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In Topic: Meanest thing that someone has said about your acne

03 November 2012 - 12:29 PM

My cousin kept asking my why are you sooo spotty over and over again and saying but you drink so much water though so why do you have so much spots on your face. He said that in front of all my friends i was so embarrassed.

In Topic: Going To Vietnam Tommorow....

02 August 2012 - 10:01 AM

i had the exact same feeling as you when i went vietnam last year. i was soo paranoid about my face because i had active spots and lots of red marks i didnt wanna go back to vietnam with my face like that becuase the last time i went back to vietnam my face was clear. however when i went vietnam no one really cared or notice about it and as the days went by i completely forgot abut my face and i focused on having fun and just enjoying myself. dont worry just go there and dont think about your face too much because you will just be more depressed over it. its better to enjoy yourself seeing you havnt been there for a long time. i hope you have a good time there :) take care. think positive!!

In Topic: I Just Realized My Scars Look Way Worse Than I Thought

07 June 2012 - 10:29 AM

i know how you feel, thats why i hate wearing my glasses it makes my acne ten times much worser. i am so use to not wearing my glasses when i look in the mirror because if i do wear my glasses and look in the mirror i get so upset at how bad my skin is.