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#3328423 Questions About Jojoba Oil?

Posted by g5club on 21 February 2013 - 10:27 AM

Hey there! I was like you...I had SUPER oily skin. I was constantly having to blot my face with a papertowel to soak up all the oil. Since I started using the regimine (following step-by-step instructions) and adding the Jojoba oil to the moisterizer (the last step) my face has completely transformed! It's well balanced and clear. I add about 6 drops of the jojoba oil to one pump of the acne.org moisterizer. My face is really oiled up with the moisterizer but it soaks in and then the rest of the day it's super soft but not at all oily. I was worried about using the jojoba oil..actually I was worried about using moisterizer since I was so broke out but I can't believe how awesome my face looks and feels now!

Sorry..I didn't answer all the your questions.

1) I use the acne.org Jojoba oil along with the rest of the products Dan sells. They are amazing!! (Treatment cream, AHA, Jojoba oil and moisterizer). I don't use the cleanser because I don't wash my face with our well water. I use the Dickinson's Witch Hazel cleansing pads to wash my face and then follow up with the rest of the acne.org products. I follow the directions - making sure my face is totally dry between each step and rubbing very lightly!

2) I ordered it on Amazon.com (same price as on this site but I like using my amazon account).

3) I anwered this above..I blend about 6 drops of jojoba oil to my acne.org moisterizer and then spread it around my face lightly and then let the rest of it soak into my face. My face starts off all shiney and oiley but after a while it soaks in and then I can put my make-up on over it! I use the jojoba oil twice a day...in the morning and at night.

#3327018 My Story With Regimine (Also Addressing Dryness, Wrinkle Issues), Aha And Joj...

Posted by g5club on 15 February 2013 - 02:14 PM

Hello everyone! I finally have clear beautiful skin!! (Knock on wood)!  I want to share my story on here. If it can even help one person then it's worth it! This post will be quite long because I'm covering my background, products and tips.


I'm 41 years old and have suffered off and on with acne/cystic acne since high school. I had a really bad outbreak about two years ago that I couldn't get rid of or get a break from. Diet has no part in my acne as I have been gluten free, dairy free, meat free for over 10 years. I don't eat any processed foods/sugar and eat a mostly raw food diet and am free of grains.  I don't take any medications and only use homeopathic remedies when I get sick/ill. None of the homeopathic remedies or suppliments/vitamins I took would work on the acne I had. Several times during a two year period I changed my face cleansing regimine, trying to find something that would work. I did at home peels and bought really expensive products. I tried sulfur soaps,  tried oil cleansing, colloidal silver, neem oil ect. but nothing worked.  At one time I counted 18 cystic bumps on my chin alone- the cystic acne was piled on top of each other! I had these weird hard white plugs sticking out of my skin. My jaw line was covered in itchy bumps that were flesh colored.  My entire nose was covered in black heads and my forehead had hundreds of tiny baby acne bumps. I was a mess!!! Then I found the regimine on-line and decided to give it a try!!


While I was waiting for my regimine to arrive I decided to stop washing my face with water. I thought our well water could be making my skin worse so I bought some witch hazel cleansing facial wipes and used those. I wouldn't even let the shower water hit my face! My face started to look a bit calmer so I kept up with not letting the water touch my face. My regimine arrived and I started using it as described. I would cleanse and let my face dry completely before putting on the treatment cream. Once the treatment cream was dry I then put two pumps of moisterizer along with 6 drops of jojoba oil on my face. After a week or so I noticed my cystic acne was getting smaller and less irritated looking. Then BAM horrible itching and cystic acne again. I decided to cut out the first step using the cleanser and go back to using the witch hazel pads and not letting the water touch my skin. I still used the treatment cream and moisterzier/oil.  Within a couple days my face was looking and feeling MUCH better. At this point I hadn't tried the AHA -which came with my kit so I tried it one night mixed in with my moisterizer and it made my face burn really bad. I looked up information and found that it should be used only after using the regimine for a couple weeks or so. I decided to use a teeny tiny amount of AHA each night and work my way up. That worked great for me! I noticed after starting the regimine that the wrinkles around my eyes were looking really deep. I decided to create a barrier around my eyes by putting a layer of eye cream underneath each eye (kind of like a football player with the black under his eyes). This keeps the regimine from making any contact with the delicate skin under my eyes. The deeps wrinkles are gone and my eye area actually looks so much better than before using the regimine because of all the barrier  eye cream I use!


My process as of today:



Step one- Cleanse using witch hazel cleansing cloth. Let face dry completely

Put on my barrier eye cream

Step two- Treatment cream- started off with pea size and have worked my way up to a half dollar size. Let dry completely.

Step Three- 1 pump of moisterizer with 6 drops of jojoba oil

After this soaks in then I put on my make-up.



Step One- Cleanse using wich hazel cleansing cloth. Let face dry completely

Put on my barrier eye cream

Step two- treatment cream- let dry completely

Step three- 1 pump of moisterizer, same amount of AHA as moisterizer (started off only using a tiny amount), 6-10 drops of jojoba oil



Anyway, I did initially get really dried out with the treatment cream. I kept on using it (pea size amount) and moisterizing and after a couple of weeks the peeling and dryness went away. I gradually used more and more of the treatment cream til I got to the amount I use now. I don't have any dryness now. My skin is so soft and smooth!!!! I wish I had taken "before" photos but I avoided all cameras and pictures.

#3326997 Just Purchased Aha+ Should I Use It?

Posted by g5club on 15 February 2013 - 01:13 PM

I've been on the regimine for about a little over a month. I got the AHA with the acne.org kit and I started using it right away but it irritated my skin. I looked on the Regimine site to see what it said about AHA irritation. The directions said to use the cleanser, treatment cream and moisterizer for a couple weeks first before starting the AHA. I started using a tiny bit of the AHA and have now worked my way up to about 1 tsp mixed in with my moisterizer and the jojoba oil. I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin! I finally don't have any cystic acne or white hard plugs sticking out of my skin and the itchy acne I had along my jaw line is gone along with the baby acne I had on my forehead. My skin is the clearest, smoothest and prettiest it has ever been and I'm 41 years old. I've been through hell with my skin so I'm getting ready to post my story/background for others to read.