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#3349764 Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

Posted by AuguriesofInnocence on 19 May 2013 - 10:17 AM


however Ive read people having reactions from being on it for 10 days or so...some people cannot tolerate even the smallest amount. Russian Roulette is a good analogy, some people take big amounts and (seemingly) have little lasting effects and some people, like myself, take a low-dose and go absolutely psychotic. Or lose their hair, or whatever the individual case may be. You just dont know.

Are you having symptoms of damage, you havent said...?

Wow this thread is huge...


Did anyone here get problems from taking something like the following dosage:

20 mg of accutane 3 times a week for a 7-8 weeks?

#3349074 Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

Posted by AuguriesofInnocence on 16 May 2013 - 05:55 PM

So, taking an anti DHT supplement is as bad as having too much DHT?Im confused.

Ill stop taking it for now. I still will take the spearmint though I dont think thats been proven to do any harm or further throw hormones off balance. This hormone stuff blows, in my next  life I hope to come back as a dolphin or something.

Gah. Camaroz is right. I never thought I'd say that.

I had a conversation with a good friend who's in med school, and he backed up my concerns. Guess that means I'm quitting EPO. And I thought it was helping, too... maybe it was just my diet changes.

Inhibition of 5α-reductase results in decreased production of DHT, increased levels of testosterone, and, perhaps, increased levels of estradiol. Gynecomastia is a possible side-effect of 5α-reductase inhibition.


Accutane works by reduding 5a-reductase type 1.

the catch is, overproduction can do 1/2 things
either A- the opposite or B- the same as inhibition
overproduction can lead to decreased sensitivity of binding sites
thats how type I diabetes can work; lack of sensitivity for insulin

SO in producing too much DHT i can get side effects of too little DHT or vice versa

He told me to wait it out, keep eating right (staying away from carbs, sugars, oxalates), etc. I'm on hyaluronic acid/glucosamine and will start burdock and dandelion.

No one online ever talks about DHT inhibitors having the same side effects as increased DHT because that's really not a problem for most people. It's very rare to have low DHT unless you're on a DHT inhibitor. The body makes hormones for a reason. We need DHT or else we would have evolved without it.

#3346895 Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

Posted by AuguriesofInnocence on 08 May 2013 - 11:32 AM

lol I could never work in a mental hospital...when I was there for a week, there were two basic types, average people who were haing crises or breakdowns (like myself) and those unfortunate people who are truly gone...I had a schizophrnic woman sharing my room, she hardly spoke but she would giggle and laugh in the middle of the night a nothing. Still creeps me out.

oil of oregano is legit. you can get a good bottle from whole foods for about 20 bucks. Ive been using it for years now.  it may increase dehydration, but paradoxically it works wonders for me in terms of giving moisture to my eyes, helping digestion (go to bathroom), joint pain relief, clears sinuses and throat (all bacterial/immunity BS). It got rid of my geographical gross tongue thank god. looked like i had some plague on my mouth...probably do! anyways, try it in very small amounts. I havnt even needed to increase more than one drop with the essential oils brand since it is very concentrated.  Drink a lot of water while on it, and take breaks every once in a while.


Also, latest development on my hair, is jojoba oil works to hydrate the scalp. I have noticed less breakage and less hair falling out. hypothesizing that since my scalp is just so darn dry, the scalp was literally flaking the hair off.  jojoba gets deep in the scalp,...feels amazing. not sure if its a cure, too early to tell, but definitely good for symptom management and decreasing itching associated with dryness. also a fungicide! WEIRD. I think my body is basically a petri dish. Yay. GO ACCUTANE for killing immunity!


Lastly, EXERCISE. even if it's literally doing 5 crunches, walking to get mail, or touching your toes...DO IT. I've just been doing a physical therapy regimen for weak butt and back, and i have felt sooo much better. I need to consistently maintain it, but has helped my overall well-being ten fold, including my self-esteem.


Really lastly, SUN. Get your natural vitamin D, not that BS from bottles that they call vitamin D.  I notice the difference right away after being in the sun for 5 minutes. endorphins yay!


Finalmente, Don't work in mental health like me. It is bad news bears. It's really the only factor that I think has been depleting my resources.


Pet cats. they're awesome.

Can anyone give a brief list of core supplements that are proven to work for us peeps? I know what works for me...but i kind of want to decrease my supplement load as much as possible since i think my body struggles to even absorb them. ones that i know for a fact that have worked for me are:


HA -epicly mobile joints if i drink enough water with it

Salmon oil - insulation, increased temperature regulation, some joint relief

Glutamine - muscle mass

*Biotin---i believe it makes my nails stronger..but hard do say if it's directly the biotin.

glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen--not as good as HA.

Garlic - decreases dehydration, balances blood sugar

Oil of Oregano/MMS - kills pathogens, bacterial infections and increases oxygenation in the body



*gluten free has alleviated any psychological symptoms...do not get brain fog, better digestion, and better energy overall.


I have not noticed a difference with supplementing with anything else.


What has definitely worked for you all in the way of symptom management/relief?

#3344743 I'm So Tired Of All This; When Will I Get Better?

Posted by AuguriesofInnocence on 01 May 2013 - 05:24 AM

Dont feel the need to give people excuses. I really hate when Captains of the Obvious say things like "what happened to your skin?'  or "oh look you are breaking out"...I dont go around telling people "gosh, youre fat!" and "holy crap you have so many wrinkles you look like a bloodhound". People who feel the need to say whats in their head need to be told off, even if they are well-intentioned the should keep their comments private and not in the middle of dinner or a grocery store.  I always wore my hair down and piled on the make-up, I guess I was lucky because I rarely got comments but I felt as though everybody noticed.


I understand how bad you are feeling, my acne was at its worst last year. I felt like a 'stain" as you said, but thats the wrong way to think of things. Acne is a problem but you cant let it define you as a person .Once you let acne control you its a short step to depression and social isolation, trust me you dont want to go there. Youre doing the regimen thats a start. for most people it says between 2-3 months should be a big improvement.  A lesser version of Dan's regimen worked for me for a while, but last year when my acne got crazy I found out I had a hormone imbalance and going on birth control cleard my skin in 4 months. As a person who had acne but now has clear skin, I can say what a relief it is not to have to deal with it. I also dont judge anybody for their problems. People who say rude comments should be called out, just tell them you know about it, youre doing your best to fix it and  if they have nothing nice to say, keep their mouth shut. Good luck.

#3344279 Gay And Living With Body Nodular Acne

Posted by AuguriesofInnocence on 29 April 2013 - 10:01 PM

hey there, just a thought, are you sure what you have IS acne? Is any of it on your face?

The reason I ask is there are several conditions which look a lot like acne but have different causes. I know someone who believed he had acne and it was actually a condition called hydradenitis supportiva (which is usually on parts of your body like thighs, buttocks and underatms). Its more a sweat gland issue than anything. You may want to look it up.

Anyway taking turmeric orally and putting it on the spots helps. It does stain though so mind your clothes.

#3343204 Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

Posted by AuguriesofInnocence on 25 April 2013 - 05:24 AM

I couldnt tolerate spiro. After two months on it with no noticeable improvement in my acne,I has extreme fatigue and low blood pressure--my top number was 68! Saw palmetto and spearmint do the same thing naturally without the side effects.

Change your diet. Trust me, it helps. And I really did use to eat a lot of fish (I was pescatarian.) I used to eat chocolate, peanut butter, and nuts all the time, but now on my low oxalate diet, I can't. Trust me, the cravings will disappear. And you'll feel better.


My doctor prescribed me 100 mg spiro, so I'm going to half it and do 50 for the first three weeks to see how it affects me. Believe me, if I start getting adverse effects, I now know to back off.


I have low estrogen, so evening primrose oil and peppermint tea are what have knocked out my acne. I'm going to keep on them.... I'm pretty sure EPO has helped to bring the moisture back to my skin.

Hon, she means spironolactone not spirulina. Sprio (the med) is a blood pressure med which incidentally lowers adnrogens in the body. Spirulina is blue-green algae which is a 'superfood" supposedly. I wish doctors would prescribe spirulina lol it is certainly less harmful than most meds.



Change your diet. Trust me, it helps. And I really did use to eat a lot of fish (I was pescatarian.) I used to eat chocolate, peanut butter, and nuts all the time, but now on my low oxalate diet, I can't. Trust me, the cravings will disappear. And you'll feel better.


My doctor prescribed me 100 mg spiro, so I'm going to half it and do 50 for the first three weeks to see how it affects me. Believe me, if I start getting adverse effects, I now know to back off.


I have low estrogen, so evening primrose oil and peppermint tea are what have knocked out my acne. I'm going to keep on them.... I'm pretty sure EPO has helped to bring the moisture back to my skin.

Just curious what type of doctor would prescribe spirulina? and can you just buy this online in a good quality form?


Also, how severe are your symptoms? joint pain, heat palps, and painfully tired?

It is possible that your sebum will eventually return at least to some degree. It may take a year or two but there is hope for that. For now, I think its best to use natural oils on your skin/scalp/hair until hopefully, your body starts producing it on its own.

But it's the dryness that is at the root cause of all physical symptoms if we can't address that then what hope do we have?

Im sorry for you. Unlike most people on this thread, I was not left with extensive physical ailmants.The worst I have is skin flushing, sun sensitivity and a bit of hair thinning. But accutane almost runied my life, almost ENDED my life. I took it for 1 month at 10 mg and by the end of that month I was a suicidal zombie. I effing shot myself. I tried suicide 2 moe times after that...I was in a mental institution for a week. I didnt want to live, I felt nothing but unremitting dread. It wasnt until 3-4 months alter I gradually came out of that haze, with much help and prayers from my family.

This drug is one of the worst ones in history, especially since the joke is often on us--how many people have "cleared" their acne, only to have it return a year or two later? Along with a plethora of physical and emotional problems?

Fucking Roche, they should have banned this long ago for good. Thalidamide is banned, and  "all" that did was cause horific birth defects which accutane also does plus much much more.. WHY is it not banned?

I have given up the hope, that there is a cure for the long term accutane damage. The damage on the body is so complex, that it can not be fixed with drinking lots of water or vitamin supplement. It is more than 10 years ago that I took accutane and nothing is getting better. The opposite is the case. It is getting worse and worse. It haunts me every day, every single day, that I took this drug. It ruined my life.

#3342039 Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

Posted by AuguriesofInnocence on 20 April 2013 - 06:50 PM

"accutainted", I must remember that :-I


I agree, herbals are probably better than trying to counteract this poison with more poisons, er, meds. I just bought an oregano plant because they keep mosqitos away also.


I had tinnitus after accutane. I cant really say if accutane caused it, because I a) shot myself, so it could have been from the blast though it didnt appear till a month after the gunshot, and b) I tried to od on various otc meds, ibuprofen, benadryl etc. It didnt kill me but I felt fucked-up for a month, the day after I noticed tinnitus. That among other things, dont try to od it wasnt fun, I had vision/hearing/muscle problems and thought I was damaged forever. God has been kind to me in that Ive recovered from that od attempt. That was about 8 months ago, the tinnitus has faded a lot. I do take a supplement ginko and b 12 so maybe  it helped.

I recently caught momo at 31 which  is pretty late...I wondered if maybe accutane lowered my immunity? Because of losing too much weight I develped a rare ear dysorder called PET. It feels like your ear is blocked but the tube is actually open all the time when it should stay closed.


I have bad cirulation I get chilblains but I cant blame accutane Ive always had that.

All this fun stuff.

#3342036 Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

Posted by AuguriesofInnocence on 20 April 2013 - 06:38 PM

For me, the physical side effects while on 1 month of accutane were considered "normal"--dry bleeding lips which came off in pieces, nosebleeds and fatigue. But the mental aspect was the worst, I looked and felt like a zombie. I was filled with a deep depressive dread, everything seemed wrong, it was like the world had turned into a horrible place. I was never able to relax, even when I was sleeping I was jolted awake by panic attacks.It took a good 3-months after stopping accutane before I no longer felt suicidal. I literally had someone with me at all times, my husband had booby traps in my room at night so he could hear if I got up. He was terrified I would kill myself, and I nearly did.

Almost a year later, I have mostly recovered from the physical effects, though I flush easily and am sun sensitive. I also am having hair thinning, most people say they dont notice it but its very noticable to me. Im using herbal oils to help scalp cirulation but my hair will probably never be the same.

Here are pics of me, the green dress is my hair before all this crap.

The second is me in a zombie-like state on accutane--scary blank expression and all. Scary isnt it?

The third is my hair in the right light which shows thinning at the front.

All my life, I always said I had too much hair, it was very thick. I guess we should watch what we say :-I


Anyway, good luck to you all. Fuck Roche.

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#3341274 Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

Posted by AuguriesofInnocence on 17 April 2013 - 03:58 AM

I hope that's true. I've been eating dairy like crazy since it's allowed on my diet, and calcium actually impedes oxalate absorption. I douse almost everything with parmesan cheese and love Greek yogurt smoothies.


Actually, I think the times my hair loss was the worst was when I was trying some kind of modified paleo... not for me!

hi, what have you done for hair loss?

I found a natural recipe for helping grow back hair. 2 cups jojoba oil, 10 drops each of lemon balm, rosemary and lavendar oil, and 5 drops of cedar atlas oil.

You spray/rub it into your scalp, I let  it sit on my head for half and hour but you can put on a shower cap and sleep with it in.

In a few months my hair was growing back better. These oils help scalp circulation.

If anything isotretinoin brought me closer to GOD  , he hears our pain and suffering , all will be judged one day ALL  especially ROCHE , the systematic poisoning


of teenagers (for life) and young adults is what has happened , justice must be served in this life or the next. All our posts have made a difference and have exposed the


pure evil of this drug and have stopped countless future victims of ever taking it , something we should all be proud of .



If anything isotretinoin brought me closer to GOD  , he hears our pain and suffering , all will be judged one day ALL  especially ROCHE , the systematic poisoning


of teenagers (for life) and young adults is what has happened , justice must be served in this life or the next. All our posts have made a difference and have exposed the


pure evil of this drug and have stopped countless future victims of ever taking it , something we should all be proud of .

I have to agree with that. I never hit rock bottom until I took accutane (only 1 month of 10 mg!)

I attempted suicide twice, and at some point I remember asking God to save me because I couldnt live like that anymore.

Well he must have known I was at my breaking point because I did get better. It took 3-4 months after getting off accutane to feel normal again. I also found a simple way to fix my acne (yaz, plus herbal supplements).

I have always been a believer in God but a somewhat complacent one. I know He exists He heard me and if He hadnt lifted me from that despair, Id be dead today.

I'm in a really dark place right now emotionally and physically. Fuck this drug and fuck this Nazi corporation Roche that pay off patients whose lives they've fucking devastated. Fuck their doctored studies on accutane's safety, paid for and sponsored by their own company. Fuck them passing the buck after patients commit suicide, refusing to accept blame even when people directly reference accutane as the cause in their own suicide notes. "Well acne causes depression so maybe it wasn't the drugs fault after all" or "accutane is proven safe in the treatment of adult acne and has no link to depression" 


Accutane doesn't cause depression but it messes your life up so badly, you'd wish you had the worst case of manic depression because what you will feel is so much worse. You feel vacant, like every ounce of emotion in the cortex of your body has been taken from you. Like a hollow husk of a once living human being. Without the energy or passion to fight it anymore. Accutane you win, you've beaten me into the floor, made me a non believer in god and well and truely scavenged my body into the pits of the afterlife.

The way you describe accutane making you feel is exactly how I felt--hollow, despairing, completely beaten. I only took 10 mg for one month and by the end of that month I had no will to live. It was like I could only see the dark side of life. My friends and family didnt matter, I thought I was a burden and theyd be better off without me.

I tried to kill myself twice. Ill never forgive myself, my  6 year-old son and husband thought they were going to lose me and had no idea why.

I think Roche is horrible for allowing this drug still. Even the so-called 'success" stories--those people often come up with side effects 5, 10 years down the line.

I would love to speak to the people who make this poison and tell them how I shot myself and tried to OD and tried my damndest to leave this world because, I never felt like that until the moment I put that pill in my mouth.

Thank God Im still alive, He and my family and friends saved me. It wasnt my time to die.

#3340819 Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

Posted by AuguriesofInnocence on 15 April 2013 - 05:04 AM

hello, Im here to add my accutane horror story among the many.

First of all I swore Id never take the stuff, but as we all know when youre desperate we tend to take desperate measures.

Ive had mild acne until last year, when it seemed to take a turn for the worse. I was getting cysts on my jawline, chin and some on my back. I felt ugly and diseased, Id used the usual topicals, been on and off minocyclin (which has its own plethora of problems) and even dramatically changed my diet, which according to some on here is the real cause of acne. All BS. I love how these nutrition geeks like to blame people for their own acne as if  being a vegan raw food palio-ist isnt good enough, eat dirt why dont you?!

Anyway, after jumping through the proverbial hoops and red tape to get the accutane--2 negative pregnancy tests, blood tests, all the disclosure forms etc--I began taking it in August. From the very first pill, it felt wrong to me. WIthin two weeks I had the peeling bloody lips and nosebleeds, along with a hollow feeling. I quickly became very depressed, it was as if all the light was sucked out of m life and I could only see the dark side of things. I felt feverish and my feet felt like lead. My depression grew worse, and I became obsessed with my skin, Id literally spend hours in front of the mirror scrutinizing every pore and finding all kinds of things I hated about myself. My skin was clearing and the oil was going but I felt worse than ever. I constantly asked people around me if my skin looked any better at least 50 times per day. I cried often and spent a lot of time staring into space.

One day after taking my usual xanax and vikodin for my wisdom teeth removal, I had a breakdown, I was alone in the house and crying hysterically. I felt like a worthless freak. I picked up a gun and shot myself. Luckily it only glanced off my ribs, I think my underwire bra saved me, but at this point I was at rock bottom. I ended up in a mental hospital for a week, and frightened my family half to death. I realized, this stuff is poison and its very difficult to get for a reason, cause it can KILL you!

It took me a good three months for the depression to lift. I had to have someone with me day and night as I was still feeling suicidal. I finally began recovering around Christmas.

Also, I diagnosed myself  with PCOS and after my idiot gyno put me on the wrong meds, which gave me very low blood pressure. I went to a different one who gave me yaz. and I began taking anti-DHT supplements,  Within 4 months my skin was clear, and still is.

I cant believe I took accutane, my husband told me not to take it as he believes his taking it as a teenager caused his digesive problems and arthritis. I only took this poison for one month, and that month was complete hell.

I am feeling back to my normal self these days, thank God for allowing me to live and not die by my own hand because when youre in such a dark place you cant bear the thought of another hour, let alone onother day, its nearly unbearable.

I feel for all you who took accutane and suffered in whatever way. Indigo Rush you did warn me but I thought "it wont happen to me". This stuff should be taken off the market, and we should be able to sue the maker. But of course there were all those disclosure forms...

Id advise ANYBODY  considering accutane, just DONT. I believe acne is hormonal anyway, you can find a solution if you keep trying.

God bless and I hope those of you suffering long-term damage find some relief.


#3327692 This Will Be My Last Post Here, And What I Have Learned About Acne.

Posted by AuguriesofInnocence on 18 February 2013 - 11:46 AM

hi fellow Org members,

I had joined this site about a year ago hoping to learn and share acne information. Ive had acne since I was around 12, which has gone through better and worse stages over the years. I never really knew why some people get it and some dont. After reading a lot of posts on here, I was thoroughly confused...is it food allergies? Toxins, genetics, bad make-up? Hormones, the water I shower with, parasites, candida, ect ect.

Ive tried a lot of over the counter products, including salicylic acid which seemed to burn my skin (I have an aspirin allergy) benzoyl peroxide (which seemed to dry out my skin) masques, mositurisers and all the rest.


In early 2012, my mild-moderate acne seemed to be getting worse no matter what I did, I went on a juicing diet, with no results except unwated weight loss, I gave up all sugar and gluten and dairy, again with no results except for feeling deprived. I had large cysts on my face and was getting them on my back and my skin was super-oily. I always felt dirty and diseased. Finally desperate, I asked to take Accutane. It was relatively easy to get the prescription, though the process was annoying and caused me lots of stress. Almost from the beginning, I felt unwell and in a cloud, each day I took the pills I began to feel deader and more depressed...after a month, my skin was pretty cleared up and oil-free but my mental state was terrible and my lips were a mess. In August after only a month on accutane, I mixed xanax with vikodin with near tragic results, I attempted to harm myself and was committed to a mental hospital for 6 days. Though I was released  I constantly thought of ways to harm myself while obsessing over my skin, I was terrified the oiliness and acne would return once the  Accutane left my system. My gyno put me on aldactone, which is supposed to help with hormonal acne (having recently been diagnosed with PCOS didnt help my mood either) but I found it made me tired and my blood pressure was dangerously low.

I went to another specialist, who recommended taking Yaz birth control. I was willing to try, I also began looking up every kind of natural remedy for PCOS and hormonal acne.

To my great suprise, after including various herbs and vitamins and after 3 months on YAZ my skin has cleared so dramatically I no longer needed make up and I was wearing my hair back. YAZ has the same risks as any other birth control pill but for me I have no side effects and I am feeling better than ever.


I have come to believe that for men and women with adult acne, it is almost always hormonally caused. Not to say diet doesnt play a role--I eat minimal gluten sugar and dairy but I havent cut it out entirely. I just try to eat mostly healthy, non-processed foods with green vegetables, brown rice lean protein and fruits and nuts. I will have treats on occasion and I do eat yogurt and chocolate (at least 70% cocoa). The biggest change other than the YAZ for me is as follows:

I drink at least 4 cups of water per day, no crazy amount. I do drink green tea and coffee but NO soda and not much fruit juice.

I dont eat things with cellulose or a lot of preservatives. They arent good for anybody.

I take in omega three fatty acids, (I cant stand the fish or flaxseed pills so I eat walnuts, sunfloerr seeds and salmon and sardines). But pills are just as good.

I dont overwash my face, I do it twice a day with a gentle cleanser and I use 2.5% benzoyl peroxide VERY sparingly once a day and also a non-comedogenic moisturiser. Mind you, I was using a lot more of bp before with little results but I still use it as part of my regimen.

I take the following supplements:

an anti-DHT formula. DHT is the "evil" form of testosterone which causes acne, male pattern baldness, prostate problems ect. I believe most men with acne have issues with this hormone as well. The product I take contains regular vitamins like zinc, a, b, c, selenium and silica along with natural herbs like saw palmetto, nettle, green tea and wild yam. The one I take is specifically for women but they make them for men as well.

Next, I take two spearmint capsules a day, you can drink the tea if you like but I prefer it in capsule form as its easier and quicker. 500mg. They are cheap and  freshen your breath too.

I take probiotics and I also take calcium/magnesium. Thats it.

I believe that DHT is the underlying cause in most adult acne, perhaps food allergies also for some people. DHT in women causes hormonal upset such as acne, increased body/facial hair and thinning head hair, all of which can be treated  by taking an anti-DHT formula. The YAZ and the spearmint reduce oil production Ive always had oily skin, now its what Id consider normal (thank god!) I know men cant take birth control but they can safely take saw palmetto, nettle and a lesser amount of spearmint. The formula I use is called

Hairomega 3-in 1 (actually meant for hairloss but treats acne as well) they have several brands such as Nioxin and Shen Min at health stores.


Lastly, Id say after half a lifetime of struggling with the physical and emotional aspects of acne, I feel satisfied now. I am much happier and feel normal, clean and pretty again. I dont always have 100% clear skin, but my skin is 95% clear about 90% of the time. I no longer have body acne at all, acne along my jawline and chin and I can wear no makeup. If I do get a pimple once in a great while, its usually from too much sugar or skipping my supplements. I only use concealer for the old marks and they are fading.


I sent this message hoping that many of you will at least try hormonal treatments before doing something drastic like Accutane which was almost the death of me. Anti-biotics are no real help Id been on and off them for years, till they stopped working and just gave me yeast infections. I recommend YAZ for women, and for those who cant/dont want birth control, try the anti-DHT pills and the spearmint, it certainly cant hurt you. Same for men, hey maybe it will prevent you from baldness as well thats only a plus.

Im not claiming this will work for everyone (though I wish it would!) but if you are desperate know there is hope, there are other ways to treat acne and there are people like me who finally at 30 years old, conquered the acne demon which has plagued my life since I was a pre-teen.

God bless you all and I pray one day acne will be eradicated forever .


The only things I avoid are deep fried foods, peanuts, pure sugar, soda, full-fat inorganic dairy and fatty red meats. And despair, if you let it get a hold on you, you will go down fast. Hope, pray and do something about it. I thank God that I didnt succeed in harming myself when I was at my lowest because I hope this will help at least a few people. All Ive said is true and I have no motives but to inform.

Farewell, good luck and if you  have any specific questions Ill try to answer them. <3




#3270893 Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!

Posted by AuguriesofInnocence on 30 July 2012 - 03:17 PM

Gina/girls... this is a pic of me today, Im finally starting to get dry and the oil is diminishing! Im hoping that it stays manageble
Im getting my wisdom teeth out Monday but I can still take the tane. My lips will be a mess Posted Image(
And yes THANKAto all you log keepers you ispire us greatly.

I keep feeling up and down but Im doing my best to keep sane. Hormones, bc, accutane nd now poor toothies.
Hugsm anaybody?

YOU'RE SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You said there was less oil...do you notice less breakouts?

Oh wow, I hope you recover fast from the wisdom teeth surgery. I had it a few years ago, and they were surprised I lasted all the way till 26 before having my two taken out, but one of them became impacted, so there was no choice. I got really sick from the pain meds and ended up puking. I could barely eat. My Mom made me "oatmeal shakes" that I could drink for breakfast. haha She blended cooked oatmeal with almond milk and banana. It was gross but filling. The best thing she made was this completely pureed casserole. Cooked and then pureed zucchini, spinach, onion, and potato on the bottom layer, with cooked and pureed sweet potato on the top layer, mixed with nutmeg and olive oil. OMG IT WAS REALLY GOOD!!! When you're starving Posted Image

Just some suggestions since all the regular stuff they tell you to eat is yummy, but can get boring: applesauce, yogurt, etc.

Had the teeth out a few hours ago...oddly I feel fine till the numbness wears off. I even feel better mentally from all teh meds. Its kinda nice like the Opium catterpillar in Alice in Wonderland lol.
Gina when did you pretty much stop breaking out?Im on day 20  at 20 mg but I am skipping a few days because of the dental antibiotics. Do you think Ill regress? I still have one big active on my temple, a tiny one on my cheek and dried up ones. At what point did you notice you were pretty clear and staying that way? Lips are peeling and a bit sore but not much else bad to report except feeling down that its not working faster.

I am going to have my husband feed me pureed squash and pepper soup and soft boiled eges. Were going to have a Game of Thrones marathon on tv since my son is staying at his grammies.
I hope youre doing well today Gine! Its an emotional rollercoaster sometimes you feel great sometimes you feel like utter crap. At the moment Im Ok.
ps hope your glasses area on your nose is better! I dont have regular glasses but live in Sunglasses lol.

#3265499 Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!

Posted by AuguriesofInnocence on 13 July 2012 - 09:31 AM

I was kind of hoping that by fixing my iron it would help the acne too. But I'm assuming your iron is ok know and that it wasnt the cause of your acne. I really don't wanna go back to eating meat, so I'm taking supplements and eating more lentils and beets. I hope I can bring my iron levels to normal and see if that makes a difference.

It might help since low iron levels can leave people susceptible to infections. I have had acne with anemia and acne without anemia. I think acne is more so a combination of hormones (stress, menstruation, imbalanced ratio of estrogen to progesterone as women get older) and genetics. MAYBE high sugar, rancid oil intake and overall low nutrient density in the diet. At least, I have read research articles on glycemic index and higher acne counts. I find I just need to eat a low glycemic diet in general to maintain my weight and energy levels. Otherwise, I crash like nobody's bidness!  Posted Image Posted Image

My fiance loves me so much and I love him so much! omg omg omg *explodes*

Hehe Seriously. He comes home tomorrow from his business trip and I got all excited. I made blueberry muffins (gluten-free, dairy-free, and even oil-free!) using raw honey and local organic blueberries. I ate two and I want to eat a third. Haha I can't help it! They are SOOOOOO good.

I also cooked up a big batch of homemade meatballs using grass-fed beef and finely diced steamed cauliflower instead of eggs or breadcrumbs. I think I like the meatballs better with crumbled toasted rice bread though. I also made a roasted red pepper sauce to go with the meatballs, since I have a sensitivity to tomatoes. He gets in around noon, so I'll have a nice Italian meal ready for him...

mama mia am I gonna be a great Italian wife or what? Haha Posted Image

food sounds amazing Gina yes youre going to be a fabulous Italian wife :-) That meal and muffins sound cool one of my biggest splurges is blueberry muffins :-P

I think we should just try to enjoy today, and not worry about anything else...deal?

I keep my wishes and prayers with you all. Send some back to me, today will be day 5.
Nothing special yet skin is a bit drier cant wait till I see big results!

#3264781 Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!

Posted by AuguriesofInnocence on 11 July 2012 - 08:20 AM

Gina...Im glad youre doing halfway but wish you peaceful rest. I have poor sleep too. Its truly no fun
Have you looked into adrenal fatigue?Im wondering if I have this. It sounds very similar to how I feel. if youre very stressed for a long period of time (acne, accutane, wedding, school all is Big stress Gina) Id get it checked out. Its not weird you have a lot on your mind.

I probably wont go up to 60mg but hopefully will do 20 and 40. As of now I dont have anything to report other than being nervous! I have a few pimples which i pray will clear up soon mostly along the sides of myorehead and chin area as always. I can cover them up with makeup but I hate how its harder to hide in summer. I just want to be bare and clear.

Im so glad you dont mind me hijacking your log. Yes please dont leave us we love you :-) We look forward to your photos. I may put up pics one day if I feel brave but my webcam is crap and I dont want anyone else taking naked face pics of me lol. Sorry im a coward lol.
ps Im taking claravis too, the brand name.

#3263419 How ya feelin' about your acne today?

Posted by AuguriesofInnocence on 07 July 2012 - 12:50 PM

I have my prom in 5 days and my face is looking awful, I feel like crying every time I look at myself in the mirror. Despite having the perfect dress and accessories, all I can think about is how crap my face is going to look - black marks all over my face from pimples (I have Indian skin so PIH is so hard to cover up Posted Image) and tons of spots everywhere.

I don't even want to show my face to anyone; I hate how much acne affects me. I should be happy and enjoying life, but no, I'm sat in my room feeling sorry for myself and trying random things like ACV in the hope that some sort of miracle will happen. Not likely.

Im so sorry you feel bad. please dont skip your prom you will always regret it.
Just cover up the best you can look cute in your dress/hair and remember your friends love you for YOU .
Anyway probs are usually low-lighting anyway ;-)

I didnt have this problem at my proms, which I am grateful for. I didnt start to get seriously botherd by acne until I was older. yup, 30 year old with acne its getting SO old :-I
Will say prayers for you to heal very fast!