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Took Birth Control For 2 Months, Need Help

05 June 2013 - 12:38 AM

I'm female,, 19 yrs old, suffered acne for over 5 years. Started taking birth control pills called ginet-84 2 months ago. Help me out please...


The good:

95% of all acne is gone


The bad:

  • face now has about 30% scars that are hard to get rid of. a lot of it is on my cheeks and they are very noticeable as I don't wear make-up.
  • my eating habits has changed - DRAMATICALLY. i used to eat about 90% healthy and 10% not so good  food on a regular basis now it's about 50% healthy, 50% junk food. I believe that because I am taking the pills, I can eat whatever i want without breaking out and it is quite true, HOWEVER, i do not like this type of behaviour because i know it is bad for my health. i am trying to eat healthier again but i am struggling really really bad.
  • i get the occasional burn on my chest- about 2 times a week since 4 weeks ago.
  • this is the worst one. basically i go to university everyday and i will walk up hills/stairs. i get very very tired afterwards after 3 weeks of bc. I will be breathing heavily at times. I remember about 2 weeks ago, my friend and i went to get some food from town and we had to walk up these hills for about 10mins in total. i was SWEATING, TIRED and my face was burning. i assume my face was red as. i've never been that tired in my life. basically, before the birth control, this would not happen. right now, i would not get as 

are these the kind of symptoms that tells me that i should stop taking bc? please help. i will be going to the doctors in 2 weeks time to see if i should continue or not but i'd like some advice.


Acne Is At The Worsest

31 March 2013 - 03:08 AM

ok so i've had acne since i was 13, i'm almost 19 now. acne was a problem in high school as it was mild-moderate and it really did bother me. i tried to eat healthy plenty of times. like eating veggies, chicken, fruits everyday. however, i always end up quitting in a week or two because i always feel the need to eat something different such as biscuits or sushi from the shops. (i never eat chips, chocolate, lollies, basically the really bad, unhealthy food). whenever i eat the sushi, biscuits etc, i feel that my acne will come back again and this makes me regret eating and then sometimes some pimple do form. i feel they form because i regret eating them and i have a feeling that a pimple will form so it might - a psychological effect. i can't help but think this way because ive read too much about eating healthy etc and how eating a snack that isnt too healthy once in awhile will make me get acne again. this cycle has been repeating for 2 years lol i feel that i am not strong willed enough and that makes me quite depressed.


everywhere i go, 95% off the time, everyone has clear skin, like literally or they just wear makeup. either way this makes me quite sad about myself. i keep thinking why me? of all the ppl in the world i had  to be the unlucky one to get acne etc. anyway i keep  rambling on, sorry about that, i just want to express how i feel. 


i tried antibiotics and they did nothing for me. i hated going to the  doctors as my parents had a bad health history so they go to the hospital etc a lot. i wasted a lot of money on supplements but the only one that is helpful is zinc. i take 30mg of it a day and it helps a bit. normally, i would eat a lot of fruits, veggies and maybe some type of meat like chicken. i always take 2 tbl of coconut oil and drink freshly squeezed lemon with stevia power in the morning. when i crave for something salty i'd eat some biscuits but when i do id feel guilty etc lol also i eat rice in the evenings, im a horrible cook so i reply on my parents to cook me meals  - most of what they cook are veggies but they do like adding quite a bit of sauces so thats a bit unhealthy.


ANYWAY, around 6 weeks ago i tried accutane. i took it for a week before i realised the horrible side effects. i stopped taking it as i knew i have a very very high chance of catching them as my parents had a bad health history - kidney failure, mental illness....3 weeks ago, skin was the clearest it has been and now my face looks disgusting. used to have prob 10 pimples max on face, now i have over 30. i think its because i took acctuane and 3 weeks ago, most of the oil decreased from face etc but now its back. i wish i never took acctuane but at the same time i wish i continued! i dont know what to do anymore, feeling down atm and birthday is in a weeks' time. 

Healthy Ways To Cook Chicken?

03 February 2013 - 10:59 PM

i'm a student and also a newbie at cooking. recently, i came to realize that i've been lacking protein so i wanted to eat more chicken to see if that'll improve my acne condition. i only know of 2 methods to cook chicken and that is to roast in an oven and pan fry it on medium heat using coconut oil.


do you guys have any tips on how to cook chicken drumsticks/breasts other then the 2 i've mentioned?  i'd prefer it if it was fast, cheap and healthy


thanks :)

Prunella Vulgaris Tea For Acne?

23 March 2012 - 01:34 AM

In case anyone is curious, prunella vulgaris can be brought from asian stores. You basically wash them. Next, you add them into a pot of hot water and brew for about 30minutes. Get rid of the prunella and you will be left with the tea which is dark brown in colour. It tastes vulgar but adding sugar can make it a bit bearable to drink.

I don't know about you guys but my mother used to brew me prunella vulgaris tea to drink when my acne numbers start to increase in numbers. It worked amazing as a treatment as my acne would get smaller in about 2 days. However, soon I began to drink this tea on a monthly basis then a weekly basis and the effects began to fade a little. Nowdays when I drink this tea, my acne will improve by a small amount.

Has anyone tried out this tea for acne? I couldn't find any information about the results of drinking this tea in moderation as it doesn't seem very popular.