is like 15% glycolic acid followed by the Dermaquest acne serum which contains salycilic.and azelaic acid...in the morning she recommends my Environ sebuwash which also contains salycilic acid followed by a vitamin C serum.

But she is insisting I don't moisturise. I really don't know about this.

I feel so lost and willing to try anything that I decides to try it out but am worried in case its overkill for my skin :/

5% Bp To 2.5%

11 September 2014 - 01:36 AM

Hey guys,

so I've been using 5% BP for alomost a year. It helped my skin tremendously when it was at its worst.
But more recently my skin has been extremely clogged. Like my pores are so bad. Whenever I apply the BP now my skin just seems irritated so I think the BP is actually contributing to the problem.

If I were to purchase a 2.5% BP do you think it may help lessen the irritation and help this congestion? I know retinoids could be the answer but I am so scared of the IB. I don't think mentally I can handle that right now.

I'm so unsure.

Clindamycin Solution.

29 August 2014 - 07:37 AM

Got prescribed Clindamycin solution - its literally like a dabber thing. I am extremely dubious about starting to use it because of the packaging. Was thinking of dabbing it onto a cotton wool or something. I may ask if I could try a gel instead.

Has anyone tried this?