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How To Lower Teresterone

09 March 2013 - 05:51 PM

So a girl can take bcp or Spiro to control their acne which I've seen a lot of success stories. What can guys take to lower their teresterone and what causes it to be high? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Dry Skin Brushing

23 September 2012 - 01:37 AM

Has anyone had any success with dry skin brushing on their face to exfoliate and fade red marks? If yes then how do you do it and how often?

Just Feeling Down Today :(

09 September 2012 - 01:33 AM

I just need to vent.. I'm feeling really down today and I'm so sick of this feeling, one minute I feel all happy and positive about my skin the next I can just feel absolutely crap. It's messing with my head so much and I don't know what to do anymore..

I'm 21 and my acne has just recently became bad in February this year, It was always mild back then a pimple here and there nothing to really worry about. But I went on a holiday to Vietnam and when I came back I used this lotion for a week and broke out horribly and my face hasnt recovered since then. To be honest I don't even know if the lotion was all the cause of my acne, if it was my face should have recovered by now. I'm trying to treat my acne naturally by using less chemicals and looking into diet, juicing and supplements.

I have seen results since I dont eat Wheat, gluten dairy AND ALL JUNK FOOD  etc but seriously dieting is so confusing.. It causes me so much stress when I eat. I'm always thinking this will break me out.. Sometimes I wish I haven't read about all the diet and nutrition about acne. It's just so confusing and it frustrates me so much. It seems like EVERYTHING breaks you out! I miss my childhood so much when I could eat anything I want, sleep any time I want and not worry about a thing. Now I just feel so trapped..

My face was mainly breaking out on my lower cheeks and chin but now that has calmed down (still left with red marks though) my forehead and temple has decided to break out which back then this area was never a problem for me. I'm not sure what caused this but it could be all the stress? Idk..

Recently my family has been having some financial difficulty so I really wanted to help my parents out.. I wanted to start working despite having acne and I was really worried about what people would think about my face.. I applied everywhere and finally I got my dream job working in a bank. I've always wanted to be a banker and I wasnt gonna let acne get in my way when the opportunity came. But maybe the job has caused me alot of stress and it might be the reason im breaking out?

I have a lovely girlfriend who I have been together with for 5 years and she's very supportive, she use to have pretty bad acne when my skin was flawless lol but birth control pills and pro active helped her. She knows I've been feeling down about my acne alot and she doesnt mind hearing me complain and being negative almost every single day.

Idk what the point of this post was.. but I guess I just wanted someone to tell me in order to achieve clear skin I have to believe I can clear skin and be positive throughout the journey. I know I would never give up but my emotions has just taken its toll today. I'm sorry for the rant guys I just needed to get this off my chest.

What Is The Best Cooking Oil?

20 August 2012 - 02:55 AM

So what do you recommend that is the best cooking oil for acne? I heard olive oil was good but not if you heat it too much and I also heard coconut oil is the best.. I'm confused can anyone offer any advice?