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If I Can Just Get Rid Of This One Spot

09 February 2013 - 03:15 PM

I'll be so much happier. My skin has improved SO much the past couple of months. This is a relatively new spot (about a month old), and I really want to get rid of it quickly, as I have spring break soon.




it's in the middle of my forehead. it doesn't look too bad in this picture (also, I know my hair is messed up), but in real life, depending on the lighting, it can look pretty terrible. I've been using 4% hydroquinone on it for a few weeks now. I used 40% lactic acid peel on it a few times as well. I recently started using Turmeric mixed with chickpea flower, along with a turmeric cream (called Vicco) about a week ago. not every single day, but ever few days. When I wash my face, i use the neutrogena fight and fade toner on my forehead. My dermatologist told me to put ziana gel on it every night (which is a retin-a) - so I started doing that last night. I also get my Clarisonic Mia in the mail in about 3 days (i had a warranty and my old one which i never used broke). Does anyone have any recommendations?

Clarisonic Users- Questions!

29 January 2013 - 11:58 PM

hi everyone! so i've had a clarisonic for 8 months now, but never really felt the need to use it. but now that i have dark marks that i want to fade asap, i've decided to use it. i bought a new brush head for it today. my question is, does the clarisonic really help fade marks fast? i'm using it in conjunction with the cetaphil cleanser. after that, i use Neutrogena fight and fade toner, and 4% hydroquinone. there's one disgusting mark on my forehead i neeed to get rid of realllly soon..as in, before a month. also, how do you store it between uses, and how do i clean the brush head? thanks!

Messed My Face Up :(

19 January 2013 - 11:13 AM

I ended up picking a really small pimple last Saturday night (so it's been a week exactly). It scabbed up, scab fell off. And now it looks like crap;


it's in the exact center of my forehead. what should i do to blend it back in? how long will it take approximately? ugh i feel so bad for doing this...my skin was literally almost perfect and now i've messed it up....

Scab :/

13 January 2013 - 01:02 PM

About 12 hours ago, I popped a little pimple...now it's turning into a scab. How do I heal this/when can i expect it to fall off?