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Working At Taco Bell?

13 October 2013 - 05:44 AM

I've just relocated to a new city and am going to be getting a new job but after all the applications I've sent in, I still can't seem to find a place that wants to hire me. So I'm thinking about making the joyously fun jump into working at a fast food joint.


My skin is in pretty good shape right now and I realize that this is counterproductive but beggars can't be choosers. My QUESTION that will not stop ricocheting back and forth in my head though is...

What fast food place would be best to work at as far as airborne bacteria is concerned?


I was thinking Taco Bell since a lot of their "meats" come out of tubes and tortilla chips are served instead of fries. I would apply to a sub shop but I'm thinking my chances are higher with the common league of extraordinary grease buddies.. McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell and maybe Pizza Hut.


Any thoughts on this? I'm all ears and appreciate your responses. :)

Green Tea + Licorice Root = !?!?!

08 August 2013 - 10:40 AM

Hello everyone!


I have an interesting question that Google and other search engines can't seem to answer.. So I thought I would turn to you lovely people on Acne.org for a little insight on this...


So I've been drinking Decaffeinated Green Tea for about 7 months now (to help control my acne) and last month I started to notice a lot of hair falling out from the top of my head. I didn't think anything of it, thought maybe it was stress but it has continued for weeks and is still pretty persistent in this last week. I first thought it was the fluoride that is apparently loaded in Green Tea, especially Decaffeinated Green Tea.. So I bought a little bottle of Green Tea Extract that is supposed to be Decaffeinated as well as Fluoride-Free but this hasn't seemed to change the hair issue either.


Long story short, last night I realized that drinking all the green tea over the past several months has likely created an autoimmune disorder because green tea is a stimulant of Th2 in the body and we need a healthy balance between Th1 and Th2 to have a healthy and happy immune system. This disorder could easily cause hair loss as a symptom, as well as fatigue and brain fog that I have also experienced.


Th2 being stimulated by the green tea means that I need to stimulate the Th1 in the body to balance out the immune system.. And one of the key natural ways to boost Th1 is to eat Licorice Root or eat Garlic (both of which are supposed to be helpful for acne as well)!


I'm just concerned that the Licorice Root will lower my testosterone too much and I will grow man chesticles.. But at the same time if I continue to drink Green Tea (which raises testosterone) wouldn't that keep things balanced?


If I drank a cup of Green Tea Extract combined with Licorice Root Extract would the negative effects of high and low testosterone cancel each other out...?


Share your thoughts on this if you'd like. smile.png

Acne Has Vanished And I'm Happy Thanks To Green Tea!

23 March 2013 - 02:09 AM

I have tried drinking green tea in the past. I drank cans and cans of Arizona green tea thinking it was helping my skin, but it was absolutely doing the opposite. There is so much sugar in those things but I didn't even realize because I was young and didn't care to really look at the fine print. The sugar spiked my insulin levels which then stirred up inflammation in my skin and whammo-zammo I had pimples up the ying-yang.


I tried real green tea in 2011 with little results. It tasted horrible and seemed to not really do much for my skin, so I ended up stopping the green tea after a while and my skin returned to its usual state of zitty-zitty-bang-bang.


Last month I gave in and tried green tea again. The most natural kind I could find. And I made sure it was DECAFFEINATED this time based on what I have seen and heard in my many days of creeping around the internet and hearing about how caffeine can really aggravate acne.


My skin looks amazing! I'm shocked and happy and feel like others should know about this simple remedy that also fights back against cancer and free radicals (which age your skin in the long run, so one would think that drinking this will also help keep you looking younger)! I drink three cups of decaffeinated natural-as-can-be green tea that I buy from Wal-Mart every day and it has honestly made a shocking improvement in my skin. My confidence is returning and I feel like I'm getting my life back...!


I believe it helps so much because it keeps the inflammation down as well as detoxes the body. It's healthy, cheap, and totally works!

Just felt like I would share this bit of information so that others might find some saving grace and happier days. smile.png

Attack Plan: Dermarolling + Dermal Filler Restylane

19 October 2012 - 11:42 PM

I've had Restylane done twice. Once in 2009 and once in 2010 for some indented areas on my face from cystic acne I had badly in 2008. I have to say that it worked amazingly both times, and the results lasted for quite a while.

I had a lot of acne in December of 2011 and me being the foolish person I am, I thought I would try to give myself my own microdermabrasion treatments every day with a scrub that said I could do just that. Bad idea. It basically ripped off healing lesions and marks and the collagen growth in each of these healing wounds was interrupted and halted. I pretty much gave myself an array of scarring and still kick myself for what I helped make happen.

But this year.. 2012.. I have been dermarolling those scars. I dermarolled 6 or 7 times in the past 10 months, which I felt was a good amount considering all that I've found about dermarolling being the most helpful when you dermaroll and wait as -long- as possible before the next treatment. These people dermarolling every week and every DAY are seeing swelling. That's why they think they're seeing results. After you dermaroll your face gets swollen for a few days and plumps up slightly, and it may make some scars look a lot better.. But this process is a traumatic one for the collagen in the skin and it won't even fully make the collagen heal and renew itself until the healing process truly begins approximately 6 MONTHS after the dermaroll. This swelling is also basically a form of inflammation in your skin and if constantly done it can apparently cause cancer, as well as rough ugly texture because you would be consistently damaging your skin and not giving it any time to heal. I've read several posts on other sites from wise people who have dermarolled and then made sure to have 6 to 10 months of patience before the next roll and I applaud them for their ability to wait so long. They've spoken a great deal about how the best results show up around month 6 and 7 after the treatment. I feel that this is true since I first tried to dermaroll back in 2010 on a scar (small indented) that is very much smaller now.. Makes me truly think that having waited between 2010 and 2012 on the dermarolling is what provided the collagen in that area to build up and make the scar practically invisible. It worked. It just took time.

I dermarolled several times in the beginning of this year and I tried to wait four weeks in between treatments. It didn't really show any real results that I could notice so in August 2012 I decided to roll one final time and throw in the towel until March of 2013. This will hopefully give my skin the time to build up the collagen that I've poked and prodded to renew.

I'm also planning to get Restylane done in the areas of the scars. I've read some interesting things about collagen apparently being stimulated somewhat by these fillers and if you're dermarolling and you inject the dermarolled areas one would think that it would help improve the collagen regrowth process. The effects of the Restylane are also fairly instant so there would already be great results there to enjoy, but having done the dermarolling prior to this could truly mean that your skin can heal scarring while the scarring is "hidden" by the Restylane's plumping and filling. Essentially healing the problem and masking it at the same time. Posted Image

When I first got Restylane injected in 2009 I vividly remember having the areas be a little pudgy and I had to massage the injected drops so that it would spread around in the areas it was injected. It horrified me because I thought I wouldn't massage correctly or I wouldn't do it enough.. but after two days and just a bit of simple massaging the results were unparallelled. My face was plump and firm in the indented areas where cysts had made the scars that they had. I had a huge confidence boost that totally made the $500 for the treatment feel well spent. I had it done again in 2010 for the same areas and now with these new scars that I've made I'm sure that the treatment will help once again when they're injected sometime this winter.

I've read about how lasers don't provide many results and often even make problems worse by adding new scars or funky redness. They're also incredibly expensive treatments to have done and they basically do what dermarolling does already! It's all about stimulating collagen and that's what lasers like fraxel try to do. That is the point of dermarolling. To injure an area and trick the body into thinking it needs to heal that area and bump up the collagen. Why would people want to spend thousands on laser treatments when you can buy a dermaroller for $40 on Amazon and perform as many treatments as you want? It can truly yield some awesome results at a fraction of the price of laser treatments.

My girlfriend is even studying to become an esthetician who specializes in laser treatments so if that doesn't show how strongly I feel about lasers then I don't know what will haha.

I guess what I'm trying to say is.. I feel that dermarolling in very slow moderation (approximately 7 months between each treatment) combined with the treatment of Restylane (which has never given me any problems and has provided instant results).. is truly a genuine strategy to combat acne scarring.

I will continue to update this page every few months to add in details about my experience with this technique..
Hopefully others out there will consider trying this out too!