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Having Severe Red Marks For Almost 2 Years Now.

23 February 2014 - 04:37 AM

I started taking accutane in the summer of 2012 when i started getting big pimples, not cystic  just big.

After taking it for 1 month I broke out all over my face(cystic this time) and I had to stop the treatment so I could take prednisone and antibiotics.

In about 3 weeks my face got less swollen so I went back on accutane.

After my acne cleared up(most of it) my face turned into a one red big  tomato,since that my face got about 20% less red and 15% in some redder places.

After I finished my accutane in March of 2013, I started doing weekly peels at first with 30% glycolic and then 50%, of course nothing changed.

Other things I tried:-BHA for a long period(no result)

                               -AHA for a long period(no result)

                               -Differin for a long period(no result)

                               -Aloe Vera from plant for a short period(no result)

                               -almost 2 years(15%-20% less redness)


I've wanted to try V-beam but my parents couldn't quite afford it and I stared getting a few big pimples again,I went to the dermatologist and came home with a prescription for accutane.Right now I have one month left on accutane , pimples have been gone since I started it.

Dispite all this I'm about to be kicked out of highschool (11grade) because of missing it to much.Not to mention the fact that im only 16 and I already took accutane twice.

This is how my skin looks like as of today.

Any suggestions?:)