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In Topic: Acne.org Gave Me Eczema, Did The Formula Change?

16 April 2014 - 04:17 PM

Gave me it too. Well, definitely some form of dermatitis/eczema.  I may have had more severe acne pre-regimen, but 2 years later I'm still left with dry itchy skin around my eyes and nose that I never had before. It works for many, but I think there should be a disclaimer out there for those with sensitive skin types. I mean, there's people on this forum that can put BP on with a trowel, but me, even a little made my skin hang off like I'd just poured sulfuric acid over my head.


The Regimen is a great method for those that respond well to it, but you need to take regard the integrity of your skin post regimen and if you are to continue using it long-term. I worry for those that I see using the regimen that have really shiny (albeit acne-free) faces that almost look puppet-like - ain't a good look. 

In Topic: Candida Begone!

15 March 2014 - 02:30 AM

Hey Dolan. 


I hope this works out for you because I too think I have a candida problem which is causing my IBS, skin problems (itchy, flaky skin and acne) and tonsil stones. Make sure to keep us updated! 

In Topic: Can I Scrub In The 2Nd Week Of The Regimen?

04 March 2014 - 09:21 AM

No scrubbing. Use a chemical exfoliant such as glycolic acid. Dan has his own AHA which is 10% or you can buy Alpha Hydrox which I was recently recommended. Started using it today! :D

In Topic: Moisturizer Is Hard To Spread

04 March 2014 - 08:31 AM

How are you applying it? If you apply a large amount to a single area and then try to spread it all over, a lot is going to absorb before you get to further away areas. What I do with any moisturiser I use is put a blob on my fingertips, dab my fingertips together and then just dot it around my entire face and then smooth it into the skin. 


Basically how Dan explains here: 

In Topic: How I Got Rid Of My Blackheads

03 March 2014 - 03:12 AM

All sorted to purchase tomorrow! I can use my boots points for the glycerin too - I have so many. Would you recommend any moisturiser I could get from Boots too? I'm in need of a new one and I may as well use the full 1300 points I have, if I'm paying delivery for something so cheap. 


Using an AWFUL Simple moisturiser at the moment and my dry areas are flaky as hell. The one in my signature worked fantastically, but it's slightly heavy. 


Thanks again.


Awesome :)


Well the best moisturisers I've ever got from boots are L'oreal Triple Active Day (dry/sensitive skin) and Vichy Aqualia (dry skin).

The vichy one is very heavy but feels matte. The l'oreal one is not heavy at all.

I generally stick to moisturisers aimed at dry skin even though i'm combo because nearly all oily/combination moisturisers are comedogenic and actually ones aimed at dry skins are usually non comedogenic! It's so dumb....


I personally loved the l'oreal one and the ingredients were good and worked really well but I stopped using L'oreal as I'm trying to be better with animal testing and stuff :(


If you were to buy it though don't be tempted to go for the normal/combination skin one or you will be in for a distaster! 

The dry skin one is amazing with great ingredients but everything else they make is rubbish.


I have scoured the ingredients of pretty much every moisturiser in boots and those are the two that I love based on effectiveness and ingredients.

The boots botanics mattifying day cream has good ingredients but has a lot of natural extracts which can irritate sensitive skin (not to confuse it with the gel cream, that one is hideous)...


I'm sorry I don't have more suggestions but when it comes to moisturisers I can shoot most of them down in about 3 seconds but its rare that i find one with good ingredients and good results (except high-end but i don't have the money for that). Most high end moisturisers are much better.

Thank you!! :)


I'll stop asking questions now!  Really looking forward to trying the serum - more so than the alpha hydrox. Hopefully they won't take long because my skin needs the help right now.


Edit: Actually, I'm lying, I am going to ask another question. Sorry! Where can I purchase distilled water? A lot of sites say from garages or isles in supermarkets that sell car accessories. wacko.png