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In Topic: I Don't Want To Go Swimming

26 June 2013 - 10:00 AM

aww i know how you feel girl! i went on a college trip tour and i knew we were going to be in the pool i wasss sooooooo scared! It all turned out fine for me my friends (hotel buddies) saw me without makeup at night i was relieved not to be hiding this like "secret" but  STILL when it comes 2 everyone else like the guys and other friends oh noooo i was scared ! no i was not taking my foundation off! before i went to the trip i was like you doing all kinds of research and stuff i ended up buying eester launder since thats the one people online were taking the most about i really like it i don't use it anymore but it does hide the red marks and it stays on for hours. I wore it to the pool and it didnt come of and people didnt know i had foundation on & i felt comfy too. I also wore to parties and to go boogie boarding with my friends. BUT  the sucky part it cost 35 bucks & im not sure it non comedogenic however didnt break me out! its @ MACYs & 35$ which Sucks if you ask me i hate buying expensivenneessss but it also came with a makeup bag a small night cream and a mirror eyeshadow lip liner and lip gloss/lipstick so it was okay but still i hate wasting money. Oh also what you can do is request a sample from there booth go to macys and you can just ask if you can have a sample of the eester launder foundation that way you may not need to buy it. I dont use it anymore because im not as self conscious as before but i think i know how you feel


So you got two options:


1.  Challenge Yourself! Go out for once without it listen to everyone else's great advice on here ! Just one time i really like Anasia's advice.


2. Go with makeup i recommend either tinted moisturizer or almay all day foundation or eester luander or the neautrogena sunscreen

SUNSCREEN always sunscreen


I know this sounds cheesy and cliche but really do what makes you happy

thats the most important decision AND HAVE FUN !