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sonrisafingida's Blog > 1 Year And 4 Months Post Accutane

Posted 04 December 2014

Hello! It's been awhile since i was here ... 
What can i say? My skin is not perfect yet,, far from being perfect actually http:////dn4iqhjvtt3.../smile.png  but i started to accept my face hahaha i have periods when i feel so uncomfortable, especially when i meet someone for the first t...

sonrisafingida's Blog > Day 81 After Last Pill

Posted 20 October 2013

hey! How are you? http://www.acne.org/...fault/smile.png
It's the 81th day without accutane and i don't have clear face yet:(
i went to see another dermatologist and i said to her that i was on accutane and i asked her what i'm supposed to do now hahaha. She gave me a topical cream, "Cicalfate Restorative Skin C...

sonrisafingida's Blog > Day 410 ( Day 46 After Last Pill)

Posted 15 September 2013

Hello guys! http://www.acne.org/...fault/smile.png
so i finished the journey 1 month and 15 days ago, i was 1 year without a day  on accutane (something happened to one pill and the other one i gave to my cousin), 20mg/day everyday  so i took 7280 mg.
my min dos...

sonrisafingida's Blog > Day 337 ( Day 7 Month 12)

Posted 04 July 2013

Day 337 ( Day 7 Month 12)    Helloo! How are you? It's almost 1 year since i've started this journey and i don't know how i feel. I am not clear yet, but i'm thinking about giving up. I mean i have 44-45 kg and i reached my max. dose ( min is 120mg/kg and max 150/kg, isn't it?). I'm pretty sure that it's not ok to take more than my organism can...

sonrisafingida's Blog > Day 291 ( Day 21 Month 10)

Posted 19 May 2013

Hello! How are you?http://www.acne.org/messageboard//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png Finnaly i had time to take some photos of my skin and to upload them here. To anyone who is starting the accutane journey now, take photos of your face/body at least one time/week. you will be amazed by the changes of your skin. you see your face everyd...