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misssac17's Blog > Pics Of What's Bothering Me.

Posted 10 July 2014

Its the bumpyness of my skin that gets me the most. I did not have all this shit a few months ago when my skin was clearer. I just don't know what I'm doing that's causing them also what to do to get rid of them.

misssac17's Blog > Struggling.

Posted 07 July 2014

Oh man, I hate life right now. Usually I always say a mantra to myself too, which is "Life loves Me". Which, I know, deep down Life does actually love me. So much. 
But right now I am not open to this love since my endless, restless mind only feels that this "love" is most favourable in a physical form - CLEAR skin. 
I am seriously...

misssac17's Blog > Square One?! Please No.

Posted 29 June 2014

Hey there so I want to talk to you about ny current shit situation.

So I was clear around Jan/Feb time. My routine was:

morning - Environ Sebuwash
                   Obagi theraputic moisturiser
                   Heliocare SPF 50

night -        Obagi 2% salicylic acid cleanser
                   Obagi 5% BP
                    Moisturiser again.


misssac17's Blog > Why The Hell Am I Sooo Blessed To Have Shit Skin?

Posted 25 December 2012

Just feeling like shit over my skin, it looks worse today...MUCH worse than last week or my previous pics. I have tiny spots all round my eye area and a few hard pustule/crusty type things on my chin with a myrad of tiny inflammed lumps around my chin too. The PIH on my foerhead also is much redder and around my cheeks for that matter.

I am on...

misssac17's Blog > Im Getting Annoyed.

Posted 13 December 2012

I need to express my feelings. I keep most of the shit inside so my only ways of expressing is by writing in my diary or typing.

I seem to be getting really annoyed. Recently, I have been researching like a mad woman, honestly. Ive been reaserching endlessley ENDLESSLEY about how the gut affects our digestive system and how THAT affects our skin and...