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Time To Heal Skin? (Pic)

30 July 2013 - 06:42 PM

Hi there, I had overused of benzoyl peroxide/differin in the past and I damaged my skin.  I'm now on accutane (medium dosage, started at 20mg and will go to 40mg as a 180lbs male) so I don't irritate my skin with topical anymore.


here's a shot






Anyone know how long it will take to heal and what I can do to accelerate the process?  Right now I'm simply washing with ceraVe and use Avene Cicalfate before going to sleep.



1St Time Accutane, Mild Acne

05 July 2013 - 12:41 PM

Hi, i'm starting Accutane monday and I am very exciting about it.  I had very mild but persistant acne in the past, basically very little pustules around mouth only which is very frustrating.  The only thing that had worked is Benzoyl Peroxide but left me with permanent red dehydrated awful skin, I would say a pretty bad trade.


Briefly, my skin can't heal due to massive topical that I have to use to keep my acne away and if I try to stop a bit it came back very quickly.


I have read a lot of threads about people with huge side effects which scared me a little.

I'm going for 20mg/day and I'll build to 40mg for a 6 months course, but is it enough to avoid acne coming back after considering the fact that my acne is mild?  I'm very confident that Accutane will work but I'm scare of what will happen next.  Also, as my skin has been damaged by benzoyl peroxide, will it be able to heal while I'll be on Accutane?  I guess it can't be worse.



Fade Blood Vessels?

24 June 2013 - 01:08 PM

Hi, I had acne for years which is now undercontrol thanks to duac/differin.  When I had acne, I had the bad habits to pop them which lead me to get broken blood vessels/capillaries.  I know I can get them laser but since it's summer and I want to wait til fall.


Is there anything I could do between to at least reduce the red color?  I have very pale skin so it's very visibile.  They are at both side of my nose/mustache.  


Anyone has already deal with that?



Is My Skin ''ok'' To Start Regimen? (Pic)

03 March 2013 - 04:09 PM

I have been using SA cleanser/Duac/Differin for while now with good results (less acne) but now i'm left with red and irritated skin especially around chin/nose (where I used to have acne).




I had better results using Acnefree (2.5%) but I still had irritation due to BP facewash and toner.



Do you think my redness would fade if I would switch to dan's regimen?  I'm kinda used to BP but still my redness won't fade, maybe by using dan's gentle cleanser and lowering bp concentration it would fade.


also, is jojoba oil really worth a try?


thank you!

Nothing To Fade This Really? (Pic)

03 March 2013 - 01:17 PM

Hi guys, I have been to my derm last friday due to redness.  I have been on Duac for a couple of months which cleared acne pretty quickly but did nothing or even might had cause redness.




She said that she couldn't do anything for it and I was kinda disappointed.  She said it's simply redness and not another condition. 


To my surprise, I had better results using Acnefree (still redness) than Duac, and wonder if I should go back on it or either try Proactive/Neutrogena.


I really wonder why I have those redness, especially around my nose/mustache and what to get rid of them.


thank you.