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Why Is Acne On Sides Of Forehead?

06 July 2012 - 09:36 PM

Pretty much all of the acne I have on my face is on my forehead, though there really isn't any in the center of my forehead. It occurs in a cluster on each side of my forehead, just above and outside each eye. What does this tell me about the acne I have there?

What Kind Of Acne Is This? (Pics)

01 May 2012 - 02:54 PM

So, I'm 17 and have had acne for several years (still do). It used to be just on my face and forehead but that went away for the most part and it began taking over my neck, chest and back a few years ago. I have just recently started trying to get rid of it as it's quite embarassing to me. I have tried several different treatments and it seems a little better but I'm not quite sure what kind of acne I have.

The weird thing is I tried an over the counter neutrogena body wash and it gave me acne on my arms and stomach where I never had it before. Ther aren't really any new pimples there, just same ones that won't go away. The arm and stomach pimples remains even after a few months.
  • None of the topical stuff I've tried has done much but I've seen a small improvement taking daily supplements (Zinc 50mg, vit d3 8000IU, omega 3 900mgx4, acidophilus, vit c) I just started taking psyllium fiber today.
  • I'm not sure what kind of acne I have, is it pityrosporum folliculitis? I've got the same sort of stuff on my chest, back and neck. My forehead acne goes away when I wash my forehead with soap daily.
Sorry for the grainy pics, it's hard to shoot a DSLR with one hand;)
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