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Differin For Pustules Anyone?

12 May 2014 - 03:02 AM

Hey guys, I wonder if any of you had success with differin .3 for mainly pustules?  I used to be on duac gel but since I have rosacean prone skin it just made my face redder where I used it.  I can handle the differin pretty well but it seems like differin is more effective on closed comedones.


I just finished a low dose accutane course (10mg/week, and 10mg every 2 days for the last 3 months) which cleared me completely.  I did accutane since I was tired of my skin being addicted to the DUAC gel (BP), I was 100% clear but couldn't drop the cream or switch to another one and it was slowly making my rosacea worse.  Now that I'm off tane it's slowly coming back, not as bad but still I rather prevent.


So I got differin prescribed and I might add BHA at morning, only thing is I'm concern that both of these medication aren't made for my type of acne (mainly pustules)





Is My Skin ''ok'' To Start Regimen? (Pic)

03 March 2013 - 04:09 PM

I have been using SA cleanser/Duac/Differin for while now with good results (less acne) but now i'm left with red and irritated skin especially around chin/nose (where I used to have acne).




I had better results using Acnefree (2.5%) but I still had irritation due to BP facewash and toner.



Do you think my redness would fade if I would switch to dan's regimen?  I'm kinda used to BP but still my redness won't fade, maybe by using dan's gentle cleanser and lowering bp concentration it would fade.


also, is jojoba oil really worth a try?


thank you!