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misssac17's Blog > Week 4 Differin (2)

Posted 02 September 2015

I'm seriously not happy.

It's acrually me I'm so unhappy with. I seem to be in this constant cycle of look in a magnifying mirror and squeeze the HELL outta my pores until SOMETHING comes out. Then what this does is creates more anxiety and deep frustration and worst of all pink blotches all over my face AND raised bumps!!!

I never fucking learn.

So I...

misssac17's Blog > Week 4 Differin - Some Issues

Posted 28 August 2015

Hey guys,

I think I need some sort of advice on my skin.

I'm still using differin but I feel I'm making my skin worse. I'm a picker I really am, it seems I get some sort of sick satisfaction everything I squeeze at a clogged pore and get stuff out :/

However I've noticed that I'm doing this often and it leaves red marks - but I just can't stop. And obv...

misssac17's Blog > Week 2 Of Differin (2)

Posted 20 August 2015

So I just wanted to write here today.
My skin is very dry I must say especially after I wash it in the morning. Tomorrow will be start of week 3 with differin.

I really just wanted to post my **current** routine - I chop and change it sometimes eve dry month.

Morning: Cetaphil gentle cleanser
                  Eucerin 3in1 water

misssac17's Blog > Calm Before The Storm?

Posted 18 August 2015

Okay so I've been on Differin for 2 and a half weeks..only using it every second evening however.

But today I woke up and my skin looks..good. It looks much better than it has done the past month! I don't know if this is the calm before the storm so-to-speak. What do you think? Do you think I may have surpassed the IB of differin?

The reason I'm only u...

misssac17's Blog > Week 2 Of Differin (1)

Posted 15 August 2015


So yestetday was the start of my second week with differin. Baring in mind that I am using it only every second night.
My skin is so dry after I wash it in the morning..like really peeling. I guess that's normal.

My skin is also a bit itchy, I read that that's usually normal too. My skin is also worse I feel even though my mum thinks otherwise..