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In Topic: Uk/scotland Bcp's Which One?

Today, 12:38 PM

That's great they have it in the UK. I'm going to talk to my doc about it the next time I see her. The only thing is I haven't been on a BCP for 4 years :/ so I am also dubious still you know.

Have you been on any others before?

It sucks that you had to come off it but i presume your doctor wont be too happy trying other combined pills because of it. Are you just trying to control your skin through a skin regimen now?

In Topic: If Acne Was Caused By Diet Why Would It Only Start At Puberty?

Today, 06:28 AM

This could go on for years man.

I am enjoying reading everyone's input on the subject. In my opinion diet CAN affect acne simply because certain foods affect our hormones which MAY result in acne. I read a statement about how an increased level of insulin actually increases the amount of Androgens in our body (male hormones). Androgens in themselves can aggravate acne, specifically if someone if already sensitive to it.

Diet can affect acne. But if one gets acne as soon as they hit puperty (like Myself and many others) then perhaps acne for those individuals are predominantly caused by hormonal factors...I had a shit diet at that age but as SOON as I hit puberty ny acne arose. I also know that if I eat crap now..like a lot, I will break out.

But I think some people can go mad with food elimination diets in the hope of finding the 'cure'. I agree that there are alot of random food 'cures' on this forum which some hopless people read and believe to find only that it DOES NOT work for them and they get stressed out and upset...stress itself is a known factor to contribute to acne.

Why can't we just agree to disagree and do what works for us believing that acne is highly individual - which it is. Like what has been said, MANY factors are associated with acne.

In Topic: Uk/scotland Bcp's Which One?

26 July 2014 - 09:51 AM

Hey, thanks for the reply. I'm still weighing out options and stuff..really considering a retinoid but I do still think a BCP will help. Zoely sounds very promising, I looked it up too! Did you have any noticeable side effects? Also, how is your skin now?

should they have this in the UK?

In Topic: Bp Only At Night

22 July 2014 - 01:44 PM

Yes I had to total success with this by only cleansing and moisturizing in morning and using a 5%BP at night after my cleanser and before my moisturiser.

In Topic: Started Anti-Depressants - Again

21 July 2014 - 09:03 AM

Haha, sadly I do not think its as easy as that lol. But I, too, hope I manage to remain positive!