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In Topic: What Helps Your Extremely Oily Skin? Sensible Answers Only.

02 September 2013 - 04:52 PM

I'm thinking of trying the beta carotene, what dose should I start with? Thank you. X

I recently got so fed up with my oily skin, and started looking for supplements that would help. I found that B5, and Vitamin A have been shown to help with slowing down oil production. So I've been taking those supplements, and trying to drink more water to flush out my system.Also found a really gentle cleanser that doesn't irritate my skin at all and actually makes it feel hydrated. So far I feel like the oil production has decreased dramatically to about 65%-70% percent less oil. 

Yes, B5 and A will reduce oily skin. But usually the dosage of either needed to do this is dangerously high and comes with a risk of hair loss, kidney and liver damage, and adrenal system fatigue. Be careful.
Change the vitamin A to beta carotene and increase ur zinc intake if possible from natural sources.

In Topic: Summary Of The Solutions Proven To Work For Oily Skin

02 September 2013 - 04:20 PM

I suffer from very oily skin, my face gets oily 30mins after washing!

The only thing that has worked for me is Accutane. I can't be on it for the rest of my life. Hence I'm on this topic, I wish everyone luck in finding a solution for oily skin. X

In Topic: I'm Trying Different Things...

02 September 2013 - 02:34 PM

Just a little update...

I can see that my new routine is helping, I'm getting less new spots/pimples. I have made a slight change in routine as I'm getting a slightht tingling/burning sensation on my face but I still use the aspirin and witch hazel toner twice a day but I now only use the epiduo every other night to see if it will help. I have only missed one night, so I can't feel a difference yet.

I still have very oily skin, I'm blotting and using powder to control it as best I can. I'm very self conscious about it but I know here is not a lot I can do, apart from going back on Roaccutane, but I'll be able to get another referral next year but I don't really want to go back on it again. We'll see, I'm goin to keep looking for something that will help reduce the oil.

I hope everyone else is having better luck than me. Xx

In Topic: My (Loooong) Story And Azelaic Acid For Severe Oily Skin

24 July 2013 - 11:55 AM

Hey Oilygirl1980,


Thanks for the reply, thats really good information. I haven't got any lemon eo yet but I will. I know what you mean by chriatmas on your face, I felt like that when on Roaccutane lol. When I said lemon eo and co, I meant company as in the peppermint eo. I was being lazy lol.


I've been playing around with adding a drop of tea tree oil into my face wash as I apply, to see if it helps so far it hasn't. I've been doing this for a couple of weeks, I was thinking that if ut helped then I would add a few drops into my face wash that way it would be a one step action. I had peppermint eo, which I was planning to add to my moisturiser like you previous talked about. But my naughty princess emptied it down the sink, so I have to get some more.


I'll keep playing around with different things and see what happens. I hope everyone on here is seeing some results with whatever you're all using.


Lets keep up the good self research and keep posting!! :) 

In Topic: My (Loooong) Story And Azelaic Acid For Severe Oily Skin

17 July 2013 - 07:18 AM

After reading this, I'm really interested in  what you did with the lemon oil and co. Can you explain how you used these to lessen the oil?


Thank you

Def will be following this thread. I cant contribute much since im basically done with derms because i always ended up with more trouble. Im actually feeling a little hopeless all together. I found some things that help manage the oil, but i swear, it seems like nothing will stop these glands.
Out of step- i was on finacea and aczone a while back and it caused some terrible cystic acne about 4 days after i started it. Took almost a year for the marks left behind to go away. As cbiot knows, i tried a dozen organic products and it was bad. Bp remains to be the only thing that keeps me acne free. And if it makes oily skin worse, im screwed.
I did find things that helped. Lemon oil, aloe vera juice, glycolic night cream, aztec clay, and currently im using witch hazel again. If youre interested, i can share how i applied each one and what the pros and cons were.

Im taking saw palmetto, black cohosh, and fenugreek and drinking a shit load of spearmint tea everyday and no more pop. I see a difference luckily, but i still want it to be more effective. And i know those herbs arent really an option for dudes.

Good luck and keep us posted.