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#3347976 Allegic Bp〜 Swollen Eyelid

Posted by Skintuition on 12 May 2013 - 05:08 PM

Avoid your eye area with BP. NEVER put BP on or near your eyes.

If you have a reaction like this I would discontinue use immediately. If BP causes you more pain than its worth, stop using it

#3343270 How Do I Get Off The Regimen Successfully?

Posted by Skintuition on 25 April 2013 - 12:34 PM

If you don't want to constantly reapply benzoyl peroxide and treat your acne, then I would forget the regimen entirely. The Regimen isn't a cure, (meaning it won't eradicate your acne for good) it's a treatment - and a VERY effective one at that. Again, if you're worried about benzoyl peroxide being harmful and it's too expensive where you live I would consider something else.

If you're going on the regimen just to come off of it, like I said before, I don't think the regimen is for you. It requires lots of time and dedication to your skin. If you want to make the regimen work for you - give it a shot. Try it for 3 months max, and if it works, keep doing it. If it doesn't clear your acne within 3 months then you should quit.


*if you are clear from the regimen and you decide to quit it, your acne WILL come back, maybe even worse than before. That's just something to keep in mind*

Slowly decrease your amount of benzoyl peroxide as the days go by, and move onto different products. That's how you quit, it's not that hard really.


PS. Remember that Benzoyl Peroxide itself is only harmful if used improperly. ALWAYS use SPF in the summer, and always use moisturizer. If you do that, BP shouldn't be all that damaging. It only increases aging if you aren't moisturizing and using SPF, because it does dry out your skin and make you more suseptable to sunburn.

#3309609 Benzoyl Peroxide Not Working? Please Help!

Posted by Skintuition on 09 December 2012 - 09:51 PM

aggh don't use 10% you don't need it, 2.5% works just as well... just don't go lower than 2.5 trust me that will do literally nothing, been there used that. Here's my estimation for how long it'll take for your skin to get cleared up using the regimen/benzoyl peroxide, if it even works for you at all:
Very Light (non inflammatory acne, just whiteheads): 2-3 weeks
Mild Acne (minor irritated, discoloration skin, whiteheads and pustules): 3-4 weeks
Moderate Acne (papules, pustules, inflammation) 1-3 months
Moderately Severe Acne: (cystic, inflamed, sore, skin) 1-5 months
Severe Acne: (severe cystic acne + other types of severe acne),  3-6 months (very low change that it will work)
Extremely Severe: (speaks for itself) 6+ months (with little to no chance of BP working at all)

#3289440 I'm New To The World Of "the Regimen"...any Tips?

Posted by Skintuition on 24 September 2012 - 07:00 PM

I actually had kind of a similar situation. I was on adapelene gel and it was costing a fortune so I couldn't afford it anymore. It didn't clear up my skin, but it had improved it. I was so scared that something bad would happen. Then I stumbled upon the regimen, tried it, and it worked better than adapelene, PLUS it's cheaper. WIN WIN WIN.

#3288922 Everything You Need To Know About The Regimen

Posted by Skintuition on 22 September 2012 - 10:09 PM

I've been reading the forums lately and it seems that everyone has lots of questions, but very few have answers. I'm going to share all the tips and advice that I've learned along my acne.org regimen journey in celebration of my 6th month anniversary with this skincare line. DISCLAIMER: I am not a dermatologist nor do I work for acne.org; the opinions stated in this article are purely what has worked for me, and you can follow this advice if you want, no absolute guarantees that this will work for your skin because everyone is different.
I feel like this is probably one of the most asked questions here on the forums. Everyone wants to know when their skin is going to start clearing up. Trust me, I did too when I first started. Acne.org does have a page of what to expect, but here's my version... A realistic version:
WEEK 1: You're probably going to be clueless on how to do stuff since this whole skincare thing is new to you. It's going to seem impossible and though as if it takes forever to complete in the morning. Washing your face, applying BP, moisturizing... What a chore! Oh, and don't forget the redness. You're probably going to experience a lot of redness and dryness. (REMEMBER TO START USING BP VERY SLOWLY, THEN BUILD UP TO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET YOUR SKIN CLEAR)
WEEK 2: For some of our lighter acne readers, week 2 you will probably notice a dramatic improvement in your skin acne wise, though the texture is probably going to be very scaly from using all this bp that your skin isn't used to yet. For our more moderate acne sufferers, you're probably going to be frustrated with new breakouts. You may even contemplate giving up. DON'T. Your skin is just getting rid of whatever was underneath.
Week 3 is personally when my skin mostly cleared up. Don't panic if yours doesn't. People with lighter acne will probably we quite pleased with their skin since it seems to look very nice. People with moderate acne are probably going to be experiencing a lot of the side effects of BP, mixed in with breakouts. Old breakouts will be clearing and you may be left with red marks. Don't worry. It's normal.
WEEK 4: Lighter acne suffers are feeling invincible with their clear skin. The acne.org regimen has become a part of their life and they are happy to deal with it... Except for the fact their skin is still very dry looking. People with moderate acne are probably clearing up by now, with dry skin still. (DON'T PANIC IF YOU ARE NOT CLEARED UP BY THIS POINT, GIVE YOURSELF AT LEAST 3 MONTHS TO SEE RESULTS)

Q. I live outside of the states... What about shipping?
A. If acne.org doesn't ship to your country... Have no fear! Just look at the "finding products" page here on the website. Then you'll be able to make a trip down to your drugstore and pick out products.
Q. What about the sun? Does BP cause skin damage? Will the sun hurt it?
A. Just use a good, non comodogenic sunscreen during the summer, or you will fry like a little fish my friend, because now that you're using BP, your skin will be more sensitive to everything including the sun.
Q. Why is my skin peeling, and how do I stop it?
A. In the beginning it's normal for your skin to flake a lot. After awhile if your skin is still flaking and peeling, decrease the amount of BP you are using (I have this problem a lot and still struggle with flakes)

The regimen shouldn't control your life. You modify the regimen to fit your life. It's a wonderful thing if done correctly. Balance is key.

When you are staying overnight somewhere it can be tough to still take care of your skin. Keep a duffle bag with all of your skincare products next to the closest restrooms so you can sneak it in when no one's looking. A popular excuse is "I have to change my clothes", and sneak your duffle bag with your clothes and skincare products in. It's easy folks.
If you have a demanding job or just a busy life in general, keeping up with the regimen can be hard. Go to bed a little earlier, set your alarm for a little earlier in the morning so you can still have time for your skin.


#3288412 Dead Skin From Regimen?

Posted by Skintuition on 20 September 2012 - 08:40 PM

agh don't use 0.1% adapalene if you don't have to it didn't clear my acne. :/
anyway I get a lot of dead skin and flakes from the regimen, trying so hard to stop it, Idk what to do (i use cerave as my moisturizer and i add jojoba oil) and i was kind of wondering the same thing, (except i really dont want to use aha+ because of sun damage)

#3285551 My Regimen - Is It Good Or Bad?

Posted by Skintuition on 10 September 2012 - 06:22 PM

Hi, I think the only way to determine if it works is to keep doing it! Minor acne is much easier to treat, but it's still persistent and annoying like all types of acne. Yes, you should use a moisturizer after you apply acne cream, especially if your acne cream has any kinds of drying ingredients in it like benzoyl peroxide or something like that. I think your regimen sounds good, it sort of sounds like the acne.org regimen only with different products, haha. Good luck!

#3282263 Moisturiser = Yellow Skin?

Posted by Skintuition on 31 August 2012 - 11:01 AM

The moisturizer is yellow, therefore you will have a yellowish tint on your skin right after you apply it. No, you're not putting too much on don't worry.

#3276781 Regimen Do's & Dont's

Posted by Skintuition on 14 August 2012 - 08:38 PM

So, I've been on the acne.org regimen for 4 months. It has worked wonders on my skin, of course, there are a few cons of this regimen, but the results are worth any cons in my opinion. Since a lot of people have written back and given advice to me when I was very new to this site, I thought I should do the same and share a few helpful tips that helped me along my journey to achieve clear skin.
Regimen Do's & Dont's:
DO be careful with the amount of benzoyl peroxide you use in the beginning. No matter what anyone else says, no matter how eager you are, start VERY slowly. I recommend only using 1 pea size amount at night on your first day. Just apply it gently before you go to bed, focusing on your problem areas. Don't attempt to spot treat with benzoyl peroxide, just apply it all over your problem areas.
DO use sunscreen. Even in the winter, on sunny days, just apply some to be safe. Make sure you get one that contains Zinc Oxide and Aloe Vera, those two are good elements to have in a sunscreen.
DO remember to wash your face with plain room temperature water, not burning hot, skin scalding water. Trust me, your skin will thank you.
DON'T skin a step, or skip a day, or skip anything in this regimen, ever. Listen to Dan. It doesn't matter if you're spending the night at a friend's house, rushing out the door at 6:00 AM, find time to do the regimen, and stay committed. Don't think you can get away without washing your face in the morning. You can't. If you don't follow Dan's guidelines in the beginning, you're totally screwing it up. When you're 1 or 2 months in you can start experimenting, but until then, DO THE REGIMEN 2X PER DAY, EVERYDAY, NO EXCEPTIONS.
DON'T wear makeup or foundation or any kind of pore clogging substance on your face in the beginning. Let your skin breathe. The whole purpose of benzoyl peroxide is to oxygenate your pores so that way bacteria can't survive. If you don't let your skin breathe, you're defeating the purpose. Of course, you could probably get away with a tinted moisturizer or BB cream.
DON'T use any kind of mask, exfoliating scrub, or toner when you are on the regimen. Keep it simple.

DISCLAIMER: this is just my personal advice. If you disagree with any of the opinions stated, please keep your thoughts to yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to comment. I hope this was helpful. -WS

#3237751 Clear In Just 3 Weeks!

Posted by Skintuition on 24 April 2012 - 07:24 AM

UPDATE! Today marks 1 month on the Acne.org Regimen for me! I'm psyched, still clear, and still very happy to have found this site. Not going to lie, my skin has been, and still is really dry, but I know I can control that with the amount of moisturizer & jojoba I put on. So all and all, I'm thrilled! Keep a positive outlook on things and you'll be set! - WS

#3234819 Clear In Just 3 Weeks!

Posted by Skintuition on 15 April 2012 - 09:36 PM

I started the regimen around 3 weeks ago, with pretty light acne... However it was still noticeable to me and I hated my skin, so in desperation I stumbled upon this website. I originally thought this site was just for reviews, and when I found out that this website actually had tips on how to clear your skin up, I was thrilled. I ordered Dan's products because I just had a bad experience with drug store products. I dealt with all the side effects of BP, and I'm still dealing with them. Flakiness, redness, scaliness, dryness, itching, stinging, and burning. However, I realized pretty quickly that the products were just there to help. It's really all about patients, and the right technique. It's sad to see people giving up so early on this, because the regimen really does work, you just have to give it time. In my case, I didn't have to give it a whole lot of time, thankfully. However, I'm not going to jinx it and say "I'M 100% CLEAR!!!" because I still haven't worked my way up to the full dose of Bp yet.
In just 3 weeks, I've noticed truly AMAZING improvements. This regimen does EXACTLY what it's supposed to do. I've gotten many compliments on my skin's improvement, and really, you have NO IDEA how great it feels to actually get compliments on your skin after you've been struggling with acne -- and this is just in 3 weeks! If you are reading this, and you are frustrated with your skin, I have some advice for you.
  • Be patient, and DO NOT over dose on BP. Work your way up to 1 finger's length SLOWLY.
  • The more jojoba, the better! Don't be shy with the moisturizer, either.
  • The regimen isn't for slackers. Stick to it no matter what, and don't give up!
I feel blessed that I have come across this website, and I hope you all on acne.org feel the same way, because unlike other websites, this site is genuinely focused on helping people. Hope you found this article useful, - WS