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Yesterday, 07:10 PM

even aborted babies (research Pepsi flavoring)


That freaked me out, even though I don't drink pop. Luckily it's not true.


"To be clear, the aborted fetal tissue used to make Pepsi's flavor chemicals does not end up in the final product sold to customers, according to reports -- it is used, instead, to evaluate how actual human taste receptors respond to these chemical flavorings.

In Topic: What Worked For Me: Colloidal Silver, Oil Of Wild Oregano, Olive Leaf Extract...

Yesterday, 06:14 PM

I honestly think you could cut your lifestyle down to this:


I totally avoid: processed fizzy drinks, alcohol, dairy, fastfood, junk food, processed fake foods/ sauces/ drinks...

I aim to get plenty of sunshine directly on my skin without burning (for vitamin D).

Wash skin rarely & use [NO] cleanser.

Exercise 10-30 minutes per day.

Use a sauna once a month or every two months. Sweating releaeses toxins.

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13 April 2014 - 09:31 PM

Stop washing with anything but water (and even go easy with that) for 2 weeks. I promise you will see significant improvement. What do you have to lose?

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07 April 2014 - 03:26 PM

Everyone please read this:

My face gets very dirty from dust and debris at my job, and I've been relaxed with my diet, but my skin is clearer than ever. Why? Because I don't wash it with any cleanser or moisturize at all. I am now convinced that dirt, oil and diet do not cause acne, over-washing does.

Now I've known this to some degree for a long time - my face is always clearest when I stop washing it with cleanser. But I've still had trouble with rough, red, bumpy-looking skin that would SOMETIMES erupt in a whitehead or two due to being overly dry. When that happened I would question the no-cleanser method and break down and use some, which would just make matters worse and leave me confused. I've now gotten to the bottom of this as well...

First of all, I believe it's important to rinse with water once a day in the shower, and gently rub the oil/dirt off with your fingers. I've always done that. But it turns out I was even going overboard with that, which is what prevented me from having perfect skin. The trick is this: no hot water, don't over-rub, don't over-rinse. Keep it brief and gentle. Also, once a week if possible, skip showering/face-splashing entirely. So go 48 hours without getting your face wet. I do this on weekends, when I'm not working. It allows my skin to heal and it always looks its best during this period.


I only feel the need to rinse off the grease and dirt for my own peace of mind. And because if it collected to the point that visible dirt was on my skin, that wouldn't be good, whether it caused acne or not.

In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

03 April 2014 - 09:07 PM

I am convinced that dirt and oil cannot cause acne. And that washing with cleanser causes acne. The only thing I have to do now is stop rubbing my face so much with water in the shower, because while I'm not breaking out anymore, I am pretty sure doing that negatively affects the tone and texture of my skin, and prevents marks from healing. I think simply letting lukewarm water run on my face for 10 seconds will solve all my problems. I just have to get over the need to rub the "dirt" off.