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#3265976 The Perfect Water To Drink

Posted by MysteryTutor on 14 July 2012 - 10:58 PM

I guess, I'll report back within a couple of months I just ordered a distiller. I honestly would prefer to drink distilled water, our livers create distilled water anyway after they remove a ton of organic and inorganic compounds from them so drinking distilled water would take a heavy burden off the liver but still what about the Carbon Dioxide I know we can just increase the pH but that wouldnt change the fact that there is carbon dioxide. If I find that distilled water has no negative effects on my health than I will support it fully in this post and edit it until then please post anything you know or your experiences with distilled water.

#3265523 The Perfect Water To Drink

Posted by MysteryTutor on 13 July 2012 - 11:12 AM

I use the aquasana and it most can remove any flouride bonded to organic material or something like that. But since most of the flouride added to our water is a waste product from the artificial fertilizer bidness...

Aquasana is pretty good at removing fluoride from drinking water, it removes about 40-60 % of it which is not too bad, but what about the shower filter? Most people just filter out the fluoride from their drinking water which in the end is pointless if you shower in fluoridated water because the fluoride is aborbed through the skin, and enters the bloodstream quicker making it much more dangerous. So  many issues >.> I have found one product that does remove fluoride in the shower through activated alumina but I remember reading somewhere saying that this method of removing fluoride is not very effective and neither is reverse osmosis because RO just removes large particles where as fluoride is an inorganic substance that has completely dissolved, therefore RO is not effective against most dissolved gases and viruses. The only guaranteed way to remove it is through filters that are literally designed specifically to remove fluoride or through distillation.

when i went to school in san luis obispo for college, they do not have fluoride in their water system, and my face was 90% clear when washing/drinking that water while on the wai diet ( fruits, raw egg yolk, organic extra virgin coconut and olive oil).... now that i am at home i am still on the wai diet but the water here in san diego is fluoridated and so ive noticed my acne is back, lotta redness and more pimples. there is definitely a connection... im going to buy sparkletts water and drink and wash my face with that, and see if ther is a diff, ill report back

I definitely think there is a connection, the thyroid gland runs on the mineral Iodine however when Fluoride or Bromide is present in the body it attempts to take place of the Iodine, rendering the thyroid practically useless, production of T3 and T4 hormones are shut down and many other hormones cannot be regulated. No regulation may= acne

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Posted by MysteryTutor on 10 July 2012 - 08:44 PM

All I can say is, that I'm glad our water does not have fluoride or any other chemical added. There was a debate about adding fluoride several years ago, but our government decided not to. My tap water comes from some 200 meters below the surface (I bet the Romans have peed in it Posted Image), it's filtered to remove stuff like calcium and iron, that the water has absorbed from the soil, and that's about it. Bottled water comes from a source about 500 meters away, so basically we're getting the same (or better) quality as bottled water, at a fraction of the price. I honestly don't know why your government adds fluoride to drinking water. If you want healthy teeth, you have to brush them, that's all.

Your really lucky you have that kind of water. However the people in our government are obviously not stupid but they do fluoridate our water on purpose knowing that it'll worsen our health and that well have to subject ourselves to prescription medications which will help the pharmaceutical industry. And the original idea was that if our water has fluoride in it, it'll come in contact with our teeth when we are drinking, however not everyone drinks with their teeth closed so I do not know where they get this logic from. The fluoride that is supposedly suppose to be beneficial to our teeth is calcium fluoride however the fluoride in our water is sodium fluoride which is a byproduct of the aluminum industry and is scraped off the tubes of factories. This fluoride is also very unstable. Not really a big fan of the U.S

#3251216 How To Permanently Cure Your Acne !

Posted by MysteryTutor on 02 June 2012 - 09:58 PM


I had acne for nearly 4 years before I was finally able to cure it. It was a tough time, I was very insecure I always used to think my friends were constantly looking at my pimples, I used to get stressed at night thinking how I would go to school the next day. It was a terrible time. I used hundreds of over the counter products guaranteeing me results. Of which none worked for long periods of time. I looked into exfoliation, chemical peels. To some extent they did help my acne but it only came back worse. I even visited my dermatologist and was recommended benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, anti-biotics, chemical peels, laser surgery, but like I said my acne came back. But one day I saw an advertisement for an e book that claimed that it could permanently cure my acne without any creams/ or junk. I bought it. After a month my acne was completely cured and I had immense gains. I put on nearly 5 pounds of pure muscle ( I swear on this)you can do it too. But I do not want all of you people to pay and be lucky to find this e book like I did. I want all of you to know what I discovered because I know I will be doing the community a favor and hopefully you all can pay me back by sharing this thread.

Let me put out some facts here.
1. Acne is not a disease but a result. ( I will get into this later).
2. Acne is correlated with genetics but only to some extent meaning genetics does not play a huge role.
3. Acne is not solely caused by sex, stress, hormones, oily skin, exercise, and fast food.
4. Acne can be cured not just treated.
5. This program is not a quick fix, and will be permanent.
6. The information I provide here may be a bit overwhelming but I advise you to bare with me, remember if you skip out on this you may still have acne and what is hurtful in reading this?

Please understand that the human body is exposed to many toxins (crap) in a day. We get rid of these toxins through our organs of elimination. These organs of elimination include the liver, the lungs, the kidneys, the colon and the skin. There are a couple of more but these are the main ones. When we expose our bodies to toxins they are overloaded with toxins, the liver the main organ that cleanses the blood gets overloaded. The liver than sends these toxins to our kidneys. When both of our kidneys get overloaded with toxins it sends the toxins to our skin: one of the largest organs of elimination. The skin than releases these toxins through sebum and sweat. The mixture of sebum and bacteria (which is naturally found on our skin and has always been found on our skin), blockage of the pores, and infection and inflammation are the immediate causes of acne. The problem with medicine used today to treat acne ( and keep in mind the acne industry makes billions of dollars a year. They will not advertise cures because if there are cures there will be no money in their pockets.) is that they treat the symptoms not the root cause of acne. Acne is an internal problem not an external problem. Acne is like a signal telling you that there is a problem with yourself that you must fix. Ironically we look for things to stop these signals and we continue on with our lives but this is not our fault. We have been lied to, deceived all so these large industries can make money off of our suffering. Also keep in mind things like Accutane are also temporary. I took accutane for nearly 6 months. I saw results after but they only lasted for a couple of months. Right after I had cysts all over my cheeks and I never had cysts in my life. Understand that no creams/ pills/ surgeries can EVER fix acne.

Acne can only exist in an environment where are hormone irregularities, toxic buildups, and genetic tendencies. Therefore HORMONE IRREGULARITIES + TOXIC BUILDUPS + GENETIC TENDENCIES= ACNE If you take one of the things out of the equation you cannot get acne. Unfortunately you cannot control your genetics and controlling your hormones especially during puberty is difficult. But you can control your toxic buildups. One of the main things that contribute to toxic buildups are a extremely poor diet+ candida albicans (a microorganism that thrives in our bodies, it cannot be killed but it can be controlled. When it is out of control it causes many conditions one of which is acne).

Some of you may say that you have a very good diet and that you still have acne or that your friends have ****ty diets yet they still do not have acne. I can explain this. Even if you do have a very good diet you are still being exposed to toxins in some way and you may still have to look at your diet and change it. Even if your still eating good foods your organs may still be overwhelmed with toxins that it has accumulated over the years and it must be cleansed. Toxins do not just come from food. They can come from the air you are breathing from the water that you are drinking, from the water you are bathing in. Toxins are everywhere but concentrated in some places more than others. The organs of elimination must be cleansed if you want to be cured of your acne. Another reason that your friends do not have acne is because genetics do play a role in acne. They may have very strong organs of elimination therefore they can still eat the worst foods in history and still never have acne in their life. Let me give you an example. If you take the acne bacteria on your face and place it on theirs they will not get acne! That is because their organs of elimination work effectively. But also keep this in mind if you have acne it does NOT mean that you have weak organs of elimination. REMEMBER this. People who have kidney failures or one kidney or poor liver function still do not have acne. Remember the equation for acne is GENETICS+ TOXINS+ HORMONES= ACNE

Some of you may be asking where is the proof where are the studies. Well let me explain to you something. If the cure for acne was all over the news, than millions of people would not have to buy acne products from these acne companies. Many of these people would not have to constantly visit dermatologists every year. Remember that dermatologists are taught that only medicine can treat diseases. They believe that diseases can only be treated not cured. Your dermatologist may be a very nice person but he/she graduated from school learning that only medicine can treat things and this has been drilled into their heads. Remember that these acne companies make billions of dollars a year and they help pay the doctors/ hospitals/ organizations that help them sell their products which include retinoids/ anti-biotics. All of these so called "studies" that prove that diet is not related to acne, are sponsored and paid for by these acne product companies so can you truly believe them?
If you want to cure your acne please bare with me, I know I was a little repetitive and this information may seem a bit overwhelming but now I will show you how you can cure your acne.

This regimen is a three week process and only those who have strong will a true desire to cure their acne will be able to do this.

1st week- Detoxification
The first step you must do is stop exposing yourself to toxins. CUT OUT ALL THE FAST FOOD/JUNK FOOD. I think you know what I mean. NO WHITE SUGAR is allowed. NO FAST FOOD. NO SODA. ONLY NATURAL FOOD THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NATURAL MEANING IT HAS EXISTED 1000 years ago. NOT EVEN BREAD. You can have this stuff occasionally but only after you have cured your acne. If it did not exist 1000 years ago than it is not natural. There may be some exceptions but I think you know what I mean. This may be tough but this is the price you pay for good skin. And keep this in mind, would you rather eat crap food, or be with beautiful women/ hot men what ever your sexuality is. Also keep this in mind after you cure your acne many other health issues will go away and you will be able to build muscle faster and better because your body can focus on making itself bigger/ stronger/ leaner rather than constantly eliminate toxins and be overwhelmed. You must also cut out dairy products. NO MILK, NO DAIRY PRODUCTS, NO COFFEE/CAFFEINE it aggravates acne even though it is natural to some extent but today many people consume coffee with milk and sugar the coffee beans are not organic and contains tons of pesticides and the water being used is also crap because it had fluoride and other metals.
NO CANDY, NO WHITE RICE ONLY BROWN RICE CAN BE EATEN. NO ARTIFICIAL SUGAR AT ALL. NOT EVEN BROWN SUGAR. AVOID FOODS THAT ARE HAVE INGREDIENTS WITH THINGS LIKE HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST TOXINS IN HISTORY. HYDROGENATED OILS/ VEGETABLE OILS/ COTTONSEED OILS/CORN OIL/CANOLA OIL/SOYBEAN OIL/ AVOID MEAT OR FISH THAT IS NOT ORGANIC. AVOID RED MEAT. NO SMOKING AT ALL. NO DRUGS. NO PROTEIN FOR NOW/ BODYBUILDING SUPPLEMENTS FOR NOW. The main things you should eat this week are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and nut milks. GOOD OILS are Olive oil and coconut oil. All other oils are bad oils that are toxic. ALL FOODS MUST BE ABSOLUTELY ORGANIC. IF YOU CANNOT PURCHASE ORGANIC FOODS, THAN YOU MUST CLEAN YOUR FRUITS/VEGETABLES WITH THIS REMEDY. Take salt and mix it with water and pure lemon juice as in straight from a lemon. It does not matter whether or not the lemon is organic or whether or not the salt is sea salt. But make sure it is good water.

You will need a good water filter. Tap water and bottled water should be completely avoided they contain heavy metals, inorganic compounds, and many other things. Fluoride is detrimental to your health. You must understand that it is a very toxic chemical. Your dentist has LIED to you. Well your dentist may not know himself/herself because they learned in their textbooks that it is a safe compound. It is not. It does not help your teeth. THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY FLUORIDE IS IN OUR WATER SUPPLY BUT YOU CAN FIND THAT OUR YOURSELF BY GOOGLING IT. Even if it did help your teeth it would only help if you put fluoride on the teeth not if you digested fluoride. You need a good water filter. One I recommend is ZEROWATER. It is one of the only homefilters that filters out fluoride. Some other methods to reduce crap from your water include Reverse Osmosis filtration and Distillation. AVOID DISTILLATION OF WATER. This is dead water. The chemical structure of the water has completely changed. This is sterile water. When you drink it, it will deplete your body of minerals and these minerals will leave with your urine. But if you do already have a water distiller than put in a teaspoon of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for every glass of water you drink.

You will also need a good shower filter because if your shower filter has heavy metals/ rust and other crap that has been in the pipes for years it will be absorbed by your skin which will cause your body to be overwhelmed with more toxins. Our water supply is also chlorinated to kill bacteria and although this is effective chlorine is detrimental to our health. It is a carcinogen and toxin. It will cause cancer and cause acne. A couple of good shower filter brands are Sprite, AquaSana, Vita C. There are many others but you can find that out yourself.

2nd Week- The Juice/Water Fasting Week

3 day juice fast+2 day water + 2 Day Juice Fast. In that exact order.

Fasting is very important to our health. It allows our bodies to clean itself of toxins. The detoxification did this to some extent but it was not aggressive enough. It cleaned out only a few of the toxins. You must remove years of accumulated toxins and waste to be acne free. This is where fasting comes in. When we fast we allow our bodies to heal itself. When we fast we allow our digestive systems to rest and allow the bodies to deal with any problems it has including cancer/ toxic overload and many other issues. Digestion is time consuming and takes up a lot of energy. Many of you may know that fasting is not eating/drinking at all. But that is not the fasting that I am talking about. I am talking about juice/water fasting. In juice fasting we blend fruits/ vegetables to make juices we completely blend them to a pulp. When we consume these our digestive system does not work as hard or at all because it has already been broken down. Our intestine need to only absorb the nutrients. During the juice fasting week we will blend a variety of fruits and vegetables not only one vegetable or fruit but as many as we can get to provide our bodies with vitamins and minerals and allow it to clean itself of many toxins. We also do juice fasts in order to get ready for the most aggressive fast next to normal fasting which is water fasting. Water fasting is very difficult and will completely cleanse the bodies of toxins. It is very aggressive. Some of you may ask why do I have to do juice fasting or a detoxification diet when I can just jump into a water fast. Well if you just do a water fast you will jump into it with many toxins and junk food already in your body and a 2 day water fast which is difficult will still not be enough to clean out all the toxins. Even though it is the most aggressive cleanse you must still remove toxins slowly and you must provide your body with nutrients and minerals to get it ready for the water fast. If you just jump into the water fast I guarantee you it will be very difficult. I had absolutely no energy at all when I jumped into the water fast and it was a painful and difficult experience for me. But when I did the juice fast it helped me get through the water fast. After you are done with the water fast. You will go back to the juice fast and than proceed to a detoxification diet. You are still not done yet.

These fasts helped get rid of many toxins that were in most of the organs in your body but now you must completely cleanse the liver.
Before we can do a liver cleanse you must do a parasite cleanse. The reason is because if you do a liver cleanse with parasites inside of you the parasites will be able to damage the liver when it is in a very delicate state and it may be fatal. You may say I do not have parasites but that is a lie and is impossible. Everyone has parasites. It does not matter whether or not you cook your food or if your a vegetarian. Parasites are like bacteria. They are practically everywhere. They can go undetected for years and they cannot be detected with lab tests or physical examinations in the hospital. These parasites thrive in our intestines and our stomach some may grow up to 20 feet long the same size as the small intestine.
You will need to be on the detoxification diet when doing the parasite cleanse.
You will need to consume lots of garlic if you do not wish to consume garlic you can purchase two supplements from a company called Quantum Nutrition Labs. I will provide the link.
www . qncstore . com remove the spaces when you paste this link
The supplements include Allicidin which is the ingredient in garlic responsible for killing parasites and Parastat which has many herbs guaranteed to wipe out all parasites in the body. The thing you must understand about supplements is that half of them today do not work. Our bodies were made to take in vitamins from real foods such as meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts. We have a cellular resonance which is like a frequency that takes in vitamins. Most of the supplements today have a lot of synthetic chemicals in it. (Unnatural stuff which does more harm than good). I am not endorsing any products but there are only two companies I know that create products with this cellular resonance. They are Premier Research Labs and Quantum Nutrition Labs. All of their supplements are made of natural products.
You will also need to consume wormwood, black walnuts, cloves and organic extra virgin coconut oil. Garlic or garlic supplementation like the one I have listed is a necessity. This parasite cleanse will be for a week. After you have killed all the parasites in your body you can attempt the liver cleanse.

You must eat organic apples for three straight days before attempting the liver cleanse.

The day you perform the liver cleanse you must have a fruit/ vegetable breakfast. Around 12-1 P.M you will mix your epsom salts around 4 tablespoons with 3 glasses of water. So pretend you poured your 3 glasses of water into a bowl. You will mix 4 tablespoons of epsom salts in that bowl with the water. Drink one glass of water that is mixed with the epsom salts. After drink two glasses of normal water. REMEMBER THE WATER YOU DRINK FOR THIS WHOLE REGIMEN MUST ALWAYS BE FILTERED. 4 hours after you drank the epsom salts you will drink another glass of water that was mixed with the epsom salts. Followed by two glasses of normal filtered water again.
Two hours later you will drink another glass of water mixed with epsom salts. Followed by a glass of normal water.
two hours later you will mix a half cup of olive oil with juice from 3 whole lemons and mix these two with nothing else. No water. You will store this mixture of olive oil and lemons in the fridge. 20 minutes later you will drink this mixture of olive oil and lemons for 15 minutes sipping it slowly.

You must wake up 9 hours later and drink another glass of water mixed with epsom salts the same dose I said earlier. You may have diarrhea at this point.
Go back to sleep. Wake up two hours later and drink epsom salts mixed with water this is your last dose. Go back to sleep and wake up two hours later. Eat a breakfast of fruits and vegetables.

You can only cleanse the liver every two weeks. If your acne does not go away keep performing liver cleanses until you have cured your acne.


After all of these diets you can go back to your normal diet but if you want clear skin permanently you must follow these guidelines.

1. You must eliminate toxic foods and eat them in occasion (once or twice a month)
2. You must consume lots of vegetables and fruits. They should be about 80% of your overall diet.
3. Eliminate supplements with synthetic crap. Look for supplements/ protein shakes that are all natural. Buy products from good companies
4. Eat Alkaline foods and reduce your intake of Acidic foods such as Meats and fish
5. Reduce grains as much as possible.
6. Manage stress

Stress does cause acne. Learn to control your stress by watching comedies or stand up comedy videos on youtube. Try to laugh as much as possible. Make sure you get 8 hours of sleep. As a teen you should be getting 10 hours of sleep. Make sure you get a lot of sunshine and fresh air. 10-15 minutes of sunlight everyday. It will not make you darker its only 10-15 minutes. Sunlight is very healthy for you it DOES NOT cause cancer. Sunscreens cause cancer they have a lot of junk in them.
Research this if you have to.

If you do get the occasional pimple do you not use benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retinoids, antibiotics these will cause more acne. Use natural products only such as ice to calm down the pimple. Wrap the ice with tissue. and press against the acne. Never pop pimples ever. Use Tea Tree oil body washes/ soap bars. Tea tree oil will kill the acne bacteria naturally and harmlessly. Remember these are only skin care techniques they will not cure acne or prevent new ones from forming. Use apple cider vinegar on inflamed areas. Moisturize your skin with Aloe Vera and Emu Oil. Use sunscreens that are all natural and non-comedogenic.

I congratulate you if you have read all of this. It is a bit overwhelming but I promise you that you will cure your acne if you follow ALL the steps that I have listed below. If you have any questions feel free to message me or leave a post. After you cleanse your body you will be acne free/ be healthier and be able to build muscle more quickly. This may be a bit hard and may require work on your part but at least you will have acne free skin permanently and you will be healthier and less likely to have any disease.