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In Topic: Losing Hope.

13 August 2013 - 01:21 PM

I'm sorry you're going through this, it sucks big time. I'm in a similar situation about to start college (but for the first time). My acne was pretty severe in the beginning of the summer with lots of cysts and everything else in between. Right now I have 2 cysts (both healing nicely) and about 3 whiteheads. Needless to say I've improved. I suggest you stop damaging your skin with tea tree oil, if it's as sensitive as you say it is by it getting red with a face wash then tto will only burn it. Same with the bha and azelaic acid. You need to heal your skin with VERY gentle products not these harsh exfoliants. Trust me I tried them all to no avail and when I finally hydrated my skin it started to improve. For the past month I've been using Grape Seed Oil diligently day and night. Apart from that I have been using the Whole foods' version of Cetaphil every once in a while. That's it.


It doesn't break me out, my skin is not too oily and not dry at all. It's normally hydrated. My hyperpigmentation has improved my about 40% and I'd say 90% of my acne has gone away, and that's only in one month. I just buy the regular kind in the cooking section. It's been a life-saver. To tell you the truth, oils have never cleared my skin like this but they don't usually break me out, so you might want to start slow if you do. I remember seeing people talk about this oil a few years ago and never gave it a try, and do I regret it! Maybe this is your chance to try it and it will work! You have to be positive, that's where the healing begins smile.png Don't worry about meeting new people in college, as long as you find the confidence in yourself to ignore what's on your face there is nothing stopping you. EVERYONE suffers from a flaw they hate, some not as obvious but nonetheless there, and if you believe that people are genuinely nice and want to make friends you will stop worrying about yourself.


God bless you, wish you only the best. 


Hey I'm so glad your skin is doing well. That grapeseed oil sounds promising. I've tried jojoba, olive, coconut and argon oil but they made me congested like crazy and broke me out. Thankyou for your advice, you know I've heard of the skin becoming dried out with products..TTO is the only spot treatment that really works for me and I've not tried benzoyl peroxide as of yet though, not since I was a teen anyway. 


I've researched alot about comedonal acne and apparently salicylic acid is one of the best things for it to unclog your pores..I recently switched to the gel though so this could be causing problems...I just felt the lotion want really penetrating into my skin enough. I've actually decided to get an appointment with an aestheticion for next week to have a look and see if facials may help.


I hate feeling like this..it's shit. I'd even consider Accutane but fear it would make things worse. I shall try my best to let my awesome personality shine through my flaws :) I hope you do too! I love your name "Godlovesme", you know I actually have this daily mantra I say to myself everyday which is "Life loves Me". I have so much faith in life but I wish I had it in myself and could just KNOW that one day I'll be rid of these spots :( What are you studying at college? 

Sending you lots of hugs. You don't say whether you are seeing your doctor/dermatologist, if you are go back and explain how you are feeling. Best thing I did as a teen was get a part time job, I'm not gonna lie going out and interacting with the public was really hard as I thought everyone was staring at my skin. But eventually, it gave me the confidence not to think about my skin so much.

I'm sure your mom means well. Unless she had acne too, I guess she doesn't really know how to help. Hope you feel better soon x


Thanks starbright. I have never been to a Derm and have lost faith in doctor's..it seems they just want to give me anti-biotics all the time. I know what you mean about working with the public gives you a bit of confidence, I was the same when I used to do voluntary work.


I hope I feel better soon too :/ I just feel horrible and ugly when I look in the mirror..it's not nice. I feel it's "waste" sometimes of a body..I feel I could have the potential to be attractive and use good make-up but I have to many fears of clogging up my friggin' pores so I never wear any. I'm just low at the moment and all I want is to be blemish free and free of this awful bumpy skin.

In Topic: I Am Angry! What Causes Pimples On The Lip Line?

02 July 2013 - 04:26 AM

I honestly get these too and they are so god damn frustrating!


For me I think it could be a hormonal thing since  I get more around that time of the month but ALSO I suck my thumb (a habit which I have not been able to break!) and I think I actually drool when Im sleeping lol, so I always wonder if perhaps that is why I get them.

It could possibly be any creams/lip balms you put on your lips too. But I switched my toothpaste to a non-fluoride one and actually found that it made not a single difference to them. I apply tea tree oil neat onto that area, it can be unpleasant though if you end up tasting it! But it does work.


In Topic: Spiro Log

12 June 2013 - 10:14 AM

I think everyone is different to be honest. Personally Spiro really made me feel like s***. It broke me out horribly now looking back at everything. I never used to get such big papules before being on it, its like it altered my hormones in a way which my body did NOT like. I broke out continuosly from say week 3 until the end and had horrible side effects. I had to come off it eventually. I think that actually because I was within 'normal range' it raised my oestrogen levels too high and perhaps the testosterone in me actually was not an issue to begin with but perhaps having fewer amounts of Progesterone...Im still researching into it to be honest. But I do think my oestrogen levels had arisen a bit too high and possibly caused some oestrogen dominance (you should look into ED - estrogen dominance - btw, it is interesting)

I guess, like, every hormone drug or any kind of acne treatment will inevitably have good AND bad results. Many women (on here and other websites) report amazing results from Spiro, some even early on like 3-4 months, some later. Patience is hard to come by but it does go a long way. It can be extrememly dicouraging, for that I know, when you are breaking out on something with you so so so sooo want to work for you.

I say give it another month and see how you feel. Are you using any topicals or anything at the moment? They could maybe help whilst your body is settling into the Spiro :)

Oh and I was only on 50mg too!

In Topic: Acupuncture

12 June 2013 - 10:00 AM

This is funny because Ive been thinking about experimenting with acupuncture, if you try it let us know. I guess you could try searching aorund Google and see. Im sure I did read once though that acupuncture can be beneficial for it :) something to do with releasing stress maybe?

In Topic: Water Only Method

12 June 2013 - 09:58 AM

So last night I tried doing water only and obviously I'm not gonna see good results over night but I broke out with a few pimples. Is that a normal thing?

It could be, just keep your spirits high and trust that this may actually make a good difference to your skin. Honestly the only thing I wash with is water. I use my shower head and use warm-ish water at first for a good 30-50 seconds and then I switch to a more cooler temperature for about 10-20 seconds..and thats me. I also use Tee tree oil after about half an hour when my skin is dry.

I have heard alot of people breaking out a LITTLE with this method, if you are and its because of this, it could be that your skin is obviously not used to what your doing but it can and will adjust. Just give it time and don't get discouraged.