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In Topic: No Expiry Date On My Bp?

13 September 2014 - 10:57 PM

Hmm that is weird - I'd have sworn that's where you'd find an expiry date even for the BP.


Are you able to get a store-bought BP where you live (if you aren't able/wanting to order another BP from the acne.org store) just to see how a product that definitely is not expired works on your skin? I'd still recommend the acne.org BP over any others though - it's the best quality BP I've used. But any other 2.5% BP will be just as effective. 

In Topic: No Expiry Date On My Bp?

13 September 2014 - 03:01 AM

You should find the expiry date stamped into the plastic / the crimp of the tube. 


I'm not sure how long the BP stays 'effective' after the expiry date passes. I have found in the past that maybe a month after the expiry date has passed and if I'm still using it, that my skin breaks out a bit more, but I'm also not completely sure as to whether that was to do with the expiry date or if I had happened to be a bit lazy in following the regimen at that time. 


Check that you're following all the steps in the regimen as closely as possible / exactly. Remember, you're still fairly early on in using the regimen. It's best to stick with it for 3 to 4 months before deciding that it is / isn't working for you. 

Good luck with it all :)

In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

12 September 2014 - 07:09 PM




thank you for your interest Lilly!


I stopped the doxy last sunday, because it was making me breakout like ive never done before, and i would rather have mild acne in the chin (if i take care of my skin) during the year than not having any active acne but the whole face full of red marks.


Since i stopped the doxy, i havent had any more breakouts, even one cyst which was forming under my skin dissapeared on its own. One cyst in my chin developed 3 heads, and the ones in my cheeks look a lot less inflamed, though they seem to have a hundred year old roots. 


Overall my skin looks much better, and im thinking about going to college, just not during the first month because im still very incomfortable talking face to face to people, i think my 3 headed cyst is just disrespectful to society.

Glad to hear there hasn't been any more breakouts since stopping doxy and that you're thinking about going to college! 

Hopefully the current breakouts start to heal / become less noticeable soon  - perhaps even in time to go to college in the first month. I can completely understand why you'd consider not going and how it can make you feel uncomfortable to talk to people face to face - but I'd be still trying to go. People notice our skin way less than we do and care about it way less than we do too.

Good luck with it all

In Topic: How ya feelin' about your acne today?

12 September 2014 - 01:23 AM

Breaking out a lot lately! Mostly across my jaw but some on my cheeks too :/ It's annoying but it's slowly getting better again. Still dealing with loads of red marks too. Overall my skin is probably the worst it's been in a while. But still loads better than pre-regimen. I've been super lazy with the regimen lately and also tried to reduce the amount of BP I use but obviously my skin doesn't like that. So that, combined with a bit of stress and a few other things going on are probably all creating this breakout.

I'm making an appointment to see a derm soon, really just to see what he says and find out what other things I can try. The regimen has been great for me but it's time consuming - and it's hard for me to maintain good results on it when I don't have the time to apply BP in the mornings. It keeps my skin under control, but doesn't keep my skin clear by only using it once a day. I'm also only using about 1 to 1 1/2 pumps at the moment. If I use 2 pumps that obviously gives me better results.


I've been carpooling with some girls from my uni to our 'work experience' / placement, and the other day on our drive, somehow the topic of skin / acne came up. My first reaction was to freeze - I don't talk about this stuff with people face-to-face. But it ended up being a great little conversation - we all swapped stories about how shitty acne can be and all the treatments we've tried, what helped, what didn't etc. A couple had taken accutane in the past. And I would never have guessed their skin bothered them now. Their  skin looks 'normal' to me. Yeah, they'll have a little breakout now and then but to me it looks minor / mild and I've never thought anything of it. I had one of them comment the same to me - that they don't notice my skin (I find that hard to accept / believe but it was nice to hear). Anyway, it was nice to just openly chat about it a bit and have some people "in-real-life" who just get it. It actually made me feel a bit more self-confident, and weirdly, like I wasn't 'hiding a secret' or something like that...


Guys my activity around here has dropped off significantly in the past year (mostly due to being really busy) but I'm going to try to get back to a point where I check in at least once every few days. This forum helped me a lot  during some rough times and I know how low the constant acne struggle can make someone feel.


A little update on me: I'm still on the Regimen. I use it only during the night and it's been the most effective treatment I have EVER used for my acne aside from a few semi-successful antibiotic treatments from the derm years ago. The Regimen is not a cure...but it definitely helps keep my acne under control and to the point where it's manageable. As I type this I have a pretty big spot on the upper side of my nose (a spot where the BP never goes) and a few small spots along my chin and upper lip. My chin has always been kind of a "hot spot" for me in terms of acne so even on the Regimen I get a fair amount of acne there.


I've had no major side effects to speak of from the Regimen (aside from the occasional itchy area of skin if I use too much BP on a certain section of skin) and I'm interested to hear if some of the people I used to talk to on here are still using the Regimen? How effective has it been for you guys? Any updates?


But yeah, my thoughts are with anyone who is struggling right now...I've been there and I know how hard it is.

Hey Randall - good to see you around again


That's great the regimen seems to still be working well for you. I agree that it's been one of the most effective treatments I've tried for my acne and I'd recommended it to people. I am still using it, albeit lazily, as I mentioned above. When I'm it more religiously and using the full 2 pumps once a day, then my skin is a lot more under control.


Do you see yourself sticking with it for the time being? 


Im feeling suicidal. Before taking doxy i had mild acne, 4 active spots or so. 4 pills after, i have around 12, including cyst is both my cheeks, where i havent had a pimple in my whole life, and those red marks are going to stay there for at least 2 months.


Im going to stop taking it, but im so afraid about quitting doxy in the middle of the initial breakout, i feel like my skin is gonna go crazy or something.


I had already told my parents that ill be probably skipping college this year, and they understood, so imagine how bad my skin is looking right now. My only chance is stop taking doxy and hope that this breakout calms down in around 2 weeks, but my skin is gonna look worse anyway just because of the red marks.


I still cant believe im going to lose one year of my life staying at my parents house because of acne

Sorry to hear that 

How are you doing now? Hope you're feeling better and the breakout is starting to improve. Did you end up stopping doxy?


I know the feeling of wanting to skip out on college / hide away because of your skin. But I also feel like you can't put your life on hold because of acne. I know I let myself miss out on things in the past because I let my skin 'control me' like that, but I really try not to do that now. It's easier said than done, but it's worth it.  And remember you are more than your skin!  



I'm so depressed. The Regimen was working amazingly for me. I went several months zit free (a miracle!), but then I had to make a lifestyle change that made it all go to shit. For financial reasons, I had to go from living in an apartment alone to renting a room in someone's house. There's like 8 people and only 1 bathroom. I try to cut corners while doing the Regimen because I can hear people complaining that I'm taking too long in the bathroom. I stopped letting my face dry between steps, etc... Some nights I can't even do the Regimen because I can't get more than a minute or so in the bathroom without people banging on the door to go pee. Now my face had gone to shit again. Huge zits. I can't really afford to get an apartment right to have my own bathroom. I don't know what to do. So deppressed. I finally found a cure after 2 decades of acne, and I can't figure out how to fit it into my life anymore.

Sorry to hear about this too

I also struggle with getting the regimen to fit in with my life - I just don't have the time in the mornings to go through it all. And when I have had the time, I can't manage to get makeup to work over the top of it. And I feel like I need foundation too much to just not wear it...

Do you have your own room where you're staying? Could you get a mirror for there and apply the BP and moisturiser there, out of the bathroom? Even if it's a shared bedroom, you could just apply it there anyway. Who cares what they think? :P If anyone asks, just tell them you like having time to 'pamper your skin' or you like sticking to a skin routine and this happens to be yours and that it's not big deal. And really it isn't, all you're doing it applying some creams :) I find that if you say something confidently to someone, then that's how they feel about it too, if that makes sense. Anyway, hope you figure out a way to fit the regimen back in to your day, seeing as you said it worked so well for you :)




Hang in there everyone - You're definitely not alone in what you're going through or in how you're feeling. comfort.gif

In Topic: Thereisalwayshope Accutane Log

11 September 2014 - 03:04 AM

Good luck! Hope it all goes well :)