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I'm Trying Different Things...

29 August 2013 - 01:03 PM

Where to start?...


I have just come off Accutane in March and now I am back to square 1, I have spots again. sad.png


I have since tried Vitamin D3 at 3200iu a day for 4 months, Zinc 45mg a day for over a year, Vitamin C 1000mg a day for over a year. I am now trying witch hazel with 600mg dispersible aspirin as a toner am and pm.


I got the idea from acne.org, this website has been so helpful to me with such a wealth of information, the best thing is that the information comes direct from people who suffer with spots/acne/oily skin. I have come to understand that not everything works on everyone, so I am still trying out different products to see what will help.


Being honest I have been using the witch hazel and aspirin toner for over a week, so this is still new for me I haven't noticed a difference yet. I am also using prescription topicals, Finacea in the am and Epiduo in the pm this is a new routine for me too just under a week. I'm hoping these steps help. I'll keep this post updated.  


Good luck to everyone suffering!