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What form of acne do you have and what treatment do you use? Your skin looks VERY smooth!
Mar 30 2013 01:29 PM
  • lalovelyj's Photo
    Do you sweat at night after you have applied Retin-A? I experienced massive night sweats on nights I use the cream, strange.
    Mar 31 2013 08:11 PM
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    I try to use Cetaphil oil control moisturizer with spf 30. The Dial is a foaming cleanser. As for the Retin-A I don't sweat it off but it does have a greasy feel on my face. I always combine it with clindagel when I put it on. Check out my latest blog entry...I posted pics and meds. Peace girl. You rock!
    Mar 31 2013 08:17 PM
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    Thank you for your detailed responses! =) Have a good weekend.
    Mar 31 2013 08:29 PM