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#3265237 Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!

Posted by Catlover2012 on 12 July 2012 - 02:19 PM

Hey Gina, thanks for your quick reply!

I was lucky the tumour went away with medication, and it was benign, but doctors had told me if it didnt go away they would have to operate it, or I could end up blind,......and who knows what else. I was very furtunate, which is why I was scared to go on the pill again. So far, I have asked different doctors if it was because of the pill but nobody has been able to tell me for sure. I mean so many women take the pill everyday without getting tumours, so that's why I am consedering taking the pill again because I do breakout more when I have my period, but My skin is oily on the T-zone where I get most of the cysts, right now I have 2 huge on the forehead, one next to my nose and 2 big ones on my chin.

I am on a low dosage on tetracycline (250 mg), I have been taking it for 3 weeks and has made no difference on my skin.

Gina, did you try Retin A before? I know you mentioned differin which is different. I tried Retin-A 2 months ago, but my skin went craaaazy, I got sooooo many pimples, my whole forehead, sides of my nose, and chin were completely covered with pimples, it was horrible. I know it's supposed to purge your skin but I just coudn't take it anymore.

My acne doesn't leave many scars, mostly spots which go away in a month or so, but it is the kind of cysts that never pop, they can last weeks or months sometimes, so I pick them with a needle to drain them. I know it sounds gross, but when I had left them to heal on their own they turned purple and then ended up leaving a hole.

Which is another reason why I need to get rid of this acne, for health and hygene reasons.

Right now I am using benzoil peroxide 5 %  to control a bit the blackheads, it doesn't help with the cysts:-( , I am also taking Fish oil, Calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin b complex and I have been drinking Kefir everyday for the past 5 weeks, which has made no difference in my skin. I am  heathy eater, since I am a vegeterian, I do eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits. I have been eating salmon 1-2 week for the past month, again no difference.

Gina, I totally understand why you went on Accutane. I, like you, have tried pretty much everything to overcome this disease.

I seriously pray for everyone to heal and get better, acne is indeed the devil!

I plan to get a blood test next week  to check on my iron and zinc (which have been low for some time) so I can take to my naturopath. At the moment I have no health coverage, I am assuming Accutane is pretty expensive??????.... so I hope to get some results with the naturopath.

I will keep you posted!

And thanks everyone else for posting here:-)

#3265207 Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!

Posted by Catlover2012 on 12 July 2012 - 01:17 PM

Hi Gina,

Thank you so much for your posts here. They give me hope! I have been suffering from cystic acne since my early 20's , now I am 38 years old and I am sick of it. I've had enough and my biggest fear is reaching 40 and still have to deal with this stuff. It just takes away so much energy, I feel that acne has held me back from reaching my goals in life and I am ready to do something about it.

I have been considering Accutane but I am afraid of the side effects. The only thing I have yet to try is to go on the pill or Spironolactone. I took Diane 35  10 years ago for acne but 3 months later I developed a tumour in the pituitary gland (in the brain),...to this day I am not sure If it was related to the hormones or not, but I got scared and I haven't taken contraceptives ever since. But before taking Accutane, if I end up doing so, I may try taking contraceptives again or go to a Naturopath.

it's so great to have this forum to share tips and experiences. I have been feeling quite depressed lately because of the stupid acne. Wish me luck, if none of these things work for sure I will try Accutane, my goal is to be 100% acne free by the time I reach 40!