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Thereisalwayshope Accutane Log

10 September 2014 - 10:31 AM

Hello all. The name is thereisalwayshope. That is not my real name of course, but it is the name I try and live by. 


My story: I started getting acne roughly 4 years ago and it has been a never ending roller-coaster. Here are just some of the things I have tried to get some control of my acne. 



- Turmeric mask = did not help

- Aspirin mask = helped very minimally

- Tea Tree oil = did not help

- Sulfer treatments = minimal 

- Benzoyl Peroxide, 2% 5% 10% = keeps me 85% clear

- Vitamins = moderately helps

- Dairy free = did not help

- Gluten free = did not help

- Birth control = unknown



Those are just off the top of my head. So after many trips to the Dermatologist and normal blood work I decided to go on Accutane. I am however, under doctor advice still using BP for my skin because it is helping keep additional scars and acne at bay. I will stop BP altogether at about month 3.5 or so. I will play it by ear!


My dose is 30mg twice a day. My first dose was yesterday evening. I hope to keep this log updated with my progress. 


Supplement Regimen

22 January 2014 - 04:27 PM

Hello, I started supplementing B5 and L- Carnitine along with other supplements for my acne. I am seeing some good results in the 17 days I have been taking them. But I am wondering if anyone on acne.org has had success with this combination? If so how much do you take and how long till breakouts slowed and you saw good results? I am planning on staying on these supplements for three months until deciding whether or not the results are good or not.




I am taking:


Morning - 1500mg B5 + 500mg L carnitine

Evening - 1500mg B5 



I thank you for any advise you have for me in advance. 

Bp Out…Thyme In. New Regimen Log!

09 September 2013 - 06:04 PM

Hello everyone on acne.org! Oh how I love this site and the kind hearted people who make this place feel like home.



So if you have ever read my previous log know that I have been using BP for the past year with pretty good success. Here is a very short summary of my skin, and DKR regimen.


I began The Regimen July 14, 2012. I had 60+ bloods pimples, cysts, and everything you could think of (if you do not believe me check out my gallery). I saw no results with BP until about 2 months in. After three months I was 100% clear. After about a year on the regimen I stayed 95% clear, however as time went on I began experiencing more irritation and uncomfortable symptoms from the treatment. I began (again) to search for something natural.


I found thyme tincture. It was shown more effective at destroying P. acnes (the bacteria associated with pimple formation) than Benzoyl Peroxide itself! This was pretty astonishing news. I do have to point out that they tested this in petree dishes and not human skin, but it is still very intriguing, at least to me, that a natural herb could be more effective than the most effective over the counter acne treatment without all the horrible side affects most people will get. Here is the link to the study so you can see for yourself:http://www.scienceda...20327215951.htm ( I will find a better link soon)


So since yesterday I began my new regimen with thyme tincture. I use the thyme as a toner, and this is the recipe I follow:


1/4c Thyme (purchase at the spice aisle, or health food store in bulk, which is much CHEAPER)

3/4c Witch Hazel (I use the brand Humphrey's, but any 86% witch hazel and 14% alcohol should work, so no need for name brand. Only make sure there isn't ANY other ingredients in it other than the above two)


(Keep in mind that before thyme I was using three pumps of BP to stay clear, if I used any less I would literally breakout in 12 hours or less)



I mix these two ingredients together into a clean, dry jar and shut tight and let it sit for as long as you can. I mean for a few weeks. I started using mine after 20 minutes of making it, but just realize that it is more effective the longer it is left in the jar. I made two jars just so that I always have another very potent batch ready for when I need it. The 14% alcohol in the witch hazel it what brings out the active ingredient in the thyme that fights and kills the bacteria on the skin. Also the amount of alcohol in the witch hazel isn't much, and will not make you feel nearly as dry as BP. ***Remember to close the jar tight! It will evaporate if left slightly open. This happened to me :/ so just a warning!


I put 3-6 layers back to back of this toner on my face twice daily after cleansing, waiting each layer to dry (which does not take long). This is just to make sure I have enough to effectively kill that bacteria. I usually err on 4-5 layers just to be safe so thyme can penetrate my pores effectively. Best to use a cotton swab. I also put some in a spray bottle and spray during the day, this is just an option though. 



I will continue to update my process with this new regimen! Stay tuned everyone!

The Regimen Picture Progress

31 August 2012 - 08:42 AM

Hello everyone! I have started the regimen on July 14, 2012 and I want to put a post of pictures so that you can see the progress week by week and judge whether or not you want to try it!!!!! I do have a topic I have started where I write about my progress so follow one or the other! Or both!