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Symprove Probiotic

13 July 2013 - 01:20 AM

As a disclaimer I just want to make the point that I am not advertising this product and I have never used it nor am I associated with it.


This product is apparently a multi-strain bacteria (4 good bacteria's) that apparently avoids the gastric acid that causes many probiotics to be ineffective. It's a drink which you take 60ml of each morning and one bottle lasts a month. It has fantastic reviews and apparently alleviates all symptoms in IBS sufferers and those with other conditions related to digestion. It is quoted to 'restart the digestive system'.


Has anybody else tried this? I found a lot of news articles after a quick Google search and tons of videos. I really want to give this a try at some point. 

Regimen Kit Plus Uk

09 July 2013 - 09:55 AM

Just wondering if anyone from the UK has purchased the regimen kit plus (inc. AHA and jojoba oil) and if so, how much did it cost overall?


I'm also curious as to what the discounted price will be before I decided whether to buy it. Has that been confirmed yet or is it still in the process of being applied?


I would preferably like to use all of the acne.org products if I were to give it another shot and I'd also like to start during the summer. Winter is just flake city for me.