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In Topic: Why Can't The Sebum Just Be Physically Taken Out Of The Follicle?

06 December 2012 - 06:34 PM

Sebum is actually a nesscary body thing. It helps us retain elasticity, (preventing wrinkles), prevents dryness (which helps wounds heal faster and regenerate new cells.) The problem is those of us with acne often have an over-production of it. We've had lots of members attempt sebum-reducing regimens - if you do a search, you might have some luck. The procedure you posted looks interesting. It looks expensive, too.

Yes, I know Sebum is essential, and I am not saying to kill the cells of all (or any) of the sebaceaous glands, but I'm wondering why can't it just simply be vacuumed out. Those glands will still produce sebum of course, after you get rid of the blockage in the follicle that is causing the acne. It would no more stop your body from producing sebum then taking a shower would prevent your water heater from refilling with water.

Actually, this seems to be more along the lines of what I mean, apparently there is a treatment like I am describing


I know you say we produce more sebum, but the problem seems/is twofold, first there is a blockage (which can occur at ANY time of our lives, not just around puberty) from there, the sebum gets stuck, the bacteria multiply and you can an inflammation of the skin, blackout, whitehead, pustule, cyst, whatever. Some drugs do work by killing the bacteria, but I don't understand why. Simply killing the bacteria wouldn't clear the blockage for the sebum to get out, and once you stop taking it, wouldn't the bacteria that survived, regrow, and re-inflame the skin (and could possibly be worse now than before since they may now be immune to the anti biotic)