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Retin-A .04, Spiro, Other Things!

17 April 2012 - 02:07 PM

hi everyone! i've been lurking on this site without an account for awhile now. a little background on me (and obviously more importantly, my skin)...

my skin started to get bad in high school, but clearasil fixed that almost immediately. that worked for a couple years, then stopped...i tried several retinoids probably without moisturizing properly, making my skin super dry and flaky to the point where i couldn't handle it anymore. i tried proactiv, which was amazing. after being on proactiv for about 4 years, i went on accutane (at the same time as proactiv) strictly for body acne. i had a great experience with accutane. it cleared up all body acne and my face became even better than it had been before.

unfortunatelyyy about 2 years ago (and 2 years after the accutane) my face started to break out again. it was mild, but i constantly had oil, a few active whiteheads, and numerous clogged pores. i tried something similar to the regimen, sa/different levels of bp, cetaphil soap, scrubs, etc. when i went to the derm about a year ago, she suggested atralin and aczone, with bp in the morning. i saw some improvement, but the atralin just wasn't strong enough because those clogged pores just would not die. the overall tone of my skin improved, though.

my last derm visit, he suggested retin-a .04 in place of the atralin, with the option to move up to .10 if i didn't see any results. he added 50 mg of spiro (25 in the morning, 25 at night) to help with oiliness. i'm also on lo loestrin 24...used to be on orthotricyclen lo and there was no difference in my skin, but the lo loestrin is better in terms of other side effects.

i wanted to start this log because although my acne is VERY mild, which i appreciate, i think about it all the time and would like to confine those thoughts to when i'm writing in this log. i also want to make sure i track my progress carefully so i'm realistic about what's happening or not happening. in general i'm just not comfortable in my skin, and i want to find a product(s) that helps with that. i've also seen a few questions about switching retinoids, so maybe this will help someone.

i used the retin-a instead of atralin every 3 nights for the first week, and then switched to every other night about a week ago. i'm going to keep this up for another couple days, then switch to every night. right now i seem to be breaking out a little more (a couple small red pimples around my mouth) and my skin is a little dry. my forehead is still super oily with a bunch of clogged pores...this is probably my biggest issue.

soo that's all! for anyone who managed to read all the way through (i'm in grad school and apparently can't stop myself from writing an essay here)...

wash with aveeno ultra calming foaming cleanser/sometimes exfoliate (the flakies!) with olay pro x brush
apply 2.5% bp
olay sensitive skin spf 15 moisturizer

wash with aveeno ultra calming foaming cleanser
retin-a .04
cetaphil moisturizing cream