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#3446808 Over-The-Counter To All-Natural To Confused

Posted by MissSac17 on 12 August 2014 - 01:54 AM

Hey there, first of all I do not think your acne is "severe" it's moderate and looks more hormonal. 


I used to believe acne could he healed from changing my diet and lifestyle but after about 8 months of going "all natural" I just ended up as bad. It never helped. I understand you'd like to help yourself and stuff but sometimes acne skin like ours needs help with chemical means as its stronger and does work...and not all harmful.


I've used BP for nearly a year now and recently it started "losing" is effect but I switched up my routine and it seems to be working again. Have you looked into BHA type cleansers? Also maybe Tea Tree oil? That's one natural oil that did help me specifically and so does on my more inflamed spots.

#3444612 Closed Comedones And Blackheads Accutane

Posted by MissSac17 on 31 July 2014 - 11:46 AM

I'd love an update as well because tbh I think I'm heading in that way.

#3444367 My Skin Is Causing Me A Lot Of Anxiety

Posted by MissSac17 on 30 July 2014 - 10:12 AM

Aw man, anxiety and stress and skin issues go hand in hand COMPELTELY.

I actually believe and KNOW that when I breakout, like now, I start to subconsciously obsess which starts my anxiety which then makes me stressed which then makes me unable to sleep because of my bloody pounding heart!

I think what kind of helps me is avoiding mirrors, since I have OCD I take my obsession even further and just stare at my skin constantly looking at older pictures and new ones, checking my face out in every single kind of lighting etc..its mad. But if I don't stop I create it.

I don't believe for one minute you are ugly. No-way. I haven't met one person on here who is..and anyway, what is ugly? Pagems I understand how you are feeling, and a lot of us on here can too, you gotta know that there is always a light and our skin and hormones are constantly fluctuating, we are going to breakout sometimes and I guess its normal..maybe we really are normal after all. I also can tell you that our skin is NEVER as bad as WE think, its like Acne dysmorphia or something.

All you can do is do everything you can, that's all and find encouragement from this site.

#3443935 If Acne Was Caused By Diet Why Would It Only Start At Puberty?

Posted by MissSac17 on 28 July 2014 - 06:28 AM

This could go on for years man.

I am enjoying reading everyone's input on the subject. In my opinion diet CAN affect acne simply because certain foods affect our hormones which MAY result in acne. I read a statement about how an increased level of insulin actually increases the amount of Androgens in our body (male hormones). Androgens in themselves can aggravate acne, specifically if someone if already sensitive to it.

Diet can affect acne. But if one gets acne as soon as they hit puperty (like Myself and many others) then perhaps acne for those individuals are predominantly caused by hormonal factors...I had a shit diet at that age but as SOON as I hit puberty ny acne arose. I also know that if I eat crap now..like a lot, I will  break out.

But I think some people can go mad with food elimination diets in the hope of finding the 'cure'. I agree that there are alot of random food 'cures' on this forum which some hopless people read and believe to find only that it DOES NOT work for them and they get stressed out and upset...stress itself is a known factor to contribute to acne.

Why can't we just agree to disagree and do what works for us believing that acne is highly individual - which it is. Like what has been said, MANY factors are associated with acne.

#3442562 Started Anti-Depressants - Again

Posted by MissSac17 on 21 July 2014 - 09:03 AM

Haha, sadly I do not think its as easy as that lol. But I, too, hope I manage to remain positive!

#3442410 Started Anti-Depressants - Again

Posted by MissSac17 on 20 July 2014 - 10:25 AM

I'm going to be honest.

I didn't take them. And I am not going to. I picked myself up and found a kind of new perspective on life..I am less focused on my skin right now also which is helping me sleep. I have slept every night this week!

#3441434 Every Single One Of You, Please Answer These Questions:

Posted by MissSac17 on 15 July 2014 - 05:13 AM

@jezzabella114 - Try and not, I know it is soo hard to not touch to just "see" how it feels, but it isn't going to help and if you keep touching and DO feel like there are more you are just gonna stress yourself out thinking about it constantly. Just busy your mind with something else.

I have been not stressing the past few days and I feel MENTALLY a lot better. I have been at the gym (which I have been avoiding) and nothing has changed at all, people are still my friend and still want to talk to me and ask what I have been upto...I had this SILLY fear that people would judge me negatively because I have a breakout you know? That they would not even look at me never mind talk to me!

But it was fine, it was all just fine. Life is good again..for now at least. I have also not been looking at myself in my mobile phone reflection, I used to do this ALL the time and in different lighting too and at different angles...but I have stopped and it feels good.

#3441124 Every Single One Of You, Please Answer These Questions:

Posted by MissSac17 on 13 July 2014 - 10:03 AM

Yeah, not looking in the mirror is kind of helping me too. Although I have been out in the sun lately (rare for Scotland!!) and I feel a bit mentally better for it you know?

Your response there Sam D really hit me hard, because I am certain A LOT of people feel exactly like what you say about how WE let our acne rule our lives. It truly does suck.


I hate the fact that the majority of my own acne is gone, the worst of it, and yet even though my skin is like 80% clear with some non-inflammatory clogged pores/blackheads and shit..I am still not as happy. I think I have to try an appreciate it for what it is now though, and maybe that will help. Learning gratitude.


#3354204 Rebel With A Cause

Posted by MissSac17 on 02 June 2013 - 08:21 AM

Day # 35 (week 5)


So i am the end of my 5th week on the regimen and my skin has taken 3 steps back.  I am flaking bad to the point that i have to moisturize several times a day and my skin is really tight.  I was thinking that maybe i should order AHA to help with this but i don't think i can deal with the additional breakouts at this point.


Acne is increasing and pimples i am getting are bigger than they were during most of my accutane course.  Most of this is happening on my chin/mouth are too which sucks.  Pimples are inflamed, red and don't usually have a whitehead.  I am also getting them in a cluster formation.  It started on the right side of my face and now that that has been clearing up, it is now starting up on the left side.  I now have around 4 active pimples on my left mouth area and quite a few under the skin pimples on the lower left side of my face.


I know it's only been 5 weeks but it's discouraging when many users report that 6 weeks is when they notice more consistent improvement.  I hate how i look and feel right now.  Hoping next week will be better.

Hey Sasch :) Im really sorry your dealing with the new breakouts and flakiness and stuff, it truly is a nightmare sometimes...well what we perceive as one! I remember when I used BP years ago from the doctor, I wasn't on a regime as such just used that at night after washing with an anti-bacterial fragrant free soap, and I do remember having alot of dryness, but after a while my skin basically just accomodated to it. I tell you that stuff did work like a charm when used properly and kept me clear for a while.

I personally don't think an AHA would be a good idea right now, since you are still breaking out from the regimen, perhaps after a couple more months maybe? Or when the breakouts are much less harsh? Im not that good wot well informed about that stuff though. Currently I am taking a BHA and I use it right now ever third evening before I put of my Azelaic Acid cream. I have read BHA'a are good for like congested and bumby skin and helps unclog INSIDE the actual pore and allows BETTER penetration of like acne treatments - so I would advise that first if you were thinking about the BHA/AHA routes, but maybe not right now.

Im so proud though that you are keeping your "eye on the prize" so to speak and being patient with it. I have that, patience...but it can quickly diminish like a bolt of lightening when I become discouraged. I think the trick is to not let breakouts be discouraging, but more an action that is necessary through the healing process of acne. I think our skin is genuienly meant to get a bit worse before it gets better. I know that saying "worse before it gets better" get so so sooo friggin' old everytime I hear it, but its partly true. Its like a sprain or deep bruise, it gets worse (sorer) before it heals and the itch like crazy when Ive had a sprain before its healed.

Your healing. And you will be healed. Its just going to take some time sweet cheeks :) but be brave and be bold and don't let it bring you down.

You know, I travelled all the way to Aberdeen yesterday for an interview thing, and right now my skin is bad. Really quite bad. But I just let those thoughts go and never looked in any mirrors apart from in the morning when washing my face. I laughed a hell of alot, talked to people (even asked random people for directions), and even flirted with a cute guy who reciprocated the flirting ;)  

Basically I appeared confident and it seems confidence is better than being worried about our skin all the time. Being comfortable with you and how you carry yourself is much much more corageous that feeling deflated and shy and "hiding" our appearance from the world.

(total went on a rant there) keep us posted with your progress Sasch, just give it time



#3340385 Stacey's Spiro Log.

Posted by MissSac17 on 13 April 2013 - 09:42 AM

Day 60 - week 8 - 50mg -- Holy Bajeesus

Brace yourselves...


my skin looks good today. I am overwhelmed about it, mostly underneath my eye area on both sides is CLEAR and my cheeks are looking good. Even though I can still feel bumps on my cheeks, like maybe 6/7 on the right and 12/13 on left it looooks good. I have a redness/rosy tinge actually, maybe Im flustered? Maybe its the fact I have my period? I don't know. All I know my skin doesn't look bad at all, I guess its a good day with it today, I mean its faaar from perfect but it doesn't look as inflamed or anything you know?

Although I do have a bit more SMALL underskin bumps around my jaw area than I normally do. I also have a cyst at the corner of my mouth which is taking agessss to heal.

Just a quick update there to say that really AND also let you know that my date last night went well. He was a nice guy, we chatted and got on really well, made each other laugh etc...but I can't see us being anything more than friends. So Im still on the hunt for a man, and one that would accept all my flaws, especially my skin :)

#3338031 Stacey's Spiro Log.

Posted by MissSac17 on 02 April 2013 - 10:36 AM

Day 49 (week7) - FIRST DAY on 50mg


Hello guys!

I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone for their kind words and support throughout this log, seriously, without this log I would be so lost and just...I don't even wanna think about it. I don't what it is about writing or typing even about your thoughts and feeling, it just feels like a release, like a PURGE.

Righty, I decided to up my dosage, so that is me now at 50mg. My doctor actually wanted me to wait until I got the results of my kidneys back but I just want to try it and see if 50mg might be the answer and work for me more. What dosages is everyone else on atm anyway again??

Side-effects I have noticed currently is literally just the less greasy/oily hair. This is very noticeable though. Also my hair is a bit thinner, BUT it is long, so if it was shorter it might be thicker, I don't know.

I also have noticed a bit of a more womanly shape to my body. I am generally bottom heavy (Booooty!) but I have broad shoulders - I kinda have the body of a gymnast, that figure aside from the lean-ness of them, at the moment. I am aiming to lose some weight, or inches and have been exercising a little more, Im probably between 117-120lbs at 5'1- however this easter I did eat alot of chocolate, OOPS. I have actually ate a bit of chocolate everyday for the past week tbh, so maybe this is why it seems more inflammed?? Yea proabably.


My skin state right now is hell. Seriously. My. Skin. Is. Shit. I have acne almost everywhere, with a rough texture to it. I had been using ABS (african black soap) once per day for a week and a half but took a break from it yesterday, it is very drying and I think it has made me purge like crazy.

Also I have been taking 1000mg of EPO (evening primrose oil) for 5 days, and I wonder if these have something to do with the inflammed spots? They actually have nuts as an allergy. Its probably the amount of sugar Ive consumed though, so lets just wait and see howI am in a week of healthier eating.


#3331584 Stacey's Spiro Log.

Posted by MissSac17 on 07 March 2013 - 05:58 AM

Day 23 (week 3) Spiro 25mg


Morning guys! How is everyone today then? The weather is absolutely rubbish over here today, I was going to go for a lovely jog but it has unfortunately been postponed.

So today I'm feeling not too bad but not too great either. I actually had a night out the other day to celebrate a friends 21st birthday, I drank a bit much more alcohol than planned (why do I always do that??) and was extremely hungover yesterday. I tend to make bad food choices when I feel like that (thankfully I only feel like that probably once or twice a month) but I ate bread man, BREAD. God.


So I am taking this as a new day and trying to forget about it, fair enough it happend, back to reality. The coming weekend I have made the conscious decision of re-newing my gym membership and starting that up again - I had to take time off with an injury I had suffered. Im excited about starting swimming again though, it has literally been months since I swam! I do work-out almost everyday, well Im active anyway. I try to walk almost everywhere, do work-out dvd's like yoga /pilates, this cardio thing called Turbo Jam - its actually American - which involves alot of kickboxing moves. I tend to make up my own type of workouts since I have equipment at home like my weights and things (I favour weights over everything since they are EXTREMELY beneficial to women). I try to do something everyday anyway.

I actually straightened my hair the other day and have noticed that my hair is fine, totally fine and have not noticed any less hair falling out like what I was at the beginning of taking Spiro. I must have just been paraniod. My thirst isn't even as bad and my urinating os not too drastic either - am I becoming like used to it or something? Is that even possible? Does your boddy accustom to it?

The large spots I had about a week ago are still there but not nearly as bad as when they had appeared, mostly just papule type marks, they are also alot smaller. My period still has NOT appeared it is now 5 days LATE. I hate it when it is late. They are so frigging irregular.

Another good thing I have noticed is I had aalot of small, folliculitis type spots on my back, mostly the upper back and on my chest however the ones on my back have SIGNIFICANTLY cleared, like they aint there at all...it is smooth skin now and I only have about 5-6 tiny tiny spots (skin-couloured). My chest has improved alot too.


#3329566 Stacey's Spiro Log.

Posted by MissSac17 on 26 February 2013 - 03:48 PM


I just wanted you guys to have a listen at how good this song is. I absolutely love this guy, and I only heard him yesterday for the first time!

#3327401 Stacey's Spiro Log.

Posted by MissSac17 on 17 February 2013 - 09:43 AM


Hi Stacey!


I'm happy to see someone else is just starting spironolactone.  I've been on it for five weeks now at 200 mg per day.  I'm finally starting to see a little bit of a shift in my skin, but it's slow, I mean REALLY slow going. 


The good news is I've been here before.  A few years ago I went on spiro and I remember it took 3-4 months to really work.  I know it can be much faster for some people, but for me it took some time and it got worse before it got better.  But I KNOW it works.  Patience is the toughest part, but I really encourage you to keep hanging out here on acne.org.  Support is crucial.


I am personally too embarassed to tell my friends.  Even my boyfriend hates me right now because he doesn't know why I'm avoiding him.  So it's nice to have people to talk to here.


Keep us updated with your progress.  Just a note.  I've heard about many ladies who started on low doses of Spiro and when it didn't work for them their doctors upped the dose and it made all the difference in their skin.  Starting small is always a great idea though.  Just know that you have that option.




Hey Sierra smile.png (what a beautiful name btw) thankyou for your encouragement. I was just wondering, why did you originally come off Spiro? And did you notice any side effects the first time around?

Patience is hard to come by, it certainly is a talent we must learn. I have been patient before befor and I'm certainly sure I can do it again, I have wanted to try Spiro for so long now and now that I have finally got it I am pretty chuffed.

Hey, don't feel like you need to avoid people, I think by doing things like that it just creates unwanted tension and negativity. I bet your friends AND your boyfriend would be happy if you opened up to them about it. As people we like to "know" things and learn things, not be left in the dark smile.png

Thanks for the compliment.  I know I should stop avoiding people.  I'm slowly but surely getting out more.  It's crazy how much acne takes over your life!  But, I know ultimately I should just open up to everyone.  The only people that know are my parents and they have been really supportive. 


Anyway, I originally stopped taking it just because I had been studying nutrition and holistic health.  I didn't know at the time that I had PCOS and thought that because I was taking such good care of my health as far as exercising, yoga, sleeping, meditiation, and diet, that my acne would not be a problem.  It took a few weeks before my skin became gradually worse and worse.  No matter what I did.  I changed my diet, tried eliminating all possible causes of the problem, but nothing worked.  After 7 months, when it was undeniable that my severe cystic acne was not getting better, I finally got the courage to be tested and got my PCOS diagnosis. 


Now I'm using both medication (spironolactone, birth control (Generess Fe), and topicals (HQRA and Acanya)) along with my holistic approach to resolve my skin. 


Probably more info than you wanted but like I said, I haven't been telling anyone about my acne so it's all sorta spilling out smile.png


As for the sleeping thing, I never noticed a problem but I generally take my second dose of spiro early (like 5:00pm-ish) and try to exercise every day so my body is tired. 


Look forward to your next update!




Honestly I can totally attest to the fact that it takes over your life Sierra, it does, it really does. And it's sad actually, I mean we are in our 20's and should be "having the times of our lives". I can't even count the number of oppertunities I've missed to go out with my friends because of my skin and to someone without this they must think "what??!" That's good your family is supportive, I actually have more friends that are supported as opposed to my mum to be honest - it seems since I "don't believe her" when she says my skin is fine, I need to get a grip. Yea.

I have read about alot of women having PCOS and Spiro being like a lifesaver basically. I got tested for it too, but my test were in the "normal" range however a year later my doctor actually told me that I have just slightly elevated androgens...why the fuck do they not tell you the figures??
I hope this works for, I actually have no doubts that it will :)

Before trying this I have spent ALOT of money on holistic remedies for my skin. I still eat pretty well though and exercise too and I'm hoping that this helps aswell. As for a face regime though, I only wash my face once a day at the moment with water and spot treat with tea tree oil, if I can that is...its hard because I have all these clogged pores and bumps everywhere but just a few larger cyst type papule things.

Don't worry about "spilling" stuff out because it seems this is a good community for that :)

#3327396 Having A Problem

Posted by MissSac17 on 17 February 2013 - 09:29 AM

Thankyou very much I had no idea that you had to wait around 15minutes, so thank's for that :)