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AVC on accutane > Avc On Accutane

Posted 12 September 2012

I was juts wondering if I could use AVC(apple vinegar cinder) topically while on accutane , if yes, how?

Continuing the journey > Red Marks :(

Posted 02 September 2012

As some of you know , I've experienced a nasty inital break out from accutane...now I only have 2-3 small nodules , that begin said my acne is 85% gone, my concern is the RED MARKS, they look horibble x.x ,as my inital breakout was really bad , that means it leaves bad stuff behind , I know there is nothing much I can do while on accutane but how much...

maritimu12's Blog > Should I Use Vitamins(Zinc,oil Fish , Vitamin E , Etc) When I`m Using Accutane?

Posted 29 June 2012

Hey guys i was wondering if i need to use some vitamins while on accutane , or accutane is enough?

What should I eat while on Accutane > What Should I Eat And What Should I Avoid While On Accutane

Posted 28 June 2012

Hey guys I was wondering what should I eat and what should I avoid while I`m doing accutane tratament , because my dermatologist told me to eat normal but I heart a lot of people saing u should not eat that , and etc.I want ur opinion.
An another question ,a stupid one , but it`s bothering me somehow , does masturbation affect acne?

Day 5 and my hands are dry and peeling > Day 5 And My Hands Are Dry And Peeling

Posted 26 June 2012

Ok guys I know I said I won`t post this often but I have a question.
So my hands are dry and peeling , and I`m only in my 5 day.
It`s that a bad sign?