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Considering Seeing The Derm Again

07 April 2013 - 09:57 PM

I need some advice from you guys in this holistic forum.  Possibly the last rational people i've seen in regards to discussing acne.

I spoke to a dermatologist a few months back (not in person) who told me that it may be a good idea to get a culture taken of my acne to rule out gram negative folliculitis and staph.  


I was also considering going to my derm to try and ask "Why am I getting cystic acne?  Why me?  What can I do about it without a prescription?".  I also think I should get my hormones checked and an allergy test.


I hate going to mainstream physicians but its all I can afford under my insurance.  I just dread getting into an argument with these people as I know they will push accutane on me and look at me weirdly when I bring up food allergies, hormone imbalances, and possibly other bacteria causing my acne.


But i've been dealing with this thing for 10 years and I had to get on antibiotic cream again which I need to get off of eventually, so I think having these tests done are a good idea.  What do you guys think?  And did you ever have hormone checks or cultures taken and how did it effect your treatment from then on?

What To Wash My Beard With?

06 April 2013 - 01:27 AM

I've grown a pretty thick beard as of late, and its done its job.  Much of my nodules and cysts are covered under a jungle of strawberry blonde face fuzz.


However because I decided to temporally go back on antibiotic cream/BP because of the pain I was experiencing with these lesions, my beard and skin are a flakey mess.  I need to use some type of anti-dandruff shampoo but I do not want to use anything harsh.


Any ideas?

Using Topical Antibiotics As Spot Treatment

28 March 2013 - 07:11 PM

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with using topical clindamycin, or any other topical antibiotic as a spot treatment only?


I have used this drug off and on for 10 years and each time I use it my face gets really red and irritated, and no matter how much I use the itchiness and irritation seldom go away completely.  I was wondering if it would be possible to use it only when I got a really bad flare up?


Any downsides to this?  Have you tried it?  Is it even possible that it would work?


Your thoughts please.

Wildman Beard Log: My Story And Solution

22 March 2013 - 06:36 PM

So i've been struggling with acne for 10 years.  I am a 25 year old man. Cysts,  chin acne, mouth acne, nose acne, you name it.  Terrible case.  It has died down somewhat in the last few years but I still get pimples around my lower mouth quite a bit which look horrible.


I noticed that when I grew a beard 2 years back, acne in the areas under the thickest amounts of hair decreased by 80-90%.  My upper lip which was extremely acne prone maybe gets a tiny pimple once every other month, and it's completely hidden from the public by my mustache.  My belief is that facial hair acts as a skin protectant and shields the skin from irritation, grease, and bacteria.  A dermatologist also told me once that men with acne should never shave, only trim.  Shaving irritates acne.  The only areas I seem to get bad acne now are the places on my face that do not have much hair (lower lip, upper cheeks).  So, my solution?  GROW A WILDMAN BEARD!  How did I come to this conclusion...let me explain.


So, I have been sporting a beard for a few years now but I have been trimming it frequently so it doesn't look too wild.  Today, after waking up with another ugly pimple near my mouth for what seems to be the thousandth time in the last year I turned on TV and what do you know, Duck Dynasty was on.  I noticed these guys had beards so thick it covered their lip line, necks, cheeks, etc.   They could be ridden with acne scars and no one would know.


I already gave up medications for acne.  10 years of that stuff didn't help. I have tried almost everything both prescription and store-bought (BP,SA, antibiotics, sulfur, etc).  They all made my acne worse, or helped minimally and only for a short time. I now just use Cerave cleanser 2x a day and that's what i'm sticking with, it has improved my acne as it is non irritating and soothing.  Everything else inflames my acne.


So this will be my thread about my beard growth. I'm just going to let it go pretty crazy.  Before, I was trimming very close.  Now I will trim a tiny bit like a quarter inch or so off my face. so it doesn't start growing down to my chest or look like an afro coming off my cheeks.  Yet it will be thick as hell.  Thicker than I ever grew it out.


I really want to fill in my lower lip area which could take a while, probably the better part of a decade.  I would like some other guys to join in or talk about their stories about beards and acne.  


DISCLAIMER: This is not a cure for acne.  Some people may have a regimen and find it too difficult to apply, some people may find it itchy, some may think it's a bad idea..  To those who are willing, I welcome you to join.  In the last two years since i've grown a beard I have seen much improvements in the areas with facial hair.  


Rules:  Grow your beard out for at least one year, trimming minimally or none at all.  Just let the hair fill in as much as possible.  Post about your experiences frequently.  Is your acne improving, getting worse?  We also can discuss how to maintain a beard with products that are noncomedogenic, etc.  And, if you just want to talk about beard shapes, styles, growth, mustaches, whatever.   Post here!