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What To Do For Weak Hair/skin/nails?

13 May 2013 - 05:38 AM

hey nutrition buffs,

I read something about silica being an important part of healthy hair-skin-nails. Also biotin...I am unfortunately lacking in some nutritive aspect. My hair is weak and my nails are ridiculous...my skin is mostly OK but I figure, whats good for hair and nails is good for skin . Im getting to an age where I guess I should start thinking about (uuggh) wrinkle prevention too.  What are some foods/suplements which help?

Jello-o? Bone broths, I think they have collagenw hich has to be good for the skin?

 Any sugestions are appreciated.

Anyone Tried Cc Creams?

25 April 2013 - 04:58 AM

I havent been wearing make-up much since my skin has been clear, I figured its better not to. Id still like something for special occasions or when Im getting photographed. BB and cc creams are pretty new on the market, I like the idea of cc creams because they are lighter and have spf and supposedly can fade spots over time and improve skin texture. Sounds awesome but Im concerned about break-outs. I wouldnt be wearing it every day but, you know...


Ive heard really good things about Clinique's cc cream and Lorac's. If anybody has tried these or another brand which they liked (or didnt like) . I love make-up reviews.