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Accutane And The Pill- Should I Stop Taking The Pill?

04 July 2012 - 11:48 AM

Hello :) I've just started taking roaccutane in the UK, and being female I am obligated to be on some form of birth control during the course. At the moment I'm on Dianette.

I'm really worried that coming off the pill after taking roaccutane may worsen my skin, so I'm considering coming off it asap after putting my case to the derm next month. I'm not using it for birth control and my family has a history of thrombosis and high blood pressure so I don't really see the point in taking it- obviously if the occasion rose I would make sure I had protected sex, but I'm a Christian so I'm 99.9% sure it won't happen :P Did anyone see a change in their skin when they came off birth control during/ after their course?