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All Natural Acne Pills?

24 July 2013 - 09:12 PM

This seems a little too good to be true, for me at least. 


Ok. Where do I start...? 


My current skincare routine has been working pretty well, in fact, I'm mostly clear. 

AM: cleanse w/ 2 pumps of Cerave Hydrating Cleanser for 20 seconds, wash off, dry face, apply a little bit of jojoba oil + coconut oil, or if i'm going to be out in the sun, apply some jojoba oil then my JuiceBeauty SPF 30 Sport Moisturizer. 

PM: cleanse w/ 2 pumps of Cerave Hydrating Cleanser for 20 seconds, wash off, dry face, apply 2 1/2 pumps of Acne.org Benzoyl Peroxide, wait 30 minutes - 2 hours, apply about 10 drops of Jojoba oil & mix with Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. 


^ that routine is ALL topical. There's nothing wrong with it, really, but lately I've been interested in more natural acne treatments. I've been looking at things like Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, natural brands like Desert Essence, JuiceBeauty... And I've also discovered a world of natural vitamins and supplements that got me curious as to what would have happened if I tried using a dietary supplement/vitamin instead? Would it have cleared my acne? 


I found this thing called AcnePril. Now, it has me curious and VERY skeptical because it has some pretty high claims, but the ingredients are all natural and really good. If anyone has tried this, or has any thoughts on it, please let me know, because I'm very curious. Last year or so, right about the time I got my face clear, I started breaking out on my back & chest. So far I haven't done anything to treat that, and I don't feel like doing anything topically, so maybe these vitamins would help?


If you have any suggestions or advice on how well dietary supplements/vitamins would work with my current skincare routine if they'd work at all, have you tried any... etc. I'm really curious and researching it right now.

6 Skincare Questions Chat/tag

08 July 2013 - 07:06 PM

Let's have a chat, shall we? 

I find that people in my life don't care about skincare, at all. I care a lot. Skincare products are my addiction, I always want to try new things, and I do have very acne prone skin, so keep that in mind when I'm talking about things, this is Acne.org, so really every topic on this forum should be devoted to acne prevention.

Acne is the only thing that has driven my interest in skincare, and sparked my desire to strive for better skin, more efficiently. 


I want everyone to join in on this, I think this could be fun. I have come up with 6 questions that I am going to answer, and I want everyone in the comments to answer as well. You can ask for advice, you can give advice... Recommend products to people, whatever. I think this could help a lot of people, so here are the questions:

  1. Your Skin Type
  2. What Your Concerns Are At The Moment
  3. 5 Products You've Tried That You Dislike
  4. 5 Products You Want To Try
  5. and 5 Products You've Tried That You Like, (if you have any) 
  6. And Your Current Skincare Routine (optional) 

Here are my answers:

  1. I have normal/dry/sensitive skin, I think. I'm not entirely sure, it really depends on the products I use.
  2. My concerns are dryness and flaking around my eyes, I'm not sure what's causing it but I think I have an idea. Also, clogged pores and blemishes. 
  3. First is rubbing alcohol, I tried this awhile ago and I definitely DO NOT recommend it, probably the worst thing you can do for your skin, it will throw off your skin's PH levels and strip your skin's acid mantle/protective barrier like no other, it will also dry out your skin and give you zits. Second is the Clearasil Salycilic Acid Alcohol Pads, yeah, they sucked, they didn't do anything. Third goes to the not-so-lovely AcneFree line. I will say that the reason it might not have worked for me is because I wasn't really consistant with it, but hey, hey now, it didn't even make a little bit of a difference. Everything had Benzoyl Peroxide in it, it just wasn't really all that cool. Fourth is the Cerave *I know I hate to say it since i do like this brand,* foaming facial cleanser. This stuff was much like the acne.org cleanser only it was harder to lather and harder to wash off. It made my skin pretty dry, at first I really wanted to like this, that's why I wrote it a good review but no. No it wasn't good. Lastly is a random product I tried from clean & clear I forget what it was but it made my skin burn. 
  4. 5 products I want to try: The Body Shop Soothing Aloe Day Cream, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera, and MANY other products in the whole foods skincare aisle. 
  5. Acne.org Jojoba Oil, Acne.Org Benzoyl Peroxide, Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser, CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser and Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream I have enjoyed very much.
  6. And finally my current skincare routine: Morning - Cleanse for 20 seconds w/ 2 pumps of CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, dry face, then moisturize with a few drops of Aura Cacia Pure Jojoba Oil & Dr Bronner's Magic all-in-one coconut oil. Nighttime - Cleanse for 20 seconds w/ 2 pumps of CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, apply 2 1/2 pumps of Acne.Org Benzoyl Peroxide, wait 2-3 hours, (however much time until I actually go to bed) then apply a generous amount of Jojoba oil as a base for a small scoop of Cetaphil Moisturizng cream.


Bug Bite Or Pimple?

07 July 2013 - 09:29 AM

Ok guys, so I don't often come on here seeking help anymore, but this is I am very curious about, since it is summer and there are bugs. everywhere. 


How do you distinguish a pimple from a bug bite? 


First of all, I'm covered in bug bites at the moment. It is very unpleasant. I have one particular bug bite on my forehead that doesn't really itch as far as I know, but doesn't seem to be affecting one particular pore. There is no mass to it really it just looks like a little swelling. There doesn't seem to be any pus inside it or anything. 

Usually, I'm familiar with getting blemishes, but this doesn't look like a blemish to me. I do have 2 other bug bites on my face, one above my lip and the other below my eye. Agh it's really annoying.


I figured it would be okay to ask on this forum because it has to do with skin and acne, so... Yeah. any help/answers/advice I could get would be great.

My Skincare Routine For Acne!

26 June 2013 - 11:27 AM

After going through much skincare drama, struggling with acne and breakouts... Here is my current skincare routine. I am seriously addicted to skincare products, I don't know what I would do without them. Feel free to give this strange regimen a try, it's more for people with dry, acne prone skin like myself. 


AM: Cleanse for 20 seconds with CeraVe Hydrating cleanser (use hands) rinse, pat dry, then apply 7 drops of jojoba oil followed by a dab of coconut oil to make the perfect lazy moisturizer. 

PM: Cleanse for 20 second with CeraVe Hydrating cleanser, (use hands), rinse, pat dry, wash hands in between steps obviously, then apply 2 1/2 pumps of Acne.org BP. Spread evenly all over skin, then wait for 1-2 hours (30 minutes at the least) return to bathroom, apply 10-11 drops of jojoba oil as a base for Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. Then apply a dab of cetaphil moisturizer, spread evenly, and go to bed! 


This is what I'm currently doing for my skin, I know my skin gets bored of the same thing and lets me know by breaking out, so I always change up the amounts of things I use and how I use them. I'm also always buying products. 


Let me know what works for you/what your current skincare routine is, I'd love to know!