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Aha+ Causing Dry Skin?

19 November 2013 - 06:31 PM

I've been using the regimen for nearly 5 months but have only used AHA occasionally in this time. Whenever I use it often (especially if in consecutive days) I find that it makes my skin quite dry and flaky - and flakes / dryness is normally under control for me unless I used more BP than normal.

It's only like this around my nose and mouth but it's a really uncomfortable dry feeling and makes my lips feel really dry too (not flaky or anything just dry / uncomfortable - and I'm not putting AHA there). I'm also still breaking out on the regimen anyway, but I think AHA might cause me to break out a little too. Not sure yet though  - but could this be possible? Do some people breakout from AHA?


Is there an adjustment period with AHA? should I just push through this dry / flaky / uncomfortable / tight / leathery feeling that it seems to cause me and hope my skin adjusts and feels normal while using AHA after awhile? 


Thanks :)

Should You Wait Until You're Clear Before Adding Aha?

25 July 2013 - 09:33 PM

I'm coming to the end of my fourth week on the regimen and I want to add AHA in to my routine at some point. I still have acne and am still breaking out - though my breakouts are less frequent and are usually small whiteheads now but I've still got a few papule type spots on my chin and jaw.


Should I wait until my skin is clear before adding in AHA? And does AHA replace moisturiser?


Also, are there any store bought alternatives to Dan's AHA? The closest thing I have to it is a product that has AHA and BHA and is marketed toward fading acne scars. I haven't used it yet and bought it before I realised it had BHA in it... I'm probably going to try it at some point but if anyone knows of better alternatives to AHA that I can find in stores, it would be great if you could let me know smile.png