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Great Regimen That Fights Acne From Multiple Angles

05 September 2013 - 10:22 PM

Hey guys,


I don't want to take up 3 paragraphs explaining my background, so I'll make it quick. Longtime acne sufferer. Have tried everything - diet, topical, medicinal, holistic, you name it. Nothing worked. My skin type is super oily with white heads and black heads. Seborrheic Dermatitis. I'm 28. Here's what I've been doing. It's been amazing. Confidence is up, acne is like 95% clear, oil is waaay down:


1. I take a vitamin D & A supplement - once with breakfast & once with dinner. It contains 600 iu vitamin D & 400 iu vitamin A. (Both vitamins are supposed to reduce oil).

2. I take Clear5 twice a day, which is a vitamin B5 / Pantothenic Acid supplement that also contains some other B vitamins. (B5 is supposed to reduce oil).

3. I drink 3-4 cups of a spearmint & peppermint combination tea. (Anti-androgen. Supposed to reduce oil).

4. I have lemons and limes with my tea and in water with meals (Not bottled juice or even organic juice. Actual juice from limes & lemons. This is for the alkaline forming properties. Look up alkaline vs. acidic. It's also great for digestion & cleansing).

5. I'm an absolute freak about my diet. No sugar of any kind. No grains. No nightshades/starchy vegetables (except for carrots). My diet is all vegetables & some meat. The only thing I cheat with is alcohol, and I ain't giving that up anytime soon. 

6. Exercise like a maniac. Get ripped. It will help, and it's easier than you think. Just get into a nice routine, and eventually you'll look forward to it. 


That's pretty much it. Vitamin D & A, Vitamin B5, the mint teas, lemons & limes, diet, and exercise. My oily skin & acne were so bad that I eventually went to a dermatologist and he prescribed me accutane. That prescription has been sitting in my bottom drawer for 6 months because of this routine. It WILL decrease oily skin. You just have to be very disciplined. "Oh, it's Johnny's birthday at work and everyone's eating cake. No thanks." "Oh, we're barbecuing. I'll have 1 hot dog and 1 burger, but with no buns & with mustand not ketchup (which is just sugar)". Temptation is easily manageable. This routine is great for candida too.


I know this post is getting pretty long, but here's literally everything & all that I eat




brussel sprouts




string beans












tomatos on occasion 

limes/lemons (Tip: On your salads get fresh squeezed lemons and pepper, not that other crap like vinaigrette) 

extra virgin coconut oil





Don't use topicals. Those are just irritating your skin and exacerbating your problems. Wash with warm water 2-3 times per day and pat your face down. You'll even out in no time.  


Good luck. Let me know if you have any questions.